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Alternate Universe

Chapter 14 -

Quarters and an Explanation






Kagome was sitting in the chair next to Sango in the crowded waiting room. They were at a hospital near the middle of the city. Miroku and Inuyasha shared rooms, Miroku being cured of his poisoning and Inuyasha recovering from his previous state. Fifteen minutes before, they had notified Sesshumaru who said he was on his way with Shippo.

Sango glanced over at Kagome. She had no idea what was on her mind. She told her that she would explain what happened as soon as they got to the hospital, but she hadn't said a word since. Once good look at Inuyasha and Miroku, and it was like she was stunned silent. Of course, Sango herself wasn't in the best condition; she had bruises and cut all over her, but that paled in comparison to the other people who were injured in Naraku's tirade. They had to travel across the city to get help, and by the time they reached the hospital, it seemed like they would never get any medical attention they way it was crowded. After a lot of desperate begging and explaining about Miroku's and Inuyasha's current state, they were granted a room.

Sango glanced over at Kagome again. She had her head bowed and was wringing her hands together. "Kagome?" she whispered and Kagome jumped.

Kagome blinked a couple of times as she stuttered a reply. "Uh, wh-what is it Sango?"

Sango put a comforting hand on Kagome's. "Are you going to tell me what happened now?"

Kagome looked at her and nodded as she hung her head.

Sango smiled as she took Kagome's hand and started leading her away. "C'mon, let's go to the garden; it's a lot more private."






As soon as they found their way to garden they sat down on a bench under a looming oak tree. Kagome let out a long sigh as she faced an attentive Sango.

"Okay, Sango. This is what happened. Hm, I'd better start from the beginning. Okay, I was at Inuyasha's place," she thought back to the kiss and decided not to tell Sango about that just yet; besides, it wasn't important. "And I left to go back to the shrine. I sat outside for a while and a little after that, Katen came along." Kagome saw Sango's face harden.

"He wanted to talk to you about something, but you weren't there, so he wanted to hang around with me - "

"He didn't touch you or anything did he?!" Sango suddenly yelled.

"Sango! No, just - just listen!" Sango nodded. "Well, I was about to tell him I wasn't in the mood for hanging out when I sensed the jewel. And well, it was sort of far away and I asked him if he would take me to it. He said he would, so we both got into his, uh, hov car and went to where I saw it at - a park near the outskirts of the city - it was in a knot of an old tree. When we got to the park, I made a run for the tree I saw and the jewel was still there. I showed it to Katen and asked if he would take me back home. He said he would, but then I saw all these demons around us and he just took the jewel from me. I didn't know what he'd do if I tried to take it back, so, well, I didn't try. I saw Kohaku, too, with the demons. And . . . And, Katen is Naraku, Sango . . . "

"I knew something was up with him, I KNEW it!" Sango turned away from Kagome with her hands fisted. " That time I saw him with those demons, I knew it! He was about to - "

"Sango! Sango! Calm down!"

"How can I calm down? You were attacked by Naraku!"

"Sango, he's also NOT Naraku!"

Sango faced her sister with an incredulous look on her face. "You just said he was!"

Kagome sighed again. "I can't finish if you keep interrupting me, Sango."

"I'm sorry, Kagome, go on."

"Thank you. Well, after that he grabbed me, I screamed and my miko powers repelled him away from me. I tried to run away, tried to call for help, to let people know I was in trouble, but another demon attacked me and I blacked out. During that time, I don't know what happened, but I woke up at his castle again. The door and the windows were cursed with dark demon magic, and I couldn't escape. I tried to purify them, but the magic was too strong. Eventually, Naraku showed him self once again by walking into my room, but he was disguised as Katen this time. I didn't understand it. As soon as he closed the door, he faced me and told me that he was sorry. I couldn't believe him, his nerve. I shouted at him for a while and he let me. He said he understood my frustration and I told him he could never understand my frustration. That when he told my he'd been fighting against Naraku ever since high school."

Sango arched an eyebrow.

"Yeah, I know, isn't HE Naraku? He's possessed Sango. Katen is possessed by Naraku. He did it to get closer to all of us. He's just another victim of Naraku's cause, he - "

"AND YOU BELIEVED THAT KAGOME?!" Sango yelled standing up. "You must be under his control, Kagome! He's trying to trick you, why can't you see that?!"

"NO SANGO! You have to believe me!" she said standing also. "I don't know how I know, I just do! That's exactly why all of us aren't dead! Because Katen won't let Naraku kill us! He may be possessed, but Naraku doesn't have complete control! That is the one thing keeping Naraku from completely using him! Now you tell me another good reason we're still alive, tell me, Sango! Katen wasn't always on your 'be cautious of' list was he?"

Sango blinked and looked pensive. No, Katen wasn't always that creepy to her. And what Kagome said made perfect sense, if not good enough sense.

"No, Kagome. He wasn't." she said weakly sitting down again. "I just don't want to believe it. It's just how much Naraku has hurt us in our past, present, and probably soon enough, future." she looked up at the giant oak tree, sadness in her eyes. "He's always had the upper hand on us somehow. Everything we love or care about he takes away . . . And we always have to suffer for it. We're his main target, but in order to get to us, he has to get to the minor targets first." she sighed and looked back at Kagome when she felt a reassuring hand on hers. "Go on, you weren't finished were you?"

"Right." she gave Sango's hand a squeeze. "Well, after Katen shared his - thoughts - with me he suddenly dashed out of the room saying that he was coming back. He had changed back to Naraku - with the baboon pelt thing - when he came back into the room. Strangely enough, he hadn't even known that I was just talking to Katen. I don't even think he knows that he changes into Katen often . . . Anyway, long story short, he made this demon thing possess me and I have no idea what happened after that. But I do remember I was trying to dispel that thing out of my body and I did. When I came to, or whatever, I saw you guys. You were holding Miroku and Inuyasha was talking to Naraku while holding a giant sword. Naraku looked towards me and then all you guys followed suit. Inuyasha asked me if I was okay, then you get shot by Kikyo's arrow - " she looked pointedly at Sango's bandaged arm.

Sango put a tentative hand to it. "I'm all right, now just so you know." she smiled.

Kagome smiled back and continued. "And well, using common sense I just went with the flow of things. A demon possessed me, so Naraku must've thought I was till under his control. So I walked to him just like Kikyo did. You know what happened after that; Inuyasha went all berserk on us and started killing anything he could get his hands on. While Naraku was distracted with Inuyasha, I decided it was time to come out of my act and I took the jewel away from him and ran - " Sango looked at her like she was crazy. Kagome read her mind. "I know, I know, it was crazy, but I had to take a chance! Plus I wanted to get away from Inuyasha! Wouldn't you?" Sango nodded knowingly. "And, well, that's what happened in a nutshell. Up until now."

Sango sighed. "Wow. We're gonna have to explain this to Miroku and Inuyasha."

"I know." Kagome sighed.

"Whoa." Sango said.

"What is it?"

"We've been out here for thirty minutes." she said looking at the clock on the hospital tower. "Oh, no, Sesshoumaru must be wondering where we've gone!"

"Shippo, too! He's gonna be just as worried!"

"C'mon!" Sango said grabbing Kagome's arm and heading inside the hospital once more.






Sango and Kagome rounded the corner to Miroku and Inuyasha's shared room. A high-pitched scream and crashes could be heard coming from the room. Just as Sango cast Kagome a tentative look and was about to open the door, a beet-red nurse went storming out. They both walked into find Miroku sitting up in his bed with more bruises than he came in with and Inuyasha struggling with another nurse with a needle in her hand.

"What in the seven hells do I need a shot for?!" he yelled.

"It's for infection purposes, sir!" she yelled right back at him.

"I ain't GOT no infections, okay lady?!"

"Sir, would you please stay still so I can get this over with?!"

"Inuyasha!" Kagome yelled.

Inuyasha immediately stopped in his ranting and struggling when he heard her voice. She looked totally pissed, but okay nonetheless. He felt an annoying prick of pain go through his arm and turned to see the nurse taking the needle out.

"Hey! I didn't say you could do that!" The nurse put a protective covering over the needle and walked out of the room completely ignoring Inuyasha. "Hey! I'm talkin' to you!" He heard a faint sigh and turned his attention to Kagome again seeing her walk over to him. "Are you okay?"

"Am I okay? What about you? Totally losing it like that?"

He turned his head away from her. "Oh, that."

"He doesn't remember any of it." Kagome's head turned to Miroku curious, as was Sango.

"He doesn't remember?" Sango asked standing by his bed. "How could he not?"

"I don't know." Inuyasha confessed. "I just don't. I remember seeing Kagome and Kikyo under Naraku's control and how much pain he's caused me and I don't know what happened after that." Inuyasha shook his head looking pained.

Sango turned to Miroku, "But you said this happened before."

"It has." Everyone turned towards the door to see Sesshoumaru and Shippo.

"Sango! Kagome! You two are all right!" Shippo squealed going to hug each of them.

"Sesshoumaru! You're here!" Kagome said.

"I've been here. I left at my brother's request to find you both, but it seems my search was in vain."

"Sorry, we were, talking."

"Indeed. Anyway, this certain thing only happened to Inuyasha once before and it was when my father and his mother were murdered. He was out of control for about twenty minutes. Rushed out of the apartment and destroyed anything he could get his angry little hands on. We're still paying for the damage . . . "

"And he didn't remember any of it?" Sango asked.


"Odd . . . " she said.

"It looks like Miroku felt up another nurse . . . " Shippo said observing Miroku's latest bruises.

"WHAT?!" Sango fumed turning angry eyes to an innocent-looking Miroku.

"Why, I was just smoothing out the wrinkles in her uniform!"

"Yeah right, ya perv." Inuyasha commented. "Anyway where DID you and Sango go, Kagome?"

"Oh, we went outside to the garden and I explained what happened."

"And what exactly DID happen?" Sesshoumaru asked. "I'm sure all of us would just love filling the others in on this incident."

There were many points of view to the story and all of them were told as everyone explained.

"And that's what happened." Kagome finished.

"Well, at least Naraku doesn't have the jewel anymore." Miroku stated.

"Speaking of which," Sango said from her place next to Miroku. "What did you do with the jewel? Did it disappear again?"

Kagome stiffened and started fidgeting nervously. "Umm . . . "

"Kagome?" Sango asked cautiously. "What happened to the jewel?"

"Um, uh, heh, see, heh, you guys are gonna laugh!"

"Kagome?" Inuyasha slowly.

"Ya see, when I took the jewel from Naraku, I didn't want him getting it again, and, well, heh, see I didn't know how to use it or anything, so, I saw a discarded claw of a demon and well used it to . . . " she mumbled the last part.

"What was that?" Sango asked.


"What?" everyone asked.

"I hit the jewel with the claw and it split into quarters and all of them disappeared!" she let out a breath.

Everyone stared openly at her. That is until Inuyasha voiced everyone's thoughts . . .







Kagome woke up to intense light shining in her face. No doubt her "mother" opened them. It was the weekend anyway, so she didn't need to get up to go to the place she hadn't been back to since about two years ago - high school. When she woke up in that hospital bed with Souta, her mother, and her already dead grandfather looking down on her she knew something was wrong. At first she thought it was another one of Naraku's tricks, but it wasn't. She started to play along just so she could find out where she was. She soon figured out that she was somewhere else completely. Everyone thought she had amnesia, but she didn't! This wasn't her life!

She last remembered a demon attacking her at that park near the outskirts of the city after that argument with Inuyasha, but her mother told her she was hit by a car while returning home from school. This was crazy. And she also started having memories of things that she's never even seen happen. After much deliberation she could only come up with one answer: She was in an alternate universe living another Kagome's life, and in turn THAT Kagome was living her life. That had to be the answer. There was no other way she could not remember anything about this life, but remember her old one.

She had to admit, high school was easier this go around, she was horrible in math during high school, but know with her "college knowledge" it was all too easy. Her teachers even complimented on her doing way better in their classes. She liked it, but she missed her old classes. She missed her old friends. She missed Miroku. She missed her tempermental, yet loveable hanyou. She missed Sango . . .

She needed to find a way back. And soon. This life was so boring. It needed excitement in it. Kagome sighed and got up to get dressed. She didn't know where she was going, but she needed to go somewhere. After telling her "mother" she was going out, she was at the bottom of the shrine steps. What she saw made her do a double take. Sango, Miroku, and Inuyasha were crossing the street headed toward the shrine.






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