"Emma, are you all right? You need to wake up."

Emma could feel Spike trying to wake her up, but the blow from the door must've did some major damage because it felt almost impossible.

"Come on Emma, you need to get up." Spike said.

"All right Spike, I'm getting up." Emma replied.

"You know, even though you're mad at me, you can still call me Mom." Spike said to her.

Emma finally regained consciousness and realized she was back in her own room, in her own bed. She opened her eyes and saw her adult Mom standing over her.

"Mom, your hair is so…short, and it's so brown." Emma said to her.

"Glad you finally noticed the hairstyle I've had for a few years now. I've got to hurry up, Snake is waiting for me in the car. Jack hasn't woken up yet, so you can just lay here for awhile but just keep an ear out for him." Spike said as she hurried back up the stairs from Emma's basement bedroom.

Emma could still hear the hurt in her mother's voice. Everything was coming back to Emma and she remembered what she had said to her the night before. Emma laid there on her bed thinking about how the dream she had just woken up from seemed so real. She also thought about everything in her dream and about how she felt towards her mother now. Before she could get too deep in thought, she heard the cries of her little brother coming from his crib in the living room.

"There, Jack, I bet you feel better now." Emma said as she changed his diaper. After she had changed and fed him, Emma put Jack back into his crib where he went back to sleep. Then she sat on the sofa and let her thoughts drift for a while.

When Spike and Snake returned, Spike helped her husband up to their bedroom so he could lie down and rest. She then came back down the stairs to check on Jack and to take over for Emma. Spike was surprised when her teenaged daughter greeted her, not with an unpleasant look or a smart-mouthed comment, but with something totally unexpected.

"What's wrong Em?" Spike asked her.

"Nothing. I just wanted a hug is all. A hug, and to say I'm sorry for what I said to you last night." Emma replied.

"Well, apology accepted, and as for the hug, you can get one of those whenever you want." Spike said as she embraced her daughter.