"Do you think he'll stay?" Nero questioned quizzically.

Kurama looked at him sadly. "No."

Koenma sighed. "Poor Botan.... I have a question for you guys though, how did you get out of there alive? I thought you got poisoned Kurama?"

Kurama chuckled. "I was acting. When he said I had been poisoned, but I didn't feel anything, I figured if I pretended I could surprise him and use it to our advantage."

"But how did you NOT get poisoned?" Koenma asked. "Tiluka laid the poison on the ground."

Nero grinned. "Actually, when we were searching for Hiei and Botan, we found a poison in the rubble, a paralyzing dust poison. The only explanation we can think of is it must have gotten brushed off somehow..."

(("With a low hiss, he clamped his eyes shut in pain, and took a stumbling step backwards, almost slipping on some grained dust."

- That was the poison. ))

"Why did he look so surprised to see Nero?" Koenma questioned, growing more and more interested.

"Hello, Captain Nero Black - I've left my own crew in times of need. I doubt he thought that I'd stay."

"Why...why did you stay?"

Nero looked down and smiled. "I owe Hiei that much."

"Oh," Koenma said, nodding in agreement. He sighed. "Well anyway, Botan certainly recovered, she tore out of here like she was as fit as Yusuke."

Yusuke grinned. "Nobody's that fit!" he announced jokingly. "But she actually wasn't that hurt. It was the weirdest thing, when we found them in the rubble, all these blocks and pieces of the roof and fallen around the perfectly, actually sheltering them from everything else that was collapsing."

"Wow," Koenma said, "That was lucky if I do say so "

Suddenly the door swung open and a tear stained Botan rushed through, straight to her room.

Nero gulped. "Oh dear."

'If I was stronger he wouldn't care about my safety...'

'I'll get stronger and go to Makai and find him...'


Turning his back to the twilight,

He forever goes his way;

Forging his facade,

Whispering to blacklight,

Wishing something more.

Forever running, never rest,Every move behind perfect pretense;

Twilight at his back forever,

Black night, enrapture this broken soul,

Desire to fly further.

Tortured past and distant future,

I only ever wonder;

Once, could this creature of blackness cry?

Defined forever by the past since lost,

Twilight, give him hope and answer?

I cannot say, for in truth, you see,

the twilight never tells.


Sherkoni - The last poem is Kooriya Yui's, so thanks to her.

ahem This is the end of All's Fair in the War of Love, but if you would like me to do a sequel (as you can see, I already have an idea) then I would be glad to. That is, if enough people want me to.... so kindly leave a review or send me an e-mail if you want the sequel.

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