Chapter 1

It was a normal day in Rivendell, and everyone was going about their daily business.  However, a large group of young elves both men and women were about to set out on a journey across the chasm to London.  The chasm as the elves call it means that the divisional gap that divides Middle Earth from Upper Earth.  This group of elves were of a branch of elf that was called Elf Nymphs.  This branch could perform wandless magic, and that proved really useful in certain situations.  It was because of this fact that they could perform wandless magic that it was decided by Elrond that they should travel to London, England and attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to learn how to perform basic spells under the watchful eye of professors that knew what they were doing, so that one day these elves could pass on what they knew to their children so that they might not have to travel to the same places they did.  Elrond was trying to find this group, they were somewhere in Rivendell, but he wasn't sure where they had gotten to.  He finally found them in the garden discussing what they could possibly expect to see on their trip to London and what they should expect when they went to Hogwarts.

"There you are!  I was wondering where you all went!  Have you packed everything you need for your trip?"  Elrond asked.

"Yes, we've packed everything that we needed, and we were just taking the time to discuss various things in our familiar atmosphere before we embarked on our trip."  A girl elf nymph by the name of Faelivrin said.

"That's true.  We were taking in the peaceful surroundings since it could be a while until we see it again."  A boy elf nymph by the name of Glorfindel said.

"I see.  Are you excited about your trip?"  Elrond asked them.

"Yes we are."  Another girl elf nymph by the name of Miriel replied.

"Good."  Elrond said.  He turned to his daughter and said, "Daughter, don't forget to leave your tiara behind since you don't want it to get lost on your journey."

"Yes, father."  Aerin said.

"Don't forget to take your traditional elvish robes, and your slippers.  Once you've crossed the chasm there won't be a chance for you to come back for them until a little while later which could be weeks.  The chasm has a tendency to close itself off and refuse to allow us to cross over it.  So you should make sure that you have everything before you leave Rivendell."

"We will."  The group chorused together.

"Good.  Now you should go collect your bags and prepare to make the trip today."  Elrond said.

Everyone nodded and went their separate ways to collect their bags.  They also changed into their elvish robes and slippers, keeping their crystal pedants around their necks since that was their symbol of their immortality.  Then they met back up in an open courtyard, which would serve as the crossing point.  Once everyone was back with everything they needed the chasm opened and Elrond waved goodbye to them as they crossed over the chasm and into London.