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Chapter Two

            Syrian sat across from his sisters, in the principal's office waiting for the man to return. Honestly, he thought barely resisting the urge to check his watch for the third time. With the way that man is carrying on you'd think this was the first time we did this or something similar to him. That was most definitely not the case since he and his brother make it a priority to prank him at least once a month. Thinking of Sevian, he inwardly chuckled. He was definitely going to be upset that he wasn't included on this latest mission to cause the principal as much humiliation as possible.  I wonder how long he'll be able to keep it together before exploding.  Probably not long, he admitted to himself knowing his brother's total lack of control at times. Probably not long at all.  Picturing the look of pure shock on his brother's face made him smirk.

"And what may I ask is so funny, little brother?" an amused voice asked.  Syrian looked up to meet the eyes of his sisters, Serena and Holly.  They were both easily the two most beautiful girls in the school.  Serena, with her long, silky black hair and emerald green eyes looked nearly identical to her two brothers, which made since, as they were triplets.  The three of them had the same features more or less with the exception of a few minor differences.  While Serena's hair was long reaching just past her waist, Sevian and Syrian's hair reached to their shoulders though all three of them had hair that glinted red in the sun. Syrian's hair also had green, gold, silver and red streaks running artfully through it.  However while Syrian and Sevian had the same hair, both Serena and Syrian wore the same black-framed wire-rimmed glasses as their father.  Syrian's facial features differed slightly from his siblings as well.  Sevian and Serena both had their father's nose and slightly rounded cheeks though their eyes were slanted differently. Syrian's nose was slightly hooked and his cheekbones were somewhat sharper then theirs making him favor his other parent more. All three had their father's full pink lips that were made for pouting and naturally arched eyebrows. Okay maybe not so identical but when the three of them were together you could usually tell that they were a set. 

Holly on the other hand was a complete contrast to the other three, which also made since, as she was one of their father's adopted children.  Where the triplets were dark, she was light with her blonde hair and cornflower blue eyes.  She had a perfectly shaped small nose and thin lips that were naturally curved giving the impression that she was always smiling or that she knew some secret that no one else did, a look helped along by the ever-present sparkle of mischief in her eyes.  The triplets were only fifteen but looked much older than they were while Holly actually looked younger than her almost eighteen years would suggest.  She was short, only reaching 5'1", where Sevian and Syrian reached 6 feet even and Serena just 2 inches shy of that mark standing at 5'10".  Holly had a body that was curvy without being overly round as to be called pudgy.  Serena's body was tall, slim, lean and toned.  She wasn't as voluptuous as Holly but she still had the type of body even famous super models would envy. Holly had the wholesome girl next-door thing going for her while Serena's look was edgy without being too dark.  To most they would appear as different as night and day though all four were as close as any blood siblings could ever be.  Indeed, the McAllister's were most known for their strong family ties as well as their money. 

Recalling that he had been asked a question, Syrian turned his attention to his older sister since she had been the one to ask. He smirked before answering, "Nothing, Holly. I was just picturing Sevie's face when the principal confronted him.  How long do you think he'll last before he starts laughing in Shaver's face?" 

Serena snorted at this, as she too knew of her brother's nearly non-existent control as well as the rest of her family. "He'll probably break before Shaver says anything.  Either that or he'll antagonize him to see all the pretty colors he can make Shaver turn."  The two girls laughed picturing their brother and the show they were most likely missing.  "Who was it that pulled that prank anyway?  I know it wasn't me and it couldn't have been Holly since she was with me all morning.  You and Sevian however are unaccounted for since you two ran off the minute we got here.  So which one of you was it?  And how exactly did you do it?"

Syrian just eyed them coolly before replying in Italian, 'Vi diro piu successivamente.'  The two across from him smiled catching on that he didn't want to answer in case someone was listening in on them.  'Si e pensato il divertimento, non desidero rimanere qui tutto il giorno nell'aspettarlo per dare dentro al fatto che gli non diermo e stato compiuto.'  When he finished speaking he shot them a wicked look before reaching into his pocket and pulling out a vial of green liquid.  He carefully unscrewed the cap then walked towards the principal's desk and poured the potion into the coffee on its surface.  He sat back down before turning to his sisters and whispering, "Just watch."

As if on cue the principal walked through the door in his entire rainbow colored glory.  He stalked to his desk, picked up the coffee and drained it in almost one swallow, all the while glaring venomously at the three in front of him.  Syrian, Serena and Holly watched as all the colors the prank had bought to his hair, skin and attire left leaving him looking his usual professional self.  They figured he didn't know that the effects of whatever Syrian did had worn off as his glare just intensified with his stare.  Syrian looked around the office for his brother just noticing that he hadn't walked through the door with Shaver. 

Before anyone could ask where Sevian was, Principal Shaver started speaking, "I know what the three of you are thinking right now.  I know that you're sitting there telling yourselves that this would be over in no time.  That I have no proof that it was you and that you will be free by lunchtime.  Well let me tell you something.  While I may not have proof that you had something to do with my colorful appearance, I do have proof of something else you four have done this week.  Remember Tuesday's food fight?  Well I have an eyewitness who swears he saw either you or your brother start the whole thing by shoving Jeff Mackey into Jenna Maloney before throwing a cup of applesauce at that little girl with the green braces."

The three of them could only look at each other and blink before turning back to their principle.  "Actually sir, we were just wondering where Sevian is.  You left to go retrieve him, but he didn't come back with you," Syrian said in his usual blank tone.  "And further more, I would appreciate it if you would stop trying to pin everything that goes wrong in this school on us.  I can honestly say that neither my brother nor I were the cause of Tuesday's food fight.  I assure you that your witness is mistaken and I would be glad to tell him or her just how mistaken they are."

"I don't hear you defending what you did to me today.  Can I take that as a confession that it was you who gave me my new colorful appearance?" Shaver asked smugly.

"Today?" Syrian asked in a bewildered tone.  "I don't know what you're talking about.  With the exception of your hair, you look just as you do everyday."  The girls knew what Syrian was doing and supported him completely.  They were tired of this game as well.  They wanted to be done with the principal as soon as possible.  They all hated him with a passion and loved seeing him miserable.

Abruptly Syrian stood up and walked towards the door.  The girls taking the hint followed him then walked out of the office when he held the door open for them.  Instead of walking through the door, Syrian turned back to the principal.  "Look sir, this needs to end.  I know my family has pulled some pranks in the past, but that does not give you the right to haul us in here every time something bad in this school happens.  If you continue to harass us then I will be forced to call my father in here so that you can explain to him why his children seem to be the only ones who are interrogated and punished when something goes wrong.  For now on unless you can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that we are guilty of these crimes, stay away from us or my family will be forced to take action."  Before Shaver could say anything Syrian left the office and quietly closed the door behind him. He caught up to his sisters as they were walking down the hall.  They walked quietly for a while before Syrian broke the silence. "We still don't know where Sev is."

"What did he have before Shaver called us in?" Holly asked. Syrian thought back before answering, "English, but since it's a new period now I believe he's in Math, or he should be.  I don't think he would just ignore a summons from Shaver even if he was as annoyed with him as we are."

"Do you think he's okay? Maybe we should call him."  Syrian took out his phone and dialed Sevian's number.  He waited for Sevian to pick up but there was no answer.  He tried again just in case was relived when he picked up.

"Syrian?" a nervous voice asked.

"Yeah, it's me.  Sev are you all right? Where are you? Why didn't you come to Shavers office? What's wrong?" Syrian asked all this in a rush.

"Well I was on my way to his office when I had a bit of an accident. I ran into two of dad's old school friends. Well, sort of anyway. And actually I'm glad you called.  I'm not exactly sure how to handle this."

"Whom did you run into?" Syrian asked slowly.  He'd rarely heard Sevian so nervous.

"Severus Snape and Remus Lupin."

"Well, well, well.  Isn't this interesting?" Indeed, he found it quite interesting that when the two finally did show up they came to the school.  He wasn't however surprised that they were here at all.   "Where are you?"

"I'm in the chemistry corridor. Syri, how should I handle this?" Sevian asked.

"Don't worry about it.  I'm on my way." Syrian disconnected with him and turned to his sisters. "He's in the chemistry corridor. And you'll never guess who's with him.  Snape and Lupin." He almost laughed out loud at the shocked look on their faces.

"What are they doing here?" Serena asked when she'd pulled herself together.

"Well, we'll find out in a moment. Come on." 

            Sevian hung up his phone and turned back to his two companions.  He still couldn't believe his luck.  He looked at the two men but his eyes kept returning to Snape.  He's beautiful, he thought staring at him in awe.  The man looked so proud, so strong.  So much like Syrian.  He couldn't get over the resemblance between Snape and his brother. He knew that Syrian favored him a little from the pictures they had seen, but seeing the real thing really brings it home, their nose, the shape of their jaw, their eyes, even their hair looked to be the same.  Especially after Syrian had spent the day in his potions lab.  Sevian sighed at the thought of his little brother (by three hours).  He knew that seeing this man would hurt Syrian.  Oh, he'll show little to no emotion other than disdain and cold amusement.  But Sevian knew better.  He could read Syrian better than anyone with the exception of his father.  This man could hurt not only Syrian but his father as well and as much as he's glad for the chance to finally meet him, he couldn't wait for Syrian to come and deal with Snape.  He didn't know how to act towards this man or what to say.  He didn't know if this was the right time for certain secrets to come to light or not.  And he didn't know why Snape was here.  "I was just talking to my brother.  He'll be here in a minute.  When I told him just whom it was I ran into he couldn't wait to meet you," he lied smoothly.  He didn't think either of them bought it but he didn't really care at this point.  "My brother is a big potions fanatic and practically jumped for joy at the thought of meeting Britain's most eligible potions master." He was babbling now and he knew it.  Thankfully before he could do more harm to his image, his family showed up.

            "Well you know me Sev.  Anything to further my knowledge and what better way to do that than at the knee of the very great Severus Snape?" Syrian's cool voice washed over the three and they turned to see him coming.  Sevian was surprised at the look on his brother's face.  He had expected to see anger, contempt or on the off chance just a bit of awe for whatever his brother thought of the man, he greatly admired his potions skill.  What he did not expect to see was the resignation and fear on his face.  Syrian for some reason was terrified of this man.  He knew that he was the only one to see it but that didn't ease his mind in the slightest.


"Well Professor's may I introduce myself, I'm Syrian McAllister and these are my sisters, Serena and Holly. You've already met Sevian. However, as much as I love potions, my siblings seem to hate it, and I'm sure that the three of them have classes they need to be getting to." Taking Syrians very pointed dismissal the three of them scattered.  He turned back to Snape and Lupin and smirked.  Like Sevian he was struck by the similarity between him and the potions master.  We're probably more alike than we could ever guess, he thought wryly.  He sighed inwardly and thought about his next words.  Though things have already been set in motion now was not the time to blindside Snape with a few facts he didn't know about himself.  He decided to start with the most obvious question of all.  "Why are you here?  California is quite a ways from Scotland and Hogwarts."

"I beg your pardon?" Snape asked silkily. 

Syrian raised an eyebrow and allowed his eyes to show his amusement while the rest of his face remained impassive. "I asked 'Why are you here?' and I'm reasonably sure I asked in English so unless I slipped into Italian as I'm known to do, you should have no problem understanding me. Please answer the question."

"I really can't see what our being here has to do with you.  As far as I'm concerned our business is just that. Ours."

"You know what. I really don't feel like playing games so how about I tell you why you're here.  You're here because Voldemort is kicking the light side's ass in your little war you've going on in Europe and the wizarding world is turning to Harry Potter to save the day yet again.  You're all hoping that the 'Boy Who Lived' will come to you in your hour of need as he has done countless times before.  However, now that all you assholes at Hogwarts saw fit to betray him, your not so sure he'll come running this time are you? So what does Dumbledore do?  He sends his pet Death eater who just happened to be screwing the previously mentioned savior before he was forced to flee for his life. Did he think Potter would be more likely to return if it was his beloved Severus that asked for his help?" Syrian finished his rant in a cold hiss and sneered contemptuously at Lupin's shocked expression.  "Close your mouth Lupin, you look like a goldfish.  This can't be news to you.  I'm sure your husband told you about the affair he had with your dead friend's son.  His, at the time, fifteen year old and under aged son I might add. No?  Well I'm shocked.  I was sure he told you everything.  After all, marriage is supposedly based on trust, love and honesty.  Since you don't seem to have any of that I wonder do you just stay together for the kids?"

"Enough," Snape cried his voice dangerous if not a bit shaky.  " I don't know who you are or how you know any of this but I've had enough of your insolence and I want you to shut up right now."

"No, Snape I don't think I will" Syrian shot back, voice just as dangerous.  "Not until you here what I have to say.  For the first time in his life he's happy.  There's no one waiting in the shadow's to kill him. There are no impossible expectations heaped on him.  There's no one controlling his life, telling him what to do or who to be only to betray him at the first sign of trouble.  He is surrounded by people who love him for him.  HIM.  Not because of what he represents or because he's the son of some ghost.  Who the hell are you to come here and ruin his life again?  You betray him and cast him out and then come running here when things get too much for you to handle.  Not because you realized he was innocent and you want him back in your lives.  In fact you still believe he's guilty.  So tell me this, what makes you think that once he gets back to Hogwarts with you he won't start killing off members of the order? After all if he can kill a friend why not those he now considers his enemies?"   

"I never believed he was guilty." Snape said quietly.  Lupin looked surprised at this.  He obviously hadn't known his husband's thoughts on the Potter incident.  He had assumed because of Snape's obvious hatred for the 'Potter Brat' that like everyone else he believed Harry to be guilty. "I never thought he was capable of killing period let alone someone he considered family."

"Then leave.  Walk away and don't look back.  He doesn't deserve this."

"I can't.  I have to at least try.  He's free to tell me to go to hell but I have to try."

" Do you really expect him to tell you to go to hell?  Do you really think he'll be able to turn away from you when you, his beloved Severus, claim to need him? If you've ever cared for him or given a flying fuck about whether or not he lived or died you'll leave him alone and walk away. He's been hurt and turned on too many times and I won't let it happen again." Syrian turned on his heel but didn't get 4 feet before Snape stopped him.

"Who are you?" he asked.  "Why do you care so much?"

Syrian turned back to him and gave a wicked grin. "Don't you recognize me," he asked. And before he turned back around his eyes flashed and changed color.  Onyx eyes stared at the two men before being replaced by emerald again. Syrian smirked then walked away.  He turned back one more time coolly looking Snape over. He debated with himself before speaking almost as an after thought, "Oh, and Sevian, Serena and I were born Christmas day. We just turned sixteen." Watching as realization dawned on him, he turned and walked away.

Italian Translation: (I used an internet translator for this so if it's wrong I'm sorry.)

Vi diro piu successivamente = I'll tell you later.

Si e pensato il divertimento, non desidero rimanere qui tutto il giorno nell'aspettarlo per dare dentro al fatto che gli no diermo e stato compiuto. = Though it was fun, I don't want to stay in here all day waiting for him to give in to the fact that we won't tell him who did it or how it was accomplished.

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