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Destinies Changed, Hearts Changed: Part XII: FINAL

Wide white orbs stared back at her in disbelief. On her right, she heard Gaara give a small 'humph' and out of the corner of her eye she could see him smirk slightly.

The face in front of her scowled disdainfully.

"Do you know what you've just said?"

The corners of her mouth curved up into a small smile, not one of fear or just to usually please him, but one that showed her confidence and strength.

She wasn't going to cower and shrink back anymore from his hard glares.

"Yes, I know what I have just said, Father."

She stood up and sounds beside her signified that Gaara had done the same.

Hinata gave her father as slight bow before turning around and heading for the door, Gaara in front of her.

"This was the way you wanted it originally, wasn't it?"

She glanced back one last time as she stood at the doorway.

"I guess…this is it…"

It had been so quick after she had left the Hyuuga estate with some of her stuff in tow in a small duffel bag that Gaara held onto. They offered no resistance, as the Hokage readily made transfers for her with the Kazekage to live in the Sand Village instead.

She knew what she wanted…what she needed now.

And it wasn't the spot as the heiress of the Hyuuga…she didn't need their recognition or acknowledgement either.

All she needed now was him.

To think that a few years ago she was deathly scared of him as well. He was just…mistreated then…

Reaching out, she tentatively linked her arm with his.

Gaara stopped in mid step and turned to her as she gazed back longingly at the large wooden gate behind them.

They were going to leave Konoha. She was going to leave Konoha.

She rested her head on his chest as she sighed heavily.

"Did you…not want to go…?"

Her head tilted up slightly to meet his face and she smiled at him. He was just so sweet sometimes…in a blunt manner.

"Of course not."

Cautiously, he lowered his face nearer to hers. Her soft pink lips inviting him in as his own lips touched hers.

His arms wrapped around her thin waist and pulled her closer to him, her own body touching his.

He had never dared to go close to her like this before.

Hinata reacted back this time and draped her arms around his neck, deepening the kiss, closing her eyes as she enjoyed the moment. Gaara had been a bit tentative at first, but now his grip tightened as he traced the outlines of her mouth.

For once, it was not something bitter in their life…but rather sweet…


Years Later…(10 years approx.)


A squeal could be heard down a corridor as a small object bolted through it at incredible speed. The object was stopped as it rammed head-first into a wall…

Or what had seemed to be a wall.

The victim of the object bent down and picked it up as it squirmed and squealed playfully.

"Aren't you supposed to be somewhere?"

A red-haired man dressed in a black shirt and pants in his late twenties regarded the small child wearily, raising the young boy in his arms to eye level. Black rimmed blue eyes blinked at the kid tiredly, as if it was a daily chore.

The toddler laughed happily and made a swab for the man's face as it squeaked out its favorite word. A word it had learned from the loud blond kitsune's even louder daughter.


His pale handsome face frowned at the boy's reply. The little toddler, on the other hand, found it quite amusing and proceeded to try and imitate the facial expression.


A feminine voice was heard far off from the other two and they both glanced down the hallway.

"Ryou! Get back here!"

The little boy's ears perked up and he immediately in frenzy scrambled out of the man's grip.


Wrapping the kid in one arm, the red-haired man sighed and made his way down the corridor as a woman's head popped out of one doorway.

Her long dark blue hair cascading down her shoulders as ivory eyes regarded the sight in front of her contently with a smile playing on her pale face. Her small frame showed no sign of ever motherhood, but rather still girlish, with only slight curves.

"There he is."

She reached out to take the boy from the man.


For a three-year-old, Ryou had a very strong grip as his mother tried to unlatch his death grip on his father's shirt.

The red-haired man just stood there, with no utter thought of how to dislodge the boy from him.

"Gaara! Some help!"

His wife scolded him, as she was unable to release Ryou's grip.

He reached up and easily pried off the little boy's fingers.

"When are we leaving, Hinata?"

Hinata brushed a strand of hair back as she pulled Ryou's shirt over his head.

"After Ryou's ba—"

The boy, hearing the dreaded word, shrieked, cutting off his mother.


She ignored his screaming and carried him over to the tub and set him in. Quickly, she wet his hair and applied the shampoo before Ryou's water spirit kicked in.

"Be a good boy and we'll go over to see Uncle Naruto."

Innocent wide eyes stared up at her, "And Yuuki too?" [1]

Hinata smiled and nodded, giving her husband a grin as she spoke with their child.

"And Minoshi too…" [2]

The boy's face scrunched up; "Minoshi's loud. So is Takeru." [3]

His father, who was leaning on the doorway snorted at the irony.

"I don't like Sousuke either, he's mean!" [4]

Gaara can sympathize with his son on that, since he never liked Sousuke's father either.

"And Sae always yells at me!" [5]

His mother smiled knowingly at the names of Ryou's little friends.

Ring Ring…

The phone rang outside and she stood up abruptly.

"Watch Ryou, okay?"

Her husband's eyes widen at her request. He didn't know a thing about child caring. She gave him a peck on the cheek.

"It wouldn't be too long."

Immediately after she stepped out of the room and out of sight, Gaara felt something wet him.

He turned and gazed down at the little boy whose bright red hair was identical, and his Byakugan eyes were a tint of blue instead of lavender.

Ryou grinned as he looked up at his sopping wet dad. He raised up his arm and pointed a pudgy finger at his father.


Gaara gave a defeated sigh as he crouched down to finish washing Ryou's soapy hair.

"Temari said hurry up." Hinata stepped into the bathroom again and stopped.

Gaara's red hair was dripping water and the front of his shirt stuck to him as the floor beneath him was a miniature lake an utmost expression of displeasure on his face. Her son on the other hand was grinning like a Cheshire cat with a bucket in hand.

She covered her face with her hand as she smirked at the adorable sight.

//Like father, like son…//

There were just those times where she wished she had a camera as she leaned in to give Gaara a quick kiss on the cheek.

Ryou, watched as his mother did so.


~ C O M P L E T E ~


[1] Yuuki is Naruto and Temari's daughter

[2] Minoshi is Shikamaru and Ino's daughter

[3] Takeru is Lee and Sakura's son

[4] Sousuke is Sasuke and Hanabi's son

[5] Sae is Neji and Tenten's daughter

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