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Alternate Universe

Chapter 1 -

Bad Day

Kagome was sitting in class talking with her friends about boys and classes. Her math teacher had given everyone an F, save for her - she received an A.

"Wow, Kagome, you're so smart! Can you tutor me?" Ayumi pleaded.

"No, me!" stated a boy from across the classroom.

"Me!" said another boy.

"No, me!" yelled a girl.




They were all starting to crowd around her, demanding help. She couldn't take the noise anymore, so she threw her pillow at the students swarming over her. Then, she heard something crash - her alarm clock.

"Mmmm . . ." Kagome groaned into her bed. It was just a dream. It couldn't have been real anyway - she was the worst student in her math class. She dragged herself to a sitting position to see the damage she inflicted apon the device that woke her each morning. She got up and walked over to her pillow pulling it up to reveal a broken digital clock. 'Great.' She thought. She picked up the pieces and threw then in her wastebasket. She dragged herself to the bathroom to brush her teeth only to find there was no more toothpaste. She let out a grunt of exasperation as she reached for the mouthwash and brushed with that. After completing the morning bathroon rutine, she went back in her room to put on her uniform. Just as she was putting her arms through her sleeves, Mrs. Higurashi burst into her room.


"Huh?" she looked up to see her mother looking a bit stressed."What is it Mom?"

"Do you know what time it is?"

Kagome turned her head to stare at her wastebasket."Well, no, you see I kinda broke my clock -"

"Broke it? Kagome it is 8:20, school starts in ten minutes! And Souta left fifteen minutes ago thinking you weren't going to walk him to school!"

"Ahhh!" Kagome scrambled into the rest of her uniform and grabbed her school bag. In her rush, she tumbled down the stairs and landed on her bottom with a big,"Ooof!" She got up and ran to the door slipping on her shoes not waiting to see if they were snug or not.

"Bye Kagome, try and have a nice day at school today!" Her mother yelled from the door waving.

'Yeah right.' Kagome thought running down the shrine steps being caeful not to fall again.'Today is my hell day, I just know it . . .'


Kagome trudged into her classroom holding a tardy pass.

"Late, Miss Higurashi?" Her math teacher, Mr. Rakanto, said with a raised eyebrow. The class must have been starting a new lesson because Mr. Rakanto's hand was paused in his writing on the board. She handed him the tardy pass and moved lethargically to her seat.

"Hey Kag!" Ayumi whispered. Kagome waved back and gave a little smile as she sat down.

"Now class," Mr.Rakanto stated turning around."Before we continue with the lesson, I want to hand back the test you took last week."

Groans and moans came from the class as Mr.Rakanto picked up a stack of papers from his desk and started passing them out. 'Please let me have an A, please let me have an A, please let me have an A!' became Kagome's mantra when Mr.Rakanto set her paper in front of her; it was a big, fat F.

"Miss Higurashi, if you would be so kind as to stay after school today to re-take the test?"She let a giant sigh escape her mouth."Remember what I said last week? 'Whomever fails this test has to re-take it on Friday'?" Kagome nodded and he walked on. 'This is the worst day ever! The clock, the stairs, my test, someone up there must not like me.' She thought with her gaze to the ceiling. She let out another sigh as the bell rang for her next class.


Kagome exited her math class after taking an even harder test than the last one. She was pissed; in third period, she got three paper cuts, at lunch some boy wasted all of his food on her, and she was late for sixth period all because her locker got jammed. Simply put: the shittiest day in her life. What was worse was that she knew she failed that math test, and had homework to last her all month. So, as an excuse to deal with the stress of her day, she took the long way home.

Kagome had to cancel her plans with her friends because she had to stay after school for the test. 'Why did today of all days have to be my bad day? And when is it going to get better?' She turned her gaze to the sky while about to turn a corner. 'Maybe if I take a long nap. Yeah, that might do it . . .'

Kagome's eyes widened as she heard screeching tires, smelled burning rubber, and felt a tremendous pain pierce her side. Next thing she knew, she was lying on the sidewalk staring at something blue as her vision faded to black, and she lost all contiousness completely . . .


Kagome felt something soft beneath her, but couldn't tell what it was. She flexed her hands so she could grope her surroundings. She felt more softness. 'Soft . . . smooth . . . Wait . . . I know what this is . . . a sheet . . . on a bed . . . ' The thoughts slowly traveled to her brain trying to decipher where she was. ' . . . Now where am I? The last thing I remember was . . . something hit me . . . something big hit me . . . hard . . .' This new information immediately reached her mind telling her she was lying in a bed somewhere.

She opened her chocolate eyes only to shut them again because of the painful brightness of the room. Her eyes slowly adjusted to the bright light to take in her surroundings. She was in a hospital room. She turned her head looking all about the room. The blue and white tiles on the floor were glossy, the walls were white, and she was in a hospital bed with a hospital gown on. There also happened to be five figures perched around her. All of them seemed to be asleep; their unmoving forms moved up and down with their slow breathing.

One of the sleeping forms was a girl, she looked a little older than Kagome was, with dark brown hair tightly pulled into a high ponytail. She was closest with her arms cradling her head near the bottom of the bed on the right as she sat in a chair. The next was something that looked like a little two-tailed cat curled near her right side. On her left side near the same place the girl was, she saw a young man with short black hair pulled into a tie at the back of his head sitting in his chair holding a golden staff, head bowed. Next she saw the cutest little child sleeping on her left side. Their blazing orange-red hair hid their face, but not their ears - they were pointy. And lastly, she saw another young man sitting up on her left right next to her. He had silver hair and furry dog ears perched on top if his head. His head was bowed and his arms crossed.

'Why are these people here?' Kagome asked herself. She attempted to get up only to feel a twinge of pain in her left side. She shut her eyes and let out a loud whimper. Everyone around her stirred. The silver-haired boy was the first to open his eyes.

"Kagome?" he whispered anxiously leaning towards her.

Kagome opened her eyes again after positioning herself back to where she was. She stared at him. 'How does he know my name?' The girl was the next to speak.

"Kagome!" she got up from her position and went to hug the dumbfounded girl."I'm so glad you're all right Kagome! I thought -" she choked on oncoming sobs."I thought -" she broke down in to full-blown sobbing, her face in her hands as the young man with short hair put soothing hands around her shoulder.

"So glad you are all right Kagome. How are you feeling?" he asked with a soft tone.

"Uhh . . ." was all she managed to say.

"Kagome!" the little child, which turned out to be a boy, exclaimed as he clung himself to her chest. Even the little cat expressed its relief for her,"Reeeooruu!"

The little boy was soon snatched away from her as the silver-haired boy held him dangling by his . . . tail?

"Get off her you little fuzz ball! Did you ever consider she still might be injured?" he let the little boy plop to the ground as he turned his gaze back to Kagome."You all right? I killed that bastard that hurt you . . . I didn't mean it Kagome, I really didn't, I'm sorry."

Kagome didn't know what the heck these people were talking about, or who they were. So, she asked,"Um," she looked around at them all."Do I know you people?"

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