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Summary:  Buffy Anne Evans is taken from her family when she is eleven years old, by the Watcher's Council.  She is placed in Joyce and Hank Summers care.  When she is twenty seven, an old friend approaches her with a chance to fight against evil…and to find the family she lost so many years ago.

Timeline and Spoilers:  Harry Potter Spoilers-all the books.  Buffy spoilers:  Spoilers up to and including Season Four.  This story continues way past Season Four, but Dawn is not alive, Glory does not exist, Riley has left for the jungle, Tara and Willow are still going strong, Anya and Xander are together and married and Spike has a chip.  Angel spoilers:  None, I am not following the series, but Doyle is dead…Gunn, Fred, Wesley, Cordy and Angel are fighting evil.  Conner is not alive…Wolfram and Hart is there but will probably go without a mention.  The Angel guys are not in it a lot, the main characters will be from Buffy and Harry Potter.  The Buffy, Xander and co are twenty seven, it is the summer after Book Five.

Notes:  Faith is NOT in jail.  Her deal will be explained.  Spike is in love with Buffy.  Sirius is dead, but he may not stay that way…wink wink.

It was Christmas morning and five great friends sat in a living room, watching a young child open presents with great happiness.  Occasionally, there was a laugh, a squeal, and a hug as the girl opened the gifts, ecstatic by each one, as they were given to her by very close friends and family.  One of these close friends went by the name Sirius Black, and, having already drunk quite a considerable amount of Firewhisky, stood up and held up his full glass for a toast.

"For family and friends, let's hope that in the New Year, all this shite will be blown over.  To family."

"To family."  The group chorused, raising their glasses and drinking their drinks.

The young girl, who had short blonde hair and sparkling emerald eyes frowned at her own glass of orange juice and pouted to her new brother-in-law. 

"James?"  She asked, her bottom lip sticking out a little.

James looked over to the young girl and smiled, knowing the look.  She wanted something.  "Yes Buffy." 

"How come I don't get a Firewhisky?"

The only other girl in the room snorted, and peered over the bundle in her lap to her sister.  "Buffy, when you're older, you can have some."

"Lily."  Buffy whined, "Sirius says I can have a sip."

Lily glared at Sirius, who grinned sheepishly.  "What can it hurt, Lils?"

"She's eleven Sirius." 

"You're point being?" 

"Padfoot, she's just a child."  Lupin chastised, sipping his own mug of Butterbeer.

"Please?"  Buffy whined, sticking out her lower lip even more.

Peter sighed, "Just let her Lils, you know you won't win with that look."  Lily frowned, then nodded and Buffy jumped up with happiness, running over to Sirius and holding out her hand.  Sirius grinned at her, and she smiled back, taking the glass and swirling the liquid.  With a large breath, she lifted the glass to her mouth and quickly drank it all, consuming an almost full glass of alcohol.

"Buffy!"  Lily said, shocked, while the other boys just laughed merrily as Buffy plastered on a silly grin on her face and swayed on the floor dramatically.  "Be quiet everyone, you'll wake up Harry."   She scolded, looking down on her son's angelic face, a small smile on his lips as he slept.

The group nodded, and Buffy settled down in front of Sirius, leaning her head back on his legs.  Sirius was her favourite Marauder, in her opinion, he was the most fun.  James was fun as well, but whenever her sister, Lily was around, he would act all 'lovey-dovey' with her and would do anything she said.  Lupin was nice and composed, it was easy to curl up next to him at nights and read a book with him, the fire blazing peacefully next to them.  Peter was alright, he was whiny and followed the others like a dog, but Buffy liked him.  Sirius was her favourite though; he was fun, clever, and very good looking.  Buffy had a 'slight' crush on him, and the Marauders and her sister never stopped teasing her about it, but Sirius did not seem to mind.  He called her his favourite girl.

"Did you have fun at school, Buff?"  Lupin asked.

Buffy grinned, she loved talking about Hogwarts.  She had been really excited when she got the letter, because her sister told her everything about it.  Her other sister, Petunia had not been happy though, and she had not spoken to her since.

"It's great!  I've made loads of friends, there's this really nice boy in Gryffindor called Charlie Weasley, and we have loads of fun together."  Buffy informed eagerly.  

"Is he cute?"  Lily asked, grinning.  Buffy blushed, but nodded vigorously, at which the group laughed.

"You haven't gone off me, have you?" Sirius asked a mock-hurt look on his face. 

"Nah."  Buffy grinned, as Sirius took her hand and pulled her up to sit next to him on the sofa.

"Sirius, don't you dare marry her.  I'm not having my sister getting married to some idiot like you."  Lily warned with mirth in her eyes.

Sirius grinned, but then his face turned serious and he leapt off the couch and took off the ring on his finger and knelt in front of Buffy.

"Buffy Summers, will you do me the honour of being my wife?"  He asked, holding out the ring to her.  Buffy laughed and swatted his arm, to which Sirius winced and gingerly rubbed his arm.  He sat back on the sofa, glaring at the others who were shaking in laughter. 

"It's a really pretty ring, Sirius."  Buffy commented, inspecting the ring.  It was a plain silver ring with a tiny blue sapphire.

"You like it?"  Buffy nodded, grinning up to Sirius.  "It's yours."  Sirius slid the ring on Buffy's thumb, smiling at the shocked girl.  "An extra Christmas present."  He said.  Buffy grinned and hugged Sirius tightly, all the while admiring the ring on her thumb.  James and Lily exchanged looks; they knew how much Sirius adored Buffy.  She was his favourite girl, apparently, and the two got on famously, despite the eight year gap in their ages.  Buffy was eleven and was in her first year at Hogwarts, while Sirius and the other Marauders were nineteen, having left Hogwarts a year ago.

"Lily, James!  Open the gift I got for Harry!"  Buffy ordered, hopping off the couch and running over to the Christmas tree, which was surrounded by wrapping paper and packages.  Buffy knelt down and picked up a small package, which was attacked to a card.  Buffy threw the package to James, which he caught perfectly, years of being a Chaser paying off.  He opened the card, and after shaking his black hair out of his eyes, read it out loud.

"Dear Harry.

I know it's kind of stupid to address the card to you, because you can't read yet, but hopefully, one day you'll read it and you'll remember that the person writing this is your aunt.  I did not know what to get you, because you're only little and I can't get you porn as Sirius advised, but I decided to get you this.  You have to never take it off, because it's really special, I transfigured it in class a couple of weeks ago.

Lots of love,


James smiled to Buffy and opened the small package.  Inside the paper was a blue velvet box, and inside that, was a silver necklace, with a pendant with the letter 'H' on it.  Lily sighed happily as she laid eyes on it, and carefully, James removed it from the box and fastened it around Harry's neck.  The chain was quite big for the small baby, but the pendant suited Harry perfectly.  Lily smiled up to Buffy with a large smile on her face.

"Thank you Buff, its-"

A large bang interrupted Lily and five men immediately entered the room, all armed with wands and guns.  Buffy screamed and the Marauders stood up immediately, wands at the ready.  The oldest man stepped in front, careful armed with a wand and a tranquilizer gun, pointing to the man closest, Lupin.

"Buffy Evans?"  The man said, addressing the frightened girl.

"What do you want with her?"  Lily spat, motioning for Buffy to move behind her.

"We are here from the Watcher's Council, she needs to leave with us immediately."  The man said.

"Who are you?"  Sirius hissed, raising his wand to the man.

"Quentin Travers, head of the Watcher's Council.  Buffy Evans is a potential slayer and we are here to take her away.  She will be placed in care and will be given the adequate training to prepare her for the role of the slayer."

The five adults stood, dumbstruck, shocked by the news they had just heard.  They had learnt about the slayer at school, and none of them had forgotten what the role of a slayer entailed.  Violence, pain and early death.  And none of them wanted that for Buffy.

"You are not taking her!"  James cried, raising his wand.

"Boy, we could do this the easy way, or the hard way."  Travers warned, "And I prefer the easy way, but I am perfectly fine to do this the hard way."  Travers raised the gun to James, threatening him.  Travers cocked his head to Buffy, who was hiding behind Lupin.  Two men separated from the group and grabbed Buffy, dragging her to door.  Buffy kicked and screamed at the men, and then all hell broke loose.

Guns were fired, curses were said and jets of red light shot around the room as the Marauders tried to get to Buffy.

"Let her go!"  Lily cried, placing a screaming Harry on the chair and grabbing her wand, making her way through the men in the living room to Buffy.

"Lily!  Help me!"  Buffy cried, trying to get out of the men's grasp as they tried to drag her out of the house.

"Leave her alone!"  Lupin roared, the anger of the wolf coming out in his yell, trying to stupefy the men, but couldn't because the other's were battling them and were getting in the way.

"Say good bye kid."  One watcher said who had a hold on Buffy.

"LILY!"  With that last scream, Buffy was dragged out of the house, and the other men followed.  The Marauders followed the men outside, but they were too fast.  The Watcher's had shoved Buffy in a car and had driven off by the time they got outside, leaving the young adults looking at the directions they could have gone it.

"We have to go after them!"  Lily screamed, running down the street. 

James caught up with her, and held her close to his chest, her tears wetting his robes.  "It's too late, Lils."

"No!"  She choked, trying to get out of his grasp.  James held her tighter, stroking her hair gently.

"She's gone Lily.  Buffy's gone."

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