Michael stood frozen as he watched Selene walk past him... leaving. He turned and walked behind her, not knowing where else to go and not having anyone else to go to. He didn't know where she was going or what she was doing, he just knew that she was all he had left, and she him.

Selene stopped once outside the building and looked around. She glanced over her shoulder at him before starting to walk again. He didn't know how long they were walking or when it started raining on them, all he knew was that they were now in the middle of the woods under tall trees.

He opened his mouth to speak when Selene turned and faced him, but decided against it when she brushed past him. He didn't have the slightest clue as to what she was doing, or as to what was going on in her head, but he supposed he didn't really need to know, and if she wanted him to know she would tell him.

"Michael." His head snapped towards her. She was crouched close to the ground and holding up a small steel door that was hidden beneath grass and dirt. He walked over to her and looked down, there was a ladder that led further down until it became to dark for him to see anything. He looked back up at her, "Well, hurry up and go." She commanded.

He did as he was told and began to climb down the ladder. It took a few moments but finally his eyes adjusted to the dark and he was able to see his surroundings. Once he reached the bottom of the ladder he quickly hopped down and moved so Selene could get off the ladder.

Once she was off the ladder she walked past him and he followed her. His eyes traveled along as he looked at his surroundings. They were in what seemed to be an underground hideout. There were tunnels branching off where they had came down the ladder. Michael looked at Selene who was walking quietly along not glancing at anything until she came to and larger tunnel that had a cloth covering the entrance.

She walked in and Michael followed her. The room had a a few hand made cabinets by the wall and and a small matress that could be used as a bed. It was warm in the room also. Michael looked around Selene seemed to be staring off into space. He looked up at her, meeting her gaze.

In the short period he had known her, this was the first time he had ever seen her look so lost. It was this same vampire who snuck into his apartment and was going through his things. The same vampire that had saved him from Lucian, the same vampire he had grown to love. He could see her memories in his head, they flashed every once in awhile.

The worst probably being when she found her neice's slaughtered in their room. He flinched at the sight, even though he had seen his share of bodies not too long ago, this was different, he felt what she felt, and he could tell what she had felt.

He looked down at his own hands, he had become a monster, true, a monster that had saved her life, but a monster none the less. He knew she had hated the lycans for the whole time she has been immortal, he was half lycan and still wondered why she helped him at all in the first place.

"Get some rest." He heard her say.

She wasn't facing him any longer when he looked up, instead she was getting ready to walk out of the room. "Selene." He called out to her.

She stopped and turned around slowly to face him, "What is it?" She asked her voice void of any emotion.

"I never said thank you." He started, "For saving my life, so thank you."

A small light seemed to flicker in her eyes as she nodded and began to walk out of the room. He sighed and ran his hands through his still wet hair. He looked over to find a pair of pants and a shirt laying on the matress, he must have been in his own world longer than he thought. Quickly stripping off his wet clothes, he replaced them with his dry ones.

His eyes grew heavy as he layed down on the makeshift bed, and exhaustion finally took over him the battle with Viktor had left him more tired than he had thought. Slowly he drifted off to sleep with the images of a certain female vampire in his dreams.


She knew they couldn't go back to the vampires after what had just happened, so she had decided that they would go to an old hideout that was used before the vampires had officially moved to the area. The death of Viktor... at her own hands, had left her confused. He was the one person she seemed to ever connect with besides Michael.

As she walked along she could hear Michael following behind her, following her wordlessly and without ever stopping to ask why or what they were going to do. He was just as lost as she was, if not more. She hoped that the vampires would be more occupied with dealing with the death of two elders and the disappearance of Kraven, rather than finding them right away.

She had gotten clothes for Michael as he stared off into space his brows knitted together in confusion, he was thinking. "Get some rest." She said walking towards the door, but she stopped when he spoke to her.

"Selene." She stopped and turned around to face him.

"What is it?"

"I never said thank you." He told her, "For saving my life, so thank you."

She nodded and walked out of the room and down the tunnel. Though she didn't want to admit it, when Kraven shot him, she thought it was the worst feeling in the world. It was the same pain she felt when she lost her family, when Viktor slaughtered them. Saving her from lycans. More like saving her from him, and only to make her live a life of hell, to live forever with the grief of the death of her family.

He had seemed really unfocused through the better part of their journey. Michael had just stared in front of him, his eyes with a glazed look, but kept following her.

When she saw what he had become because of her bite. She was amazed, and to be honest, a little scared. He was stronger than anyone she had ever known, although he didn't show it yet, still attached to his human life, and emotions. He would have had a better chance of beating Viktor all by himself if he had not just transformed into a hybrid and known how to use his powers well.

She stopped by the ladder and turned to the left heading down a smaller tunnel. The sun would be up in a few hours. Then she would rest. She walked into a room the branched off the tunnel. It was full of guns, and weapons. She was sure they would have atleast enough ammo to hold off the lycans. The vampires were a different story though, it wouldn't be that hard to kill them if needed to.

Selene left the room and walked back down the tunnel to the ladder. She hoped that they were in good enough hiding to atleast get some rest before having to move. She sighed and sat down her back against the ladder, things were going to be getting very difficult.


Michael's eyes opened quickly and he sat straight up on the bed. He was panting and sweating. More dreams, though Lucian's weren't as strong Selene's were. The human in him cringed at the site of the body parts, and ached to be like she was before she was bitten, before she was turned, and before her family was killed. It was then he saw Viktor in the vision, covered in blood. He knew that Kraven was right when he heard him telling Selene that it was Viktor who killed her family, it was true.

He felt truely sorry for her, and if he could, he would go back in time to see if he couldn't stop Viktor himself from killing them and ruining her life. He knew his was ruined but he couldn't help but think that atleast he had a purpose in this world. In the other world, all he did was save lifes, and all that world did was take the lives he had held most dear.

He could sense her, something he still wasn't accustom to. He got up and walked out of the room, he turned and walked back towards the ladder he had come down, smelling her in the direction. He stopped when he noticed that she was sitting against the ladder her head hanging limp as she sat motionless.

She must have fallen asleep. He walked up to her and noticed how much she actually looked like a statue while she slept. She didn't move and her skin was white like the marble statues are made out of. Carefully he moved his hand out and placed it on her shoulder, he was strangely surprised when she didn't wake up when he lifted her up placing one arm under her knees, the other behind her shoudlers.

He carried her back to the room he had just been sleeping in, and layed her down on the bed. Michael covered her up and watched her as she slept for a few moment before walking out of the room and taking a stand by the ladder... just incase anyone decided to make a visit.

As he sat in the silence, he could hear brids chirping and realized it must have been day time. He remembered Lucian saying that the lycans were once the daylight guardians for the vampires. He decided that's what he would do for her, he would protect her.


Selene opened he eyes and sat up quickly. She looked around and noticed her surroundings. She raised and eyebrow and tossed the blankets aside, she climbed out of the bed and walked briskly down the tunnel and to where she had been standing when she had dozed off. Michael stood there his arms folded over his chest and his eyes fixed on her.

She opened her mouth to speak but he beat her to it, "You fell asleep. When I woke up, I took you back there to get some rest. We both know you needed it just as much as much as me."

Selene just nodded not feeling in the mood to talk. He looked up the hole where they had entered was and started climbing up the ladder.

"What are you doing?" She asked alarmed.

He stopped and looked at her, "Step back so if it is still daylight you won't get hurt." He then continued up the ladder as she stepped back.

She could hear him open the hatch, and she could hear him shut it and come down the ladder again. She watched him as he hopped off the ladder and turned to face her.

"The sun is almost down." He informed her.


Selene turned around and walked back to the room with all the guns and weapons. Quickly she looked over them and grabbed a few, they would have to leave soon, as soon as it dark, so the sun wouldn't be a problem. Selene turned around and almost got knocked over when she ran into Michael who caught her and balanced her.

She looked into his eyes, he was worried, she could see it in his eyes. He released her and mumbled an apology as he looked around the room. Selene still didn't move but kept her eyes locked on him. He seemed to accept what fate had given him, an immortal life, a life of running, and of death.

He looked at her meeting her gaze, "Everything okay?" He asked.

"Yeah." She replied starting to walk out of the room when she felt his hand grab her arm gently and she turned to look at him.

"You know, nothing will happen to us." He told her.

"What do you mean nothing will happen? Two deadly clans want to kill us."

"I won't let them." He said softly.

She glanced down at his hand and looked back up at him, "You can fend them all off Michael."

"I can die trying then can't I. You saved my life more than once, and I want to return the favor," She started to open her mouth when he brought his finger up to her lips so she wouldn't speak, "Just don't, I don't want you to argue, you gave me my life, and saved it countless times, your all I have left and you know it."

Selene closed her eyes and then opened them, "Your all I have left too Michael. That's why I can't let you put yourself in front of me. Besides I can take care of myself."

"For how long? How long will your bullets and guns last? I don't want to take the risk of losing you."

Selene's heart beat started to speed up, "You think I do? I don't want to lose you!" She yelled at him, and he sighed.

"Fine, just promise me, you won't do anything that could get you killed."

"As long as you promise the same." She said holding out her hand to him. He took her hand and shook it firmly. She took in the warm heat that came from his hand as he shook hers. They let go and she started walking to the down the tunnel to the ladder, Michael followed behind her and waited by the ladder with her until the sun went down.

She turned to him, "So do you know how to change into your hybrid form?"

He looked up at her, "Not really, but I'm guessing that it will happen when I need it most."

She nodded but remained silent. He started climbing up the ladder and cracked the hatch open at the top slightly, he sighed in relief when no sunlight came in, in fact the only light coming through the crack was that of moonlight.

He motioned for her to follow and she began going up the ladder behind him. He climbed out and put his hand down to help Selene out of the hole, she ignored his hand however and and climbed out herself. She stood up and dusted her suit off as she looked around.

She turned to Michael when she heard him give a low growl. "What is it?"

His eyes snapped up to her, "I don't know, I sense something, not far from here, a vampire maybe." He told her unsure of his abilitys just yet.

Selene nodded and pulled out one of her guns he followed behind her as she walked along starting to sense the same thing he did. Their feet made crunching noises on the ground as they walked along, tension building up as they came closer to the source of the scent.

Selene heard Michael give another growl, though this one was more like a roar. It was definately the lycan in him, and he hadn't figured out how to control it yet, clinging to his mortal emotions and thoughts.

His senses were better than hers' since he was more powerful than her, but she doubted that he knew how to use them correctly. She turned to look at him only to find him looking into the shadows of the thick dark green trees. His chest moving slowly as he kept his gaze fixed.

"What is it Michael?" She asked him stepping next to him looking in the same direction as him.

"Kraven." He said with a cold tone, the way he had said his name sent a chill up her spine. His voice seemed to tremble with anger and power.

"Remember nothing rash." She whispered to him and he turned his head to look at her, when she looked back at him he nodded.

Selene took a step forward and so did Michael. Selene didn't hear the sound but Michael did, it rang in his ears like death. The audible click of a gun trigger. Using his new found speed him dived at Selene, and let out a small grunt when the bullet went into his side.

Selene's eyes widened as he fell to the ground and Kraven stepped out of the shadows a self satisfied smirk on his face. "Look what we have here." He said amusement in his voice.

Selene pointed her gun at him and he took a step back, but not before raising his gun to point it at her too. Michael was laying motionless on the ground, the liquid bullets already entering his system and his veins starting to crawl. He gasped for air then his eyes turned blue, and then black. His fangs grew longer and his skin changed back into the mixed blue and silver, he then let out a loud roar.

In less than a second he was up and holding Kraven up by his throat growling and hissing at him as Selene got to her feet and looked up at Kraven grabbing his gun she pointed it at him too.

"What do you want Kraven?"

Kraven made a choking sound and Michael tightened his grip on Kravens neck as he tried to come loose.

"You belong to me!" He said rage in his voice as he spoke, but he was soon gagging on his words, as Michael tightened his grip on his neck to an almost bone crushing power, then shook him around.

"I don't belong to anyone. Not anymore." Selene said keeping her gaze trained on him, but letting it glance at Michael as he let his anger out on Kraven, he was breathing hard, and showing his pearly white fangs.

Michael spun around and threw Kraven into a tree, by the time Kraven was getting up Michael had already picked him up again, this time by his shirt, and he sliced his face with his claws. Selene just watched, lowering her guns as Michael continued to slowly kill and torture Kraven.

Kraven was on the ground blood spilling from his lip and he smirked up at Michael, "Still alive, and it looks as if you've acquired some power." Kraven coughed as Michael kicked him in the stomach, "They'll be coming for you, you know? Markus is awake now, he will slaughter you both. With his army of vampires behind him, he is more powerful. You won't be able to save her, they will kill her and then you."

Michael responded by letting out a fierce roar and slicing at Kraven's throat. Michael then stabbed him in the stomach. Kraven doubled over in pain, clutching his stomach. "I'll see you both in hell when they do kill you." He said looking over at Selene then back to Michael when he placed his hands on his jaw, and the top of his head. Michael twisted his hands, snapping Kraven's neck like a twig.

Kraven's body fell lifeless to the ground the wind blowing Michael's hair in front of his face as Selene walked up to him and touched his arm. He turned around to face her, changing back into his human form as she stared at him.

"C'mon." She told him starting to walk again, stepping over Kraven's body as she went, Michael followed her his mind else where, he couldn't believe he just killed someone. He knew of all the things he had been feeling, that feeling was definately a human emotion, and he didn't really reject it, clinging to his past for just a bit longer.

Selene kept going, the death of Kraven not really affecting her, it's what he had said before he had died that was affecting her. Markus had been awakened, and had all the vampires behind him, not to mention the lycans too. Now she really knew they couldn't win whatever they were going to be met with in the future. She stopped when she didn't hear Michael behind her anymore.

She looked behind her but didn't see him, she spun around searching for him, but still didn't find him. A strong wave of pain swept over her, and her heart ached when she couldn't see him. She spun around once again, and noticed that it had begun to rain, and her hair was sticking to her face as she looked around for him, not knowing what was happening or what was going on.

When she stopped spinning she opened her mouth to scream for him, but found a finger to her lips, she locked gazes with Michael as he held his finger over her mouth to keep her silent, she glared at him but stopped as soon as his eyes turned black.

He wrapped his arms around her and lifted her up, she didn't say anything but struggled to get out of his grip. It was then she noticed that they were standing in a completely different area. He put her down on the ground and she looked at him with her eyebrow raised. He just gave a small growl, and a huff in response.

She sighed, but stopped when she heard voices. Her eyes turned to an icy blue as she stood against a tree Michael standing behind her. She poked her head around the corner and listened she could hear them, they sounded like lycans, the way they carried themselves as they walked. She was right, because just a few mintues later she heard a couple of them roar.

She looked at Michael and he pointed, it was then she noticed that the lycans were directly where she and Michael had been standing not long ago. There were four of them, two in human form, who seemed to be fighting about something. Their voices were just loud enough for her to hear them.

"Where the fuck are they?" One asked.

"I don't know, but they were here." The other shouted back.

"Well, where did they go?"

"I don't know, you know as much as I do, their scent disappears."

The two of them both growl in frustration and Selene feels Michael's arms wrap around her shoulder and lifted her up again. This time she didn't struggle, but let him take her wherever he was planning to.

He put her down, and she realized that they were standing by a small stream outside of the large city. They were on a giant hill and could see the city below them, it must have not been far from where they had been because she could still sense the lycans, but right now, she really didn't care.

Even though he put her down, his arm still rested loosely on her waist, and it didn't look as if he had any intentions of letting go. She glanced down at his arm and hand. They were still blue, and what surprised her the most through all this time is that she realized he hadn't been wearing a shirt since he had transformed.

"Why are we here?" She asked him looking back out over the trees and to the city.

His skin seemed to grow warmer and he began to speak, "Because it is safe." She looked at him and he had changed back into his human form, his eyes sparkling in the moonlight.

"I told you, you don't have to protect me."

He sighed and dropped his arm from her waist, and she missed the warmth he brought in the rain, even though she couldn't really feel it, her body went numb.

"I know I don't have to. I want to."

She knew what he meant, he killed Kraven after all, because he found him to be a threat to her. Selene turned to look at him and he was looking up at the rain, and it came down running over his face and his bare chest. Making his hair wet and stick to his face, it was getting in his eyes, but he didn't blink, just stayed silent.

It was then she noticed how innocent he looked. It was funny how when he was in his hybrid form he intimidated her, but when he was like this, still attached to his human skin and emotions, that she saw him like a lost little boy.

"What are we going to do?" He asked her quietly.

"The only thing we can do, keep going, and hope we make it out in the end." He brought his head down to look at her, and she watched as he pushed the few strands of hair out of his face.

"Okay." He replied.

And it was that simple, he followed her, and he would protect her, even though she didn't know why he would put himself in front of her. All the emotions she had been feeling were messing with her head, and confusing her, so she just pushed it away and focused on now.

Selene started to turn around and noticed the hole in his side starting to disappear. It gave her hope that they would be alright.


Michael followed behind her, still he didn't know where they were headed or why they were even outside in the first place. It was raining, and lycans were hunting for them. It was then he noticed that they had made it back to their hideout. He looked around, and didn't smell or sense anything near by, he turned back to her and she opened the hatch, this time instead of climbing down, he just jumped.

She came down after him, her hair in disarray, but so was his. He shook his head to get rid of some of the rain water. He looked back at her, she was walking towards one of the tunnels, he sighed and walked back to the room he had slept in. He looked throught the cabinets until he found one with a shirt and pants in it. He quickly changed and tossed his wet clothes in an empty cabinet.

He walked out of the room and looked around the dimly lit tunnel. He could smell her again, his new powers were beginning to come in handy as he started walking.

Michael walked until her found her, sitting on a chair looking off into space. "You okay?"

Her head snapped up and she looked at him, "I'm fine."

He just nodded and looked around the room. It only had a couple of chairs in it, but mostly it was filled with books. He looked around for a few more minutes before looking back at her. She was staring at him, but quickly looked away when she noticed he was looking back at her.

Michael stood there keeping his gaze on her, but at the same time, acknowledging the fact of what Kraven had said. He knew he wouldn't be able to protect Selene forever, but he could try couldn't he? He had nothing to go back to, nothing to go to. He just had her, and what was his immortal life without her.

He knew of course what he was feeling, and he knew that she probably could never return the feelings he felt for her, but he would settle his thoughts, because she did save him, even though he had been a lycan, she had to feel atleast something for him.

"They will find us eventually." She said, not looking at him.

"I know." He said leaning up against a wall but still watching her.

He could hear her sigh and shift in her chair as he closed his eyes., "Michael we can't hide forever."

"I know that too. I also know, that if we go out there now, we might not even have a chance to get anywhere before they kill us. I may not know a lot of things about this world yet, but from your memories, and Lucian's.... I've got a pretty good picture of this world. You said not to do anything rash, and I'm afraid if we go out there, we would be attacked and I would do something rash, and you would end up dead." He said opening his eyes.

Selene stayed silent but looked up at him, she momentarily forgot that he had been bitten by her too and now carried her memories with him. "We will figure something out. I think you need to rest, you've been up all day, and now it's night." She said standing up.

He was looking at the ground but looked up when he heard her move. He nodded and walked past her, he knew he wasn't going to get much sleep, but he would have to watch over her when she went to sleep, even though he didn't have to. The thoughts of what Lucian had said to him still clear in his mind.


Selene just stood in the same spot after he walked out, staring at the floor. There were a lot of questions going on in her head, and a lot of them, she didn't have answers for. She sighed and walked out of the room and back towards the ladder. If anything was going to show up, it would have to come through there.

She closed her eyes for a moment forgetting where she was and seeing Kraven's lifeless and torn body laying on the ground. Her eyes snapped open and she looked around. She had witnessed a power which she never wished to provoke in Michael.

A power that breaks her warrior mask, and she feels human, scared and alone. She hates feeling like a human, weak and powerless, but it also was a change for the past two hundred years of her life. Not a bad change either, it was just nice to feel something different, and to actually feel it.

She heard footsteps above her head and her eyes turned to an icy blue. They were just above her, she didn't know if they would be able to find them, she wasn't taking any chances though. Selene took out her guns and pointed them up at the hatch.

Sure enough, the hatch opened, and the face of a lycan beast appeared, illuminated in the moonlight. Without a second thought she pulled the triggers and started shooting it. It roared in pain and then fell down the hole. Once it fell to the ground she shot it a couple of more times, just to make sure it was dead.

Her head then snapped up.. just in time to see another lycan, already having jumped, roaring and landing on her, sending one of her guns flying from her hand. The lycan picked her up and she pointed the gun at it, it just smacked the weapon away, sending it to the ground with the other one.

Her eyes widened as it let out a another roar. She tried kicking and punching but it was no use it's grip was too strong. It tightened it's grip on her neck and clawed at her face. She could feel the blood running from the side of her head as her vision started to get a little blurry. She heard another roar, but this one sent chills down her spine, the same chill she felt when Michael roared, she tilted her head and could barely make out his form as he rushed over and took her from the lycan's hands.

He sat her on the ground and then stood up. She could see his feet as he started moving, and she closed her eyes as she heard the sound of flesh being cut open and blood splatering over the floor and the walls. She heard more roars before she passed out from the loss of blood.


Michael was laying on his back his eyes closed but his ears tuned in to the sounds around him. It was then he heard it, gun shots, and the sound of a roar, and a gun sliding across the floor. He jumped up as quickly as he could and rushed out of the room.

He made it to the ladder to see a lycan holding Selene by the throat her face being cut open and bleeding. It was then one of Lucian's memories flashed through his mind. The one where he was forced to watch the love of his life turn into a pile of ashes from the sunlight. He felt the rage build inside of him and let out a loud roar. The lycan seemed to stop and look up at him, but all he saw was red.

He rushed toward Selene and kicked the beast making it let go of her, he grabbed her and sat her on the ground. The lycan was going to pay for hurting her... he was going to pay badly. His slashed and roared, and even impaled the lycan with his new sharp claws. The lycan changed back into the form of a human and wasn't breathing, but was badly mutilated.

He turned and looked back at Selene, he climbed up the ladder first and closed the hatch before returning to her prone form. He lifted her up gently and walked back to the room. Michael layed her on the bed and got found a small towel in one of the cabinets. He ran back to the ladder and climbed up, it was still raining so he waited until the towel was soaked before rushing back down to her.

He cleaned the blood of her face, pushing her bangs out of her face, his fingers lingering on her pale and smooth skin for longer than he would like to admit. Once all the blood was cleaned off he stared at her and for the first time, studied her.

She wasn't breathing, which gave her the appearance of being dead, and she wasn't moving, she was almost stiff as she slept. He ran his hand over her cheek gently feeling the cuts under his fingers. Anger welled up in side him, even though the lycans were his family, he couldn't help but hate them for attacking her.

He placed a kiss on her forehead and walked out of the room, he had to protect her.


Selene woke up with a start, and looked around. Her hands went up to her face to find that she was completely healed. She sighed and got out of the bed. She walked down the tunnel quietly as she looked for Michael. He wasn't sitting by the ladder, which was a bit odd. So she started searching the tunnels for him, but only the ones she could sense he had been at. Which was basically in all of them.

She came to the last tunnel and found him sitting on a table looking through a book. He looked up when she walked in.

"Feeling better?" He asked her closing the book.

"Yeah, what happened though?"

He scratched his head, "I don't know that much just the part when one had you up in the air with it's claws around your throat." It came out a little harsher than he had expected it, but he was still angry at the lycans.

She just stared at him, "I killed it." He mumbled running his hand over his face. "Then took you to the room and cleaned off your blood."

She nodded but still remained silent, she couldn't find anything to say to him, "Why must you protect me?" She asked.

"We already talked about this." He said getting up from the table and starting to walk out, but she grabbed his arm.

"Tell me."

"Lucian once told me that the lycans were once the daylight guardians of the vampires. I feel like I have to protect you, as an instinct, and because I want to. Your all I have left, all there is left. I want to make sure your safe... and when I saw that lycan about to kill you. I thought I had failed to protect you, failed to keep the one thing I love most in this world alive. I was scared, I am still scared, but not of dieing. Just of you dieing and leaving me here."

Selene opened her mouth to speak after processing the information he had given her...she couldn't say she loved him, to hear him say it to her was a shock even. She didn't know what love was, she hadn't loved in two hundred years and doubted she knew how. She understood why he was scared, because in the back of her mind, she was too.

She blinked slowly and stepped closer to him.

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