Two monks, dressed in simple brown robes, ran hurriedly down a dimly lit corridor. In their hands they held books and candles, and they held onto them as they ran. One of the monks looked over his shoulder, his eyes wide with horror.

The monks barged into a large hall, with a high ceiling and large wooden pillars holding it up. They dropped the candles and books by an older monk in the middle of the floor, and then ran back to the door, closing it shut and barricading it with a large, solid wooden beam.

The monks ran back to the older monk, who knelt among talismans and lit candles. One monk looked back to the door, and said in a terrified voice "They are coming!"

"Our lives are not important. We have to protect the key." The oldest monk said firmly. "Help me perform the ritual."

As quickly as they could, the monks got into a circle and raised their arms. Their chant filled the room, but no sooner had they started, a tremendous crash echoed through the monastery and the large doors trembled and shook.

"Concentrate." Said the oldest monk, as the others looked towards the door in fear.

The chant resumed, but it could not compete with the incessant pounding at the door. Despite it however, they continued, their voices rising in panic and intensity. All of a sudden, a white light gathered in the middle of their circle and leapt up towards the ceiling and disappeared.

The room was cast into darkness, and the door shattered, bits of wood and nail flying into the room. The monks hurriedly stood up, watching fearfully through the wood and the settling dust.

As the dust settled, the monks could see two figures at the door, one, a young man, a few years out of his teenage years with black shoulder-length hair and piercing hazel eyes. The other was shorter, and had tufts of white hair on his head and electric blue eyes that casually surveyed the room.

"Honey, we're home." The young man said, and the monks exchanged horrified glances.

The snow had already melted off the roads, but was still inches high on the grass in the garden. A large snowman, adorned with twigs and an old blue scarf around its neck stood proudly in the front garden, until several young boys ran past the garden and pelted it with snow.

The owners of the house did not notice, despite the fact they were sitting in a room that overlooked this garden. Inside the room were six people, one a young blonde girl, who was opening her presents and discarding the brightly coloured wrapped paper all over the floor. The other woman, a woman with long red hair, got slightly frustrated and proceeded to put the wrapping paper in the bin.

The other four, all young men in their early twenties, were all slightly drunk, and one stood up, swaying on the spot with a crystal glass in his hand full of alcohol.

"To friends and family, let's hope that in the New Year, all this shite will be blown over. To family." Sirius Black said, raising his glass.

"To family." The group chorused, knocking their glasses with each other and downing their drink.

The blonde girl glanced at her own glass of orange juice and pouted to her brother-in-law.

"James?" She said with her bottom lip protruding slightly.

James had to smother a chuckle as he saw the younger girl. He knew that look; she wanted something. "Yes Buffy?"

Buffy opened her mouth to say something, but something by the door distracted her and she squealed. A toddler, with short brown hair, came crawling into the room and Buffy hurriedly picked her up, cuddling her in her arms. "Dawn! What are you doing here?"

Dawn looked up to her sister and smiled. "Bunny."

Buffy frowned. "Buffy. Buffy. Buf-fy."

Dawn giggled, and said, "Bunny."

Buffy rolled her eyes and sat down next to Sirius, Dawn still in her arms.

"It's a lost cause." Said Remus, his tired eyes smiling.

"I don't get it, she can say mum, dad and Lily, but she can't say Buffy."

"She can't say Petunia." Lily pointed out, but Buffy rolled her eyes and shrugged.

"Petunia's a long name. Mine's easy. Buffy. What's so hard about that?"

"It's an unusual name." Remus pointed out, laughing at Buffy's indignant look.

"Mum and dad liked it." Lily said fondly, remembering the many hours her parents had spent labouring over what to call her little sister.

"Petunia, Lily, Buffy and Dawn." Buffy said frowning, glancing down at her younger sister who sat contentedly in her arms. "Why aren't me and Dawn flowers?"

"Dawn and I." Remus corrected, and Buffy grinned.

"Would you really like to be called Rose?" Lily asked, and Buffy thought about it for a second before a disgusted look came across her face and she shook her head to laughs.

"Buffy will do for now."

"You're thinking of changing it?" Peter asked interestedly, and Buffy shrugged, a blush rising in her cheeks.

"Charlie likes the name Vanessa." She said quietly, but the others heard her and they tried to hide their laughs.

"And you'll change your name just for Charlie?" James asked, trying hard not to laugh, and Buffy shrugged, her cheeks flaming red.

Lily grinned and exchanged a knowing look with James. "Charlie is handsome, isn't he Buffy?" She teased. "He's clever, funny and perfect. Was that what you said to me?"

Buffy blushed even harder and smiled at Dawn. "Words to that effect." She mumbled.

Sirius scoffed, and gently swatted Buffy's arm. "Oi, you haven't gone off me have you?" He said, in an affronted tone. Buffy shook her head, her blush deepening even more.

"Sirius, don't you dare encourage her. I'm not having my sister getting married to some idiot like you." Lily warned but with mirth in her eyes.

Sirius grinned, but then his face turned serious and he leapt off the couch, pulling at the ring on his smallest finger. He knelt in front of Buffy, ignoring the laughs from his friends. "Buffy, will you do me the honour of being my wife?" He asked, holding the ring to her. Buffy laughed and swatted him with her free hand. Sirius winced slightly but grinned, hopping back onto the couch.

"It's a real nice ring." Buffy commented, inspecting the plain silver band with a tiny blue sapphire in the middle.

"You like it?" Sirius asked, and he slid it onto Buffy's thumb. "It's yours. Call it another Christmas present, or an early birthday one. Buffy smiled happily, and Dawn slid down from Buffy's lap and crawled to her other sister.

"What's the matter Dawnie?" Lily asked, peering at her youngest sister with her son in her arms. "You hungry?" Lily frowned and glanced at Buffy. "How did she get out anyway?"

Buffy shrugged. "I put her in the guest room, so no stairs to go down to get here."

"You should be more careful Buffy." James warned, and Buffy rolled her eyes.

"No harm done." Buffy said, leaping off the couch. "Look, see what I got for Harry." She said, taking a small package from under the tree. She threw the package to James which he caught perfectly. He started to tear off the blue wrapping paper, but Buffy protested, scooping Dawn into her arms, "No, read the card first!"

"Dear Harry.

I know it's kind of stupid to address the card to you, because you can't read yet, but hopefully, one day you'll read it and you'll remember that the person writing this is your aunt. I did not know what to get you, because you're only little and I can't get you porn as Sirius advised, but I decided to get you this. You have to never take it off, because it's really special, I transfigured it in class a couple of weeks ago.

Lots of love,

Buffy (and Dawn)."

James smiled at Buffy and opened the small package. Inside the paper was a blue velvet box, and inside that, was a silver necklace, with a pendant with the letter 'H' on it. Lily sighed happily as she laid her eyes on it, and carefully, James removed it from the box and fastened it around Harry's neck. The chain was quite big for the small baby, but the pendant suited Harry perfectly. Lily smiled up to Buffy with a large smile on her face.

"Thank you Buff, its-"

A large bang interrupted Lily and five men immediately entered the room, all armed with wands and guns. Buffy screamed and the Marauders stood up immediately, their wands at the ready. The oldest man stepped in front, carefully armed with a wand and a tranquilizer gun, pointing to the man closest, Lupin.

"Buffy Evans?" The man said, addressing the frightened girl.

"What do you want with her?" Lily spat, motioning for Buffy to move behind her. Buffy moved behind Lupin who was closer, and Dawn, sensing something was wrong, started to cry quietly in Buffy's small arms.

"We are here from the Watcher's Council; she needs to leave with us immediately." The man said.

"Who are you?" Sirius hissed, raising his wand to the man.

"Quentin Travers, head of the Watcher's Council. Buffy Evans is a potential slayer and we are here to take her away. She will be placed in care and will be given the adequate training to prepare her for the role of the slayer."

The five adults stood, dumbstruck, shocked by the news they had just heard. They had learnt about the slayer at school, and none of them had forgotten what the role of a slayer entailed. The job of the slayer was filled with violence, pain and an early death. None of them wanted that for Buffy.

"You are not taking her!" James cried, raising his wand.

"Boy, we could do this the easy way, or the hard way." Travers warned, "And I prefer the easy way, but I am perfectly fine to do this the hard way." Travers raised the gun to James, threatening him. Travers cocked his head to Buffy, who was hiding behind Lupin. Two men separated from the group and grabbed Buffy with Dawn in her arms, dragging them to door. Buffy kicked and screamed at the men, and then all hell broke loose.

Fired shots echoed in the small room, and jets of coloured light flew around the ceiling as the Marauders desperately tried to reach Buffy.

"Let them go!" Lily cried, placing a screaming Harry on the chair and grabbing her wand, making her way through the men in the living room to Buffy. Buffy still held tightly onto her little sister, despite the fact that the older men were trying to pry Dawn from Buffy's clutches.

"James! Help me!" Buffy cried, trying to get out of the men's grasp as they tried to drag her out of the house. Dawn still screamed from Buffy's hold, and the two year old girl kicked at the men with her tiny legs, making it impossible for them to take her from Buffy.

"Leave them alone!" Lupin roared as he aimed his curses at the men, but he missed, the men were moving too fast.

"Say good bye kid." One watcher said who had a hold on Buffy.

"Lily!" With that last scream, Buffy was dragged out of the house with Dawn in her arms, and the other men followed, shooting angrily at the young men. The Marauders followed the men outside, but the Watchers were too fast. The Watchers had shoved Buffy and Dawn in a car and had driven off by the time they got outside; leaving the young adults looking into the directions they could have gone in.

"We have to go after them!" Lily screamed, starting to run down the street.

James caught up with her, and held her close to his chest, her tears wetting his robes. "It's too late, Lils."

"No!" She choked, trying to get out of his grasp. James held her tighter still, stroking her hair gently.

"They're gone Lily. Dawn and Buffy are gone."

"Will this room be alright?"

Harry turned away from the window, back at the small woman dressed in simple clothes. "Yes, thank you." He said, turning back to the window to look at the gorgeous view of the town below him.

Footsteps on the wooden floor told him that the woman was coming toward him, and he turned around so as not to be rude. She had oriental features and thin black hair, her eyes so blue and deep that it reminded Harry of Dumbledore. "Albus and I have been friends for quite a few years." She said, joining him at the windowsill. Harry looked at her quizzically, not wanting to be rude but wishing she would go away and leave him in peace.

"How did you two meet?" He asked politely, for sake of conversation.

She smiled, "That does not matter. But he trusts me, and I hope you will do the same."

Harry said nothing, but turned back to the glorious view ahead of him. He could feel the woman's eyes on him, but he didn't say anything.

"I could look at this view all day." She said, looking out to the purple sky. "It's beautiful, so calm and serene. You could get lost in it for days." She said, and she turned away from Harry and started to walk away. "But you cannot get lost forever. I know it is none of my business, but running away does not solve anything."

"I'm not running away." Harry said firmly, glaring back at her.

She smiled, unaffected by his cold stare. "Alright, whatever it is you call it. You know, Voldemort was not so much of a threat here in Thailand. So I cannot imagine how it must have been, or how hard it was for you to defeat him. Albus tells me it was quite a miracle, and you are very powerful." She sighed. "But you are still a boy, not yet a man, and that is something on your shoulders."

Harry said nothing, just listened as she left the room and the door closed behind her, leaving him in an awkward silence, alone with his thoughts.

Buffy Summers slept in a warm, comfortable bed, unaware of the changes being made around and inside her. Sirius Black lay next to her, his arm draped protectively over Buffy's stomach. They were both asleep, oblivious to everything.

In the room next to Buffy's were two beds. One was empty; the covers perfectly made but not slept in, the bedside table clean but with nothing on it. This bed was meant for Harry Potter, but until he returned from wherever he was in the world, it would remain empty.

Across the room from Harry's bed, was another bed. It was occupied by a girl, only ten months older than Harry. She had long, waist-length brown hair that lay messily on the bedclothes. She was dressed simply in shorts and a t-shirt, and the bed covers were tangled around her ankles. Dark eyelashes rested on pale skin, and behind closed eyelids were eyes the colour of deep sea. The girl moaned softly, moving silently in her sleep as memories formed in her mind. It was over before you could say 'Firebolt', and she was once again at peace.

But her peace would be interrupted soon, for Dawn Summers, sister to Buffy Summers, Lily Evans and Petunia Dursley, was a mystical ball of energy that could open the doors to all dimensions and make them bleed together. She was the key; she was what two hellgods were searching the world for at that moment, and they would not rest until they had their key.

Dawn's peace was about to be shattered once more.

'You think you know, what's to come, what you are? You haven't even begun.'

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