Chapter 1

Superman dodged the fist that flew at his head, then firmly placed his hand on Luthor's stomach throwing him over his shoulder. This was not how he wanted to spend his evening. He glanced at the clock on the wall: 8:04. Great now he was late too. He was to be at the Watchtower for 'guys night' with J'onn, Lantern, and Flash. They were going to try to teach J'onn how to play poker.
"AHHH!" he yelled out suddenly withdrawn from his thoughs and spun around. Luthor had one of his little toys and had fired it into his back. Superman swiftly punched him in the face, then grabbed the gun and crumpled it into a ball in his hands.
"Not so tuff without your gangs are you Luthor?" He asked the man
"Oh Superman, why do you always make the mistake of underestimating me?" Luthor took out a small gun and fired it into Superman's face. A cloud of smoke exited from the barrel and entered Superman's nose and mouth. He began to cough violently trying to get the repulsive gas out of his lungs. He could hear Luthor's laugh behind him, so he twisted around and threw a punch. The laughter increased: he had missed.
"Oh this is a sight I shall saver." Luthor sneered. He kicked Superman in the back watching the hero fall to the ground with a loud thud. "How fun it would be to kill you right now, but I think I'd rather wait to let the poison take hold, then read the papers about your unfortunate demise." Luthor laughed again. Superman's vision blurred.
"What does that mean?" He thought. "Poison? This smoke must be laced with Kryptonite!" He felt Luthor kick him in the side.
"Good, I guess I'll see you in the papers hero." Luthor said cruelly and left To Superman, Luthor's words were slow and slurred. He barley made out what was said, but he could feel the vibration of Luthor's feet as he walked away. That was the last thing he could feel as he pasted out.
* * * Superman opened his eyes slowly. It was as if some one had placed a bus on each lid. He became aware of a soft beeping in the back round and saw three bright lights above him.
"Wha-" he moaned softly, "Where?"
"Be still my friend." He heard a familiar voice say
"Yes it's me. You're in the Watchtower infirmary"
"I'm alive?" J'onn gave him a look
"Of course."
"But the gas..Kryptonite.." Superman's head was spinning. The three lights had multiplied to six then twelve. He squeezed his eyes shut
"It wasn't Kryptonite," J'onn said placing his hand on his good friends shoulder. "Luthor must have grabbed the wrong gas"
"Then what?" Superman asked reopening his eyes finally focusing on J'onn's face.
"To be honest, I'm not sure. But it looks like you're going to be fine."
"How did you find me?"
"When you didn't show up for our gathering and didn't call in we assumed you were in trouble and we traced your ear piece."
"And how long have I been here?"
"In the infirmary? Four days." Superman's eyes grew wide at the number
"Four days?"
"Luthor, I'm sorry said to say, has not yet been located. We found part of his suit at the scene, but it gave up no other clues to his where- abouts. We are still looking."
"Good. That scum deserves a long night in hell for this!" Superman spat out. J'onn raised his eyebrows at the remark. From the look on Superman's face he seemed a bit surprised too.
"Sorry," he mumbled, "I must be more tired then I thought."
"Then get some sleep." Superman rolled over drifting off into a peaceful dream about getting some definite revenge on Luthor.