"Infinite" by Acey

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Author's Note: Yeah, a Juunanagou/Bura fic from one of the last Juunanagou angsters still writing fics. Hey, at least it's not a Bulma/Vegeta, eh?

"I can't wait forever, even though you want me to.... time won't let me." -Miscellaneous 1960's tune

Bura at five years of age was about the same as Bura graduated from high school in a few mild respects. The doting father was still there, same as ever to her. She had never known Vegeta as he had been in his prime, and for that she ought to have felt lucky. Her memories of him were always of him bending, ever bending to her supreme will as his only daughter, taking her to the mall as a child, allowing her to wear immodest clothing in her midteens. Even his hair was under her rule-- at around sixteen or so she'd complained about his mustache and he, the proud, arrogant Prince of Saiyans, who never would submit to anyone's orders of his own free will-- had removed it for his daughter. She had the world wrapped around her little finger from birth, not only in the power to control her father but in every other aspect of life, more wealth than a third-world country at her disposal, her mother's good features and her father's obstinance. Yes, Bura's was a charmed life and doubtless would only grow more charming.
Her much-older brother had envied her for that, before he grew up and became a corporate businessman as doubtless was appreciated. He had been twelve or so when she was born, a junior-high schooler, hormones starting to fluctuate, his interest in training beginning to waver; his interest starting to turn to the opposite sex. He had not expected her arrival, thinking himself happily fated to being an only child. Upon realizing it to be true he'd winced, deciding that if a sibling had to come it must be a boy-- had to be a boy-- but even that hope was shattered when the rest of his family went to the hospital after the baby was born and the nurse had said condescendingly:
"Oh, now don't you worry, sweetheart, your Mommy's fine. You've got a little sister!"
Don't you worry... that tone was so phony and sweetened it could have caught flies. Don't you worry-- when four years earlier he had looked at terror straight in the face, watched helpless as his best friend's mother was murdered at the hands of an insane monster, watched as...
Don't you worry.
He had gotten to hold her that day, and reluctantly did, glancing back at her every few seconds to make sure she hadn't tried to spit up on him as he asked his mother her name.
He smirked for a second. His mother had thought up a name worse than his, finally. Neither parent seemed to notice.
"That's nice." Third highest grade in English and "that's nice" were the only words he could come up with. Bulma wearily hoped jealousy would not become an issue.
"I think so, too."


Over time, Trunks' opinion of Bura did not really change. Instead, it slipped to the back of his mind, coming back to haunt him when he came down for breakfast during the holidays when he was in college, or, later, before he went to business meetings. She was there, ever-present, unavoidably the center of attention and the center of his father's affections. Her blue hair was always straight, eyes shiny with some anticipation, perhaps on how she was going to manipulate her father that day. He knew better than to suppose he and Bura were close. But when he asked for someone to pass the butter for his pancakes, or juice for his glass, the girl was there, not so consumed in her own thoughts as to forget him-- when their relationship was looked at from that perspective it wasn't very bad at all. Certainly better than siblings that argued constantly, anyway.
The rest of the world's opinion of her had not changed either, but its opinion had been a more pleasant one, anyway, and was the one Bura noticed most. By the time she had graduated from high school he was thirty years old and, for all practical intents and purposes, running the Capsule Corporation with a fairly steady, albeit monopolizing, hand and had no time to dwell on petty resent. This suited her well. Bura was content with her image to the masses of the sweet, cherished heiress, although she had no idea how this would bode for her in another few years. But for now, the summer after high school graduation, it was fine. She was young, popular, never to be without friends, never to be alone. All she had wanted she had gotten-- her parents' affection, more dolls as a child than she had ever been able to look at, boyfriends when she reached adolescence. Nothing had been denied her in the eighteen years of her existance, and, more than likely, nothing would. Bura was spoiled by everyone she came into contact with. Had it not been for him that fact would never have changed.
Bura loved him that summer after her high school graduation, loved him with more than the trivial love she used with her parents when she wanted something, more than any other boy she'd held hands with in infatuation. She had never held hands with him.
Juunanagou was his name. The losses he sustained before the one we are about to discuss in detail are mainly because of his own failings, but this one, possibly, does not rest on him. That summer was her first departure from the childish shallowness of her life and led her for a little while to sympathy toward another. For her adolescence would end.
For the one she loved that summer, adolescence was eternal.