ROBINROX: Hi there, people! I'm talking to the Teen Titans right now, and I'm getting bored. So I'm making them sing out their truest feelings! Or they're singing about all their encounters with the unjust people of Jump City! For the first song, we're gonna have to bring in Terra and Slade! *snaps fingers and Terra and Slade appear before her*

Robin: Must.Kill.SLADE! *tries to kill Slade*

Starfire: *holds Robin back* No, Robin! You must not hurt Slade!

Robin: Why not, Star? o_o?

Starfire: Because he must humiliate himself by doing the singing first! ^^

Robin: *grins* You're right, Star. I shouldn't kill him-not YET, at least.

ROBINROX: All right, let's get this show on the road! *snaps her fingers and the music to Evanescence's 'Everybody's Fool' starts playing*

The TT, Slade, and Terra: *start dancing**look at each other, horrified*

(Terra-to Slade) Perfect by nature

(Robin-to the Titans) Icons of self- indulgence

(Raven-looking away from everyone else) Just what we all need.!

(Starfire-trying to get Raven to look at her) More lies about a world that

(TT) Never was and never will be! (BB-to Terra) Have you no shame don't you see me?

(TT) You know you've got everybody fooled!

(Robin-watching Terra walk down the street towards him) Look! Here she comes now

(Cyborg-on his knees, looking starry-eyed at Terra) Bow down and stare in wonder!

(BB-sarcastically to Terra) Oh, how we love you!

(Slade-proudly to Terra) No flaws when you're pretending!

(BB-looking away from Terra) But now I know she

(TT) Never was and never will be! (BB-to Terra, with tears in his eyes) You don't know how you've betrayed me! (TT) And somehow you've got everybody fooled!

(Robin) Without the mask where will you hide? *touches his mask* (Starfire-powering up her hands with starbolts) Can't find yourself-lost in your lies! *shoots Terra and Slade with starbolts*

(BB-walking away from Terra) I know the truth now!

I know who you are!

And I don't love you anymore! *shakes his head at Terra in disgust*

Never was and never will be!

*preparing to jump off a cliff* You're not real and you can't save me! *Raven stops him*

*BB smiles at Raven and turns to glare at a very beat up Terra* Somehow now you're everybody's fool!

TT, Terra, and Slade: *huffing and puffing, but smiling and proud*

ROBINROX: Aw, that was sweet, BB! And Raven, you were great! Robin, you need more lines! *growls at Robin* All in all, I give this song a seven out of ten! What does the audience think? Review and tell me what you thought of the song!