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Draco Malfoy turned around with a confused look. "I'm sorry, do I know you?" He asked as he stepped forward to greet Harry.

"No, not now." Harry said as he extended his hand.

"Draco, this is my son, Harold Alexander Snape." Severus said as he stepped up. He shot Harry a what are you doing look. "Harold, this is Draco Malfoy." Harry shook Draco's hand and dropped it as he turned to his father.

"You and Grandfather." He shook his head in exasperation. "You're both so formal. Harold. What were you thinking when you picked that?" Harry asked before turning back to Draco. "I prefer 'Harry', if you don't mind. That's what I was called my whole life."

Draco Malfoy was studying Harry with an odd look. "Scarhead?" he asked in a suspicious voice.

"Always said you were too quick for your own good." Harry said as he rubbed the spot his scar used to occupy. "It's good to see you again, Draco." Harry told him.

Draco Malfoy reached out and took one of Harry's hands. He turned it over, watching Harry the entire time, and then lifted the sleeve. Severus knew that Harry didn't like anyone looking at his scars but he seemed happy to allow Draco Malfoy to do it. Draco repeated the maneuver with Harry's other hand before he dropped it and stepped back with a large smile.

"Where have you been, you prat?" Draco demanded as he grabbed Harry's robe. "You do know that we spent an entire year looking for you?" Draco said as he pushed Harry into a chair.

"Yes, Severus has told me over and over again that you all spent a long time looking for me." Harry kicked his feet up onto the dining room table and smiled at Severus. "Lectured, actually, but it amounts to the same thing." He said with a shrug. Severus reached out and tipped Harry's feet onto the floor. Oh well. Harry hadn't thought that he would get away with it.

"Severus is your father?" Draco asked as though that fact finally caught up with him. "How is that possible?"

"Well, Draco, when a mother and a father…" Harry didn't get any further than that for Draco launched a conjured throw pillow at Harry's face, which effectively stopped the unwelcome explanation of the way life works.

Severus slipped out of the dining room with his mother. He hadn't seen Harry that happy since arriving at the manor. He would have brought Draco over long ago if he had thought the two had such a close friendship. "I am guessing that you are glad Draco came home with us?"

"Yes, Mother. I am content with the decision." Severus said told the woman. "I think some lunch would not be amiss, for us as well as the boys." Severus allowed himself to relax. Harry seemed to like Draco. He would daresay they were even friends, which was a drastic change from what he knew of the boys from Hogwarts.

"They're hardly 'boys', Severus." Gran said with a laugh.

"They'll always remain young in my mind." Snape told her as he opened the door to the library. "I'll give the boys a few minutes to finish their attempts of killing each other and then have Lucky announce lunch." Severus said as he directed his mother to a chair.

"Take your time. I've got Mr. Darcy's lovely voice to listen to. I'm so glad you charmed this book for me, Severus." Gran said as the book opened and picked up where she had left off.

"You're welcome, Mother. I'll be just a moment." Severus swept down the hallway and into the kitchens. Lucky had to know a few of Harry's favorites at this point.

"I still can't believe that Severus is your father. That's just…too hard to comprehend." Draco said as he looked Harry over. "Merlin, it is good to see you." Draco said as he shook his head again in bemusement. "I thought, for a little while, that you had succeeded where I had stopped you before."

"No." Harry said and shook his head. "I, uh, never considered it an option after we talked." Harry admitted. "You did say I wasn't in my right mind at that time."

"When were you ever in your right mind?" Draco asked as he rolled his eyes.

"Quidditch." Harry said with a smirk.

"All those Wronski feints you pulled and you say that you were in your right mind? Potter, you had a death wish!" Draco's mind caught up with what he said and he froze. He looked at Harry in shock.

Harry smiled, tried to hide it, and then snorted into his hand. Draco snorted too and then laughed. "Death wish?" Harry asked. "Me?" Harry laughed and leaned back into his chair. "A death wish?"

"Okay, okay." Draco said between fits of laughing. "I get it. Harry Potter has a death wish? No, couldn't be!" Harry and Draco collapsed into laughter at the dining room table and that was how Severus found them two minutes later when he came in to announce that lunch would be served on the patio outside in five minutes. He backed out of the room and left the boys to it. Lucky could tell them about lunch.

"Your grandmother said that you and Draco had a, what was the word?" Severus paused. "Oh, yes. 'Lovely' was what she said. A 'lovely' afternoon together." Severus looked to Harry for confirmation.

"Are you done teasing me yet?" Harry whined behind his book. "Yes, Draco and I had fun. We played Exploding Snape with Gran and then got lost in the gardens behind the house. You need to outline that one path better. We could have wandered around forever if it hadn't been for Lucky's tracking skills." Harry said. "I'm not going into further details."

"I am guessing that he was the one who stopped your suicide attempt?" Severus asked with a nonchalant air that was ruined by the need to know in his eyes.

"You are correct." Harry answered. "I'm trying to read, you know." Harry said as he turned a page in his current book. Who knew that political history could be so interesting?

"Could you spare me a few minutes?" Severus asked as he settled into his own chair across from his son. Honestly, the words would continue to be the same even if the boy shut the book. Why couldn't he put it down for a few minutes? "I need to talk to you."

Harry dropped his book and looked at his father. "About what?" Harry asked.

"Your twenty-first birthday is coming up." Severus said calmly. "I don't know if you are aware of pureblood traditions?"

"Not really." Harry answered. "I thought I was a half-blood most of my life so I didn't pay attention to them." Harry put both of his feet up onto a stool and looked at Severus. Why was it important now?

"It is tradition for families to throw rather lavish birthday parties for a child when he reaches his twenty-first birthday." Severus told Harry. "Your grandmother is determined to keep up the tradition."

"She wants to throw me a birthday party?" Harry asked. That could be fun. "We could invite Draco, right?"

"I don't think you understand me. Perhaps I am not explaining it correctly. You've heard of a young lady's coming out balls, correct?" Severus asked. The look his son gave him when he mentioned a coming out ball was quite comical, really. Very amusing.

"Yes." Harry trailed off at the end. "She wants to throw me something like that?" Harry asked in shock. "Why?" He demanded. "What purpose does it serve?"

"It's a 'see and be seen' event. It also has a tradition of a type of matchmaking event where a young man can find his future wife." Snape explained.

"Did you have something like this?" Harry asked. Matchmaking? What?

"I did." Snape answered. "My father was not around to fulfill his part but it still happened. Albus slipped into my father's role very nicely." True, Albus had filled the role of father quite nicely and had allowed Severus to do as he liked in regards of a future wife. There was a reason Severus had never married.

"What's the father's role?" Harry asked.

"The father announces the child by name before they come in. All of their names." Snape explained.

"'All of their names?' Are you saying I have more than one?" Harry didn't like the sound of this or where it was going.

"Your name would be announced as 'Harold Alexander Rueben Evans Snape-Potter'."

"What about James?" Harry asked. That had been a part of his name for a long while.

"That was a part of your persona. It could find space between 'Alexander' and 'Rueben' if you wish to keep it." Severus looked over his son and sighed. "What I am trying to say is that you would be re-announced to the wizarding world. 'Harry Potter' would again have a place in the wizarding world and you would be known by your new name." Severus looked at his son again and wondered what the boy was thinking. "Would you be alright with that?"

"Do I have any obligations to the wizarding world?" Harry asked. "Things I would have to do?" Harry asked from his chair.

Severus blinked. What did that have to do with anything? "No. No obligations that I know. Aside from tea with your grandmother, of course. She might want to show you off to her friends."

"That's fine. I expected as much." Harry said as he opened his book again. "Gran may throw me a party if she wants to. It won't bother me. I won't be able to contribute much at all, really. I'm not good at the whole 'planning a party' thing." Harry told his father.

"She will be in her element. I just hope you know what you're getting into." Severus said as he stood up. "I'll arrange your lessons and let you know when they will happen." Severus started to leave the library when his son's voice stopped him.

"Lessons?" Harry asked. "What lessons?"

"Dancing lessons, of course." Severus said as he turned around. "There'll be a visit from a tailor for your dress robes. Etiquette lessons may not be a bad idea. I'm not sure your Muggle etiquette knowledge will suffice in this situation. Those are just a few things we'll take care of." Severus's lips twitched as he noticed the rather frightened expression on his son's face. "Don't worry about it, Harry. Mother will make all arrangements and I'll be here for support, should it become too much for you."

He noticed that Harry had gone pale. "Son? Are you alright?" Severus asked. "Are you in pain?"

"No. I'm fine." Harry answered. "I just realized that if I do this, this whole coming back into society thing, then I will have to let Hermione and the Weasleys know that I'm still alive." Harry dropped back into his chair and groaned. "Mrs. Weasley is going to kill me." Harry covered his face with his hands as though to block out the world. "I'm going to die. She's worse than Voldemort in a bad mood. We should have just allowed Voldemort to come into the Burrow and the war would have been over."

Severus studied his son for a few seconds. The boy did not have to do this. Harry's rather macabre sense of humor aside, he did seem greatly concerned about his survival rate if Molly Weasley knew of his existence. Why was he willing to go through with it? Was it just a convenient excuse to come home without needed an excuse? A type of protest, perhaps?

"Why don't I invite Molly and Arthur for tea?" Severus asked. If he could make his son's homecoming any easier, he would do it. Even if it meant tolerating the company of the Weasleys. "You could tell them first and give them time to become used to the idea of Harry Potter being alive before you deal with your more, ah, volatile friends." Severus almost cringed at the thought of Fred and George Weasley loose in his home, intent on revenge of their wayward friend. He paused a moment. "Perhaps some calming potions would not be amiss in Molly's tea when she comes to visit."

"Calming potions?" Harry asked. "Yes. That is a good idea." Harry said as he allowed his book to fall shut in his lap. "Where do we get those?" Had the boy taken leave of his senses?

"I can make those. Harry, are you alright?" Severus asked. He was growing concerned. Harry was not acting like himself.

"I'm fine. Just planning out escape paths for when Ron finds out." Harry muttered. "Maybe a weapon would be a good idea."

Severus smirked as Harry descended into random mutterings. Perhaps this would help cement his presence back in the wizarding world so that he would not want to leave. Severus enjoyed having his son at home with him, where he belonged.

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