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Summary: Those he loved accused Harry of a crime he didn't commit and betrayed. (I know, I know, it's been done. I will try to make this as original as possible.) Sixteen years after he fled, he's asked to help those that betrayed him.


Pairings: Harry/ Severus

 Severus/ Remus

 Hermione/ Ron

 Draco/ OC

Sirius/ OC and others but I just don't feel like writing them down.

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Chapter One

          Sevian McAllister ran down the hall of his high school towards the main office feeling anxious though this was definitely not his first time being summoned by the principle. He couldn't help but think that neither he nor his siblings had done anything in the past three days to warrant a summons and it was definitely too early to have pulled anything for the school day had just started.  Maybe they found who were responsible for Tuesday's food fight, he thought to himself.  Remembering how his chemistry teacher looked covered in gravy and corn caused him to chuckle out loud earning him weird looks from those he passed.  He simply grinned at them before turning the corner and colliding with someone coming down the hall.  He looked up in enough to time see dark eyes widen it shock.  Down he and the other person went with him landing on top. "Oh, I'm so sorry I wasn't looking. I just…" He trailed off as he got a good look at the person he had landed on. 

It was a man he'd never met, although he was reasonably sure he had seen his face somewhere before. Realizing he was staring, he quickly scrambled off the man muttering apologies as he helped him up.  Once they were both standing again, Sevian discreetly went back to his appraisal of the man.  The man had black shoulder length hair much like his own though the man's hair had a slightly greasy sheen to it.  His face was stunning and attractive even with the somewhat large beak that was his nose.  His body was slim, and while it wasn't broad, it was toned and muscular, taut with hidden strength.  Sevian wasn't sure about his height though but from what he could see the man stood at about two inches over his already six foot frame.  However, for all he was handsome, his most striking feature were his eyes.  They were pools of onyx that shined both intelligence and humor. A shocked Sevian came to the conclusion that one could get completely ensnared by those eyes if one weren't careful, as he found himself doing.  So lost in the others eyes he gave a slight jump when the man spoke. He heard a cool but irritated voice ask,  "Are you quite done?"

Sevian came crashing back to reality to see the man's eyebrow raised in amusement.  Okay, maybe not as discreet as he had hoped, he acknowledged to himself.  "I'm sorry for being so rude.  I'm usually not it's just that you look so familiar.  We haven't met before have we?" he asked just to be sure.  He knew that they hadn't, the recognition he felt was more like he had seen this man's photograph somewhere but just couldn't place it.  He heard someone snort over to his left, only then seeing the other person with the familiar man.  He turned his head to see another man standing there with brown hair and golden brown eyes.  While not as striking as the raven-haired fellow he was still nothing to sneeze at.  What struck Sevian as odd was how this man was just as familiar to him as the first.  Again realizing he was staring he blushed and turned back to the man he had run into and waited for him to confirm what he already knew.  At first, the man just stared until he realized that Sevian did indeed want an answer before replying, "No.  I'm sure we've never met before." 

Before Sevian could ask the other man the same question, he heard a voice behind him speak his name. "Mr. McAllister.  I do believe I have an appointment with you and your siblings at this time." Sevian and the men turned to see Principal Shaver's blue eyes staring daggers at him.  All three of them gasped as they saw his appearance for he was truly a sight to see.  His hair and his normally gray suit had obviously been dyed, or charmed, he corrected himself after seeing the magic shimmering around the man. They were now the exact same shade of blue as his eyes.  The white shirt he usually wore with his gray suit was now a shocking pink and his black shoes were yellow and so bright they were practically glowing.  However, that was not the worst of it.  His skin was a disgusting vomit green with orange spots, and his lips were purple.  It was such a horrendous sight it had all three men open jawed and gaping like goldfish.  Sevian took all this in and, after getting over his initial shock, he soon had to fight to control the laughter he felt bubbling in his throat.

Syrian, he thought crediting his brother with the prank. This has Syrian written all over it.  "Sir, is it 'Senior Spirit Week' already, and if so, which spirit day is it," he asked glad his voice had a faintly bewildered tone to it and none of the hysteria he felt rising in him.  Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the brown haired man struggle with his own laughter while the other kept his face expressionless.

"Don't give me that McAllister," Shaver answered with his eyes narrowed. "I know you and the others had something to do with this and I will not rest until I get to the bottom of it." He was literally shaking with fury and the color anger bought to his face only made his skin look more disgusting.

"But Sir, Principal Shaver.  I just arrived at school not an hour before and was only just sitting down in my English class before I was called to your office.  I can hardly take the credit for such a magnificent pra-," he cut himself off when he saw the principle's skin turn an even nastier shade as anger darkened his face again. "I mean sir, that I can hardly be blamed for such a show of disrespect if I wasn't even here to accomplish it" he finished, once again proud that his voice didn't give him away. 

            "Interesting story but I'm not buying it.  You and those other hooligans you call family have pulled off far worse pranks than this in a shorter amount of time than you had today.  I know it was one of you who did this to me and as I said before, I will get to the bottom of this if it takes me the rest of your high school careers." Shaver's voice had been getting lower with each sentence until he was hissing threateningly in Sevian's face. "Another thing that I must speak on is the fact that it has been over 20 minutes since I summoned you to my office.  Would you care to explain why it is I find you harassing today's visitor's?"

            Before he could open his mouth to protest someone beat him to it. "Actually Principal Shaver, Mr. McAllister's tardiness in answering your summons is my fault.  I wasn't watching where I was going after leaving your office and collided with him when I turned the corner.  He was just apologizing for something that was clearly my fault and offering to escort us to our destination when you came upon us," the onyx eyed stranger lied smoothly.  Sevian turned to the man that had just saved his ass and smiled.  He turned back to Shaver to see the man flustered and blushing adding more color to his already colorful appearance causing Sevian to inwardly flinch. 

            "See sir.  I wasn't harassing anyone.  I was merely offering my services as these two gentlemen looked quite lost before our little accident.  And as for these completely unfounded accusa-," he was cut off by an irate Shaver before he could fully express just how indignant he was.

            "Unfounded?" he fairly shouted. "Unfounded? Mr. McAllister these accusations are hardly unfounded considering your history with this school."

            "I'm sure I have no clue as to what your insinuating Principal Shaver-," again he was cut off.

            "No clue? Oh and tell me Mr. McAllister, who was it that started Tuesday's food fight? And who was it that set off stink bombs in the girls' locker room just as they were changing for gym? And who was it that threw explosives into the girls' toilet two months ago? And can you tell me who it was that filled balloons with honey and pickle juice before throwing it off the roof at last year's outdoor sports ceremony? Do you still have no clue as to what I am insinuating Mr. McAllister?"  (AN: Doesn't this guy sound like a certain Hogwarts professor?)

            "Okay sir, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that you believe that I or one of the members of my family are responsible for one or more of these crimes," Sevian said in a somber yet sympathetic tone. The principal visibly pulled himself together and counted to ten before answering, "Yes, Mr. McAllister. I believe that you, your brother and your sisters are responsible for not only the afore mentioned pranks but a host of others as well."

            "And do you have any proof that these allegations are correct?" Sevian asked already knowing the answer.

            "I may not have proof of all your crimes but I do have proof that it was either you or your brother that started the food fight on Tuesday. I have an eyewitness," he finished smugly.

            "I'm sure sir that after we, all six of us including your eyewitness, get together he or she will realize that what he or she saw was clearly wrong and that he or she is severely mistaken in believing one of us to be the culprit," the young man assured his principal.

            "Do you think me stupid, Mr. McAllister?" the principal asked him.  Sevian barely refrained from answering. "I will not allow my witness in your presence just so he can run scared when faced with the four of you." So, the snitch was male, he thought to himself.

Sevian looked at the principal making sure to have just the right amount of disbelief, hurt, innocence and insult in both his face and voice before speaking.  "Mr. Shaver, are you implying that me and my siblings are going to intimidate your witness into taking back his statement?  Mr. Shaver I may be wrong here but it sounds as if you think me know better than a thug." 

Shaver opened his mouth to comment but both principal and student were brought back to their surroundings by a throat being cleared.  Both turned to the brown haired stranger who was turning red with the effort of hold in his mirth. "I hate to interrupt," and he did indeed sound sorry, " but Mr. McAllister here has offered us the use of his knowledge and my companion and I really must be moving on."

This seemed to fluster the principal again and he stumbled over his apologies before excusing Sevian to help the two men and reminding him that he still had an appointment so to make it fast.  He then walked quickly down the hall and to his office.  The three began walking down the hall before Sevian turned making sure that Shaver was completely gone before howling with laughter.  This seemed to set off the strangers and they too began laughing though onyx eyed wasn't as wild as Sevian and brown hair.  They must have made quite the sight if the looks they were getting as they walked down the hall were anything to go by. Once everyone was once again under control he turned to the two men and smiled. " Thank you so much for saving my ass.  I'd probably had gotten into more trouble if you hadn't been here."

"Oh, it was our pleasure. That was truly a remarkable show," brown hair answered for the both of them.  "It's always fun to help out fellow pranksters.  By the way, I'm Remus Lupin."

The name sounded vaguely familiar though Sevian just couldn't place it. He introduced himself to Remus before turning to onyx eyes. "And you are?" he asked smiling. Surprisingly the man smiled back.

"I'm Severus Snape," he answered before offering his hand.  However he lowered it when he realized how pale Sevian had gotten as he said his name. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah," he answered. "It's just…did you say Severus Snape?  As in Professor Severus Snape, Potions Master and Head of Slytherin House at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry?"

"Yes, I did," Snape, answered with narrowed eyes.  "How did you know?"

Sevian ignored him and turned to Lupin. "And are you Remus Lupin, Defense Against the Dark Arts professor.  And…werewolf?  Or should I say Remus Snape?" he asked his face going even more pale at Lupin's nod of affirmation and correction that it was still Lupin.  Well this is unexpected, he thought to himself just before the world went black as he fainted.

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