Hello Again
Chapter 30
Happily Ever After?

On Monday they returned to the real world. She to being Chief ER Resident at a busy metropolitan hospital, he to taking care of the home and raising his son. The two things he understood completely in the modern world he found himself in. The next weekend, in full traditional garb, Inuyasha Shinwa married Kagome Higurashi in a Shinto ceremony. Only family attended. Here is where the fairy tales would say "and they lived happily ever after", but with life, that's different. They were for the most part, happy.


Inu Yasha and Kenmaru entered the pharmacy. Seeing his mother's old friend, Kenmaru waved, "Hi Hojo!"

"Hi Kenmaru, how's your mom?"

"Kagome's fine," Inu Yasha answered.

"Still taking care of Kenmaru, huh? Told you she's still in love with his father."

Inu Yasha smirked, "Yea, lucky for me... I'm Kenmaru's father."

"But... How..."

"I was in an accident and in a coma for a while, when I woke I didn't have any memories. They were afraid that too much information too soon would be bad." Smiling, Inu Yasha called, "Come on, son, we need to go get the fish for dinner."


They built a modest home on the small section of land Sesshomaru had gifted them with. Contrary to a typical Japanese family, Kagome continued to work, becoming one of the top trauma doctors in Japan. Inu Yasha stayed home and took care of the house and kids. It was something he understood. The income from Sesshomaru's investments based on Shippo's and Myoga's knowledge provided well for his family.

His memories never completely came back. He remembered there being someone before Kagome, that she had pinned him to the Goshinboku. He knew he had gone off with her after Naraku was defeated.


"Inu Yasha?"

"Hmm?" He asked nuzzling her hair, enjoying just holding her.

"Do you remember that time at the Goshinboku when I came up on you and Kikyou?"

"I remember you being upset. I remember feeling I couldn't see you again. Why?"

"Well what about the time Kikyou..."

He sat up abruptly, grasping her shoulders he turned her to face him. "No, I don't remember. How many times must I say it? I do not remember Kikyou. I don't care if I ever remember Kikyou. That bitch cost me almost seven years of my son's life. She can go to hell, for all I care."

Kagome laughed, "I think she is there."

"Feh. Then she can stay there."

Nine months later, Yukiko was born.


Kagome walked through the kitchen door in time to see three year old Yukiko stomping around the kitchen. Apparently, the girl had learned a new word, and was trying it out.

"Fuck... fuck... fuck... fuck... fuck... fuck..."

"Yukiko!" She screeched, "Honey, where did you learn that word?"

"From Daddy..."

"Where's your Daddy now?"

"In 'da bafroom..."

Patting the girl on the head, "Don't say that word anymore, baby. It's a bad word, and Daddy's in trouble for teaching it to you." She moved through the house towards the bathroom. Finding the door open, she peered inside, to find her husband scrunched up on his side, wedged between the toilet and the bathtub.

"Give me a fucking bush in the Sengoku Jidai.... any day.. God DAMN indoor plumbing. Who the FUCK designed this shit."

"Inu Yasha." She called softly.

"WHAT!?!" he barked.

"Is there a problem, dear?"

"Yea, this GOD DAMN nut. Finger tight my ASS. Who's finger tight? JINENJI'S?"

"Inu Yasha, language please. The children." She reminded.

"Take 'em to your mothers." He growled.

"Honey... which way are you turning it?"

"I'm turning it to the right. Why?"

"Have you tried turning it to the left? My father used to say righty-tighty, lefty-loosey."

"What the fuck is that supposed to mean, Kagome?"

"Just humor me, dear, try turning it to the left."

"Fine." A few moments later, "Gah... Hand me a fucking towel."

Handing him the requested towel, "Did it work dear?"

"Shut up."


Ayume looked over at her new husband, Genken, talking with the, for the night, black-haired, Inuyasha. He'd told her of a ritual they would perform later. She tugged Kagome's hand. "Genken mentioned a ritual?" She asked.

Kagome chewed her lower lip for a moment, "Ayume are you a virgin?"

"Yea." Puzzled at Kagome's sudden whoosh of breath.

"That's a plus. The ritual is a bit disconcerting. Just remember he heals fast." Kagome reassured her. "Yuka and Eri want to speak with you. I think I'll go join my mate."

"Kagome, why won't you speak with them anymore?"

"Today's your day Ayume. Don't spoil it with something that can't be fixed." Kagome moved off to join the two Inu Hanyou.

Moments later the bride's screeched, "WHAT!" could be heard over the music and soft conversation. "GET OUT! How could you do that to Kagome? I never want to see either of you again!" Turning, the bride moved to her mate's side. "Kagome, I am so sorry. I didn't know, or I would never have invited them."


Time has a way of settling old scores. Yukiko's first day of school arrived as it did for all children. While Yukiko lacked her father's ears, she had his coloring including the golden eyes. Unlike her brother it was decided she would attend public schools. Inu Yasha and Kagome stood watching their baby enter the school. Proud smiles on their faces as the little girl squared her shoulders and lifted her chin, not crying like her peers.

"Higurashi?" An almost forgotten voice called.

Turning Kagome looked at the slightly overweight woman. "It's Shinwa now." She corrected puzzled.

"It's me Kimusune. Wow. You haven't changed a bit." She smiled at Inu Yasha, "Still devoted to her huh?"

"Why would I not be devoted to my ma... er wife." He asked.

"I wish all men were like that. My husband found a new girlfriend after the twins were born. At least he's rich." She shook her head. "So call me sometime Kagome, maybe we can get together while the kids are at school."

At that moment, Kagome's beeper went off. Reading the message she smiled, "Sorry Kim, I've got to get to the hospital. Train derailment."

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ The End ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~


Thanks for all the reviews. Each one is treasured and appreciated. This tale is now done, Inu Yasha and Kagome are together and happy, well, as happy as life lets you be. To answer a few questions:

Where's Shippo?

In Chapter 18 - Decorating Blunders, Sesshomaru says: "Which reminds me, I have yet to call the kitsune. If you will excuse me." He was referring to Shippo. Who for the purpose of this fic is working as a magician in Las Vegas.

What does Rin's Mark mean? Is that how Sesshomaru felt at the time?

Rin's Mark enmusubi means marriage; marriage tie; love knot. Sesshomaru loves Rin deeply, with a love that has grown through the time. At the time they became mates, he saw the ceremony as a marriage, that was what the magic picked up on.

How did you come up with the marking ceremony?

As for the elaborate ceremony, I was tired of the standard bite. First having over twenty years experience breeding dogs I can assure you, they do not bite. That is a cat thing. I also felt that magic should play a part, as Inu Yasha is a magical creature. Blood, I also felt was required as he is half demon. I had stated he had checked her for a mark, therefore I had to create one I would be satisfied with. I will be putting up pictures of the hotel room and Rin and Kagome's Kanji within the next day or two on the fashion page.