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It had been four years. Four years since he had experienced death. The death of his worst enemy, a person he had never actually harmed until his enemy had approached him. He lived alone, cut off from his former society, hidden away from the people who had loved and despised him in turn. He had shut away all of his belongings that had connected him to his past. All of them were locked in his old trunk, which was itself hidden in the closet beneath the stairs in his small cottage.

Thanks to his parents, who had left him a rather large fortune upon their deaths when he was just a baby, he was able to afford everything he needed easily, allowing him to live in seclusion that he had desired after tasting the destruction of the final battle that he had ended. He held a job, but it was not important. He was a secretary in a solicitor's office, filing and answering the phone. He found himself enjoying his work. He was anonymous, treated with respect for what he was able to accomplish, and not for who he was. Or for his scars.

He was notable in his life, for what he had done. During the final battle, he had sustained a few wounds that had resulted in permanent scars. When he had woken up on the battlefield, he looked over and had found his enemy there, dead and decapitated from the spell released upon the man. No one else had noticed that he was awake, or even alive. He crawled off the field, holstering his wand up his sleeve and throwing off his tattered robes to reveal his Muggle clothing concealed beneath. He Apparated off the battlefield, as far away as he could get. He did not know how long he had lain there in the alleyway, praying for death. He could not bear the thought of the famous Harry Potter being mourned with a large funeral, his friends standing before the entire wizarding world in black robes, bravely facing the public with the sad knowledge of the death of the wizarding world's savior. He preferred a Muggle arrangement and a plot for an unknown person.

He now walked with a slight limp on his right leg, a result of one his injuries in battle. He sported a new scar on his face, one that obscured his old scar, allowing him to adopt a new identity and way of life.

He had been rescued by a Muggle couple, who had taken him to the local hospital. They had visited him every day, stopping in to see how he was coming along. He had not given a name for the first few days. When he had finally decided, he gave the name "Liam Xavier Harrison" and found himself on the road to recovery. After being released from the hospital, he stayed with the McCormicks, the couple who had found him, for two days until he found his cottage. He had made a quick trip to Diagon Alley, keeping his head down while limping through the streets to Gringotts, making a final withdrawal, removing his entire savings from the bank and exchanging it into Muggle money. From there, he opened a bank account in Muggle London and in the village he had chosen as his home. He trusted the goblins in Gringotts, knowing that they would not betray his actions to anyone questioning them.

After the McCormicks, he had found his ideal cottage and moved in. He had made his home comfortable yet serviceable, providing him comfort and privacy. He had finally completed his home, showing his personality, but none of his past. There were no pictures displayed before the date that he had lost his old name and gained neither his new one, nor any of his belongings out, even his wand, which was locked in the trunk with everything else.

"Liam, please pull the file on the Michaels case, and the needed addendums." Came Mr. Davidson's voice on the intercom. Liam acknowledged and went to the files, using his efficiency that he had gained from his former Potions professor. He could remember exactly where everything was, and even name where something could be if someone had misplaced it. Mr. Davidson, Liam's employer, praised his unusual secretary, claiming that he had found an employee that could never be replaced by anyone else. In his effort to get to know his employee, he often asked Liam over for dinner with his family at his home. The entire Davidson family found Liam to be a likable person, quiet and thoughtful, yet polite and well mannered, able to converse with everyone from the three year old to the granny in the house.

Liam delivered his files to his employer in his office, took the empty teacup and refilled it. He carried it back in and set it on the desk, stealing back out of the room when he saw his employer on the telephone. He went back to his desk and took up his pen again, filling in the paperwork and adding tags where Mr. Davidson needed to sign them. He looked up when the door opened.

Professor Snape walked into the Muggle solicitor's office, glaring at the bell that rang merrily above his head. He found himself in the foyer, looking around at the woodwork that surrounded him. He adjusted his Muggle coat and gazed about him, wondering where the devil everyone was. He heard footsteps approach from his left and fought down the need to pull out his wand. He turned and saw a young man standing there. His green eyes were noticeable, as well as the scar that wound down his face from forehead to chin. The youth, when he finally regained his steps, walked with a slight limp on his right leg. Scars covered one of his hands as he came forward and greeted the Hogwarts professor.

"Good afternoon, sir. How may I help you?" He asked, stopping in front of the man. Snape thought that he seemed cautious, as though he didn't trust the man standing in the foyer.

"I am looking for a Mr. Davidson. I believe this is his office?" The young man nodded.

"Yes, sir, it is. May I take your coat while you wait?" Snape handed his coat over and allowed himself to be guided to a sitting room. The secretary, that's all he could be, disappeared, returning with a tea tray just a few seconds later. "Mr. Davidson is currently on the phone with another client. He has been informed of your presence and will be with you shortly, sir." The two sentences allowed Snape to observe the appearance of this man. He appeared to have been injured severely at one point in his life, and his scars and limp showed it. His green eyes again stood out, reminding Snape of two other special people in his life, a woman and her son. His black hair was long, and tied back, but not vulgarly long, as Charles Weasley's had been at the final Order of the Phoenix meeting. This young man could carry it off with grace and a quiet air of confidence, as though his hair offset his scar and limp. Snape saw intelligence in his eyes, and a look as though those eyes had seen too much for someone of such a tender age.

"May I ask your name?" Snape said, taking the teacup and lifting it to his lips.

"My name is Liam Harrison, sir, Mr. Davidson's secretary." Snape nodded, looking over the scars again. Liam seemed to sense this and fidgeted just a bit. Snape continued with his inspection, allowing himself to open his mind up to try to sense what about his own persona was making Liam so uncomfortable. He felt walls slam up against his inquiry, almost giving him a headache with their intensity. He reached up a hand and pinched the bridge of his nose when a voice sounded from the hallway.

"Liam?" The young man nodded to Snape and left the room, answering Davidson's call. "A new client?" The door opened a minute later to reveal a portly man. He was impeccably dressed. Snape thought that one or the other must have copied dressing styles, for the two men in the solicitor's were closely matched in clothing. "Ah, good afternoon, Mr.?"

"Professor Severus Snape." Snape answered, rising to his feet and offering the man a hand. The man shook it with a smile and gestured to Snape's seat.

"A pleasure, Professor Snape, a pleasure. Liam tells me that you just walked in." Snape nodded.

"You were highly recommended by a close friend of mine, who requested to remain nameless, in matters of secrecy and privacy in the affairs of others." Davidson nodded. The door opened to reveal Liam again, carrying another cup of tea, which he sat down next to Davidson before disappearing out the door again, as quietly as he had come. Snape watched him go.

"Don't worry about Liam. He understands client privacy. He is the only other soul to see any of my records. He is invaluable to me, a mind to match his quiet personality." Snape nodded. "In what matters can I be of assistance?" Snape opened the briefcase that he had carried all this way to pull out several papers as well as a few still photographs.

"I need help in locating someone, unfortunately, my work detains me at every turn." Snape handed the photographs to the lawyer. Davidson looked them over and sighed.

"I am sorry if this friend of yours misled you, but I am not a detective agency, Professor Snape, and am not equipped to find missing persons." Snape sighed.

"I realize that, Mr. Davidson. All I am asking is that you are my representative during the investigation, if I should be unreachable." Davidson leaned forward.

"Who exactly are you looking for?" Davidson asked, wondering what kind of person would elicit such a response from the menacing man in front of him.

"I am looking for my son."

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