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The Grace of the Sea

Chapter 1. April 10th: Boarding

"Right this way, Mr. Montgomery. You'll be loading over here." Hundreds of voices were all in use at the same time. People were bustling about; the excitement was almost tangible. Today, Titanic would set out on her maiden voyage through the Atlantic from South Hampton to New York. Headlines all around read that Titanic was the "Ship of Dreams," the largest, and most luxurious object ever built by man in all of history.

George Montgomery and his family were heading back to America, to their large estates in Maine. Occupying one of the ship's suites, the Montgomery's were one of the wealthiest families on board, just behind John Jacob Astor. Montgomery owned a large company back at the states, giving him a good name, and lots of spending money. His family, consisting of wife, Elizabeth, and daughter, Grace, had just about everything they ever wanted, and now, they were to board the Titanic.

Montgomery told one of the valets where to bring their belongings to: B-58 and 60. Elizabeth stepped out of their automobile, her long auburn hair done up in a tight bun with her hazel eyes on the wall of steel looming in front of her. Next came Grace, the heir to the Montgomery fortune. Her slim 5'3'' figure with perfect posture stepped onto the ground with the help of her father. Light brown ringlets gently fell on her face, and she brushed them aside with her gloved hand.

Grace was nineteen years old, and nothing less than what her parents had hoped for. She was beautiful, intelligent, and disciplined. Her blue eyes scanned her surroundings. Inside her heart was pounding; she hated the ocean, ships, and everything else associated with it. However, on the outside she remained cool and collected.

"Ready to board, darling?" Montgomery said to Grace, motioning towards the ramp. Grace gently nodded, clearing her throat. "I know you dislike sailing, dear, but no worries should travel with us here. Titanic is unsinkable. The safest ship in the world."

His daughter smiled. "You seem to read my mind, Father." At her father's reassuring words, Grace quickly left all her doubts behind her on the dock and walked fearlessly onto the Titanic.