Charles sat on his bed as Haley paced around the room, "The boy you were friends with when you were a child...tha' was Vincent."

"Yes." She answered him.

"Why exactly are we 'ere?"

"You mean, why are we still here?" She stopped pacing to look at him and he nodded, "I don't know."

"Do ya like it 'ere?"

"I don't know, Charles. I mean I did live with vampires for twenty years of my life. I guess a change of scenery is nice every once in awhile, and this place sort of feels like home."

"It's tha' doctor ain't it?" He asked crossing his arms over his chest.

"What in the world are you talking about?"

"You loved tha' boy cause 'e was yur friend. Still, I think you've got a crush on tha' doctor."

"Oh please, I barely know him at all." She told him glaring slightly.

"Don't oh please me. I've watched ya since you were a lil' tike. I know ya more than yur own mum did."

"I do not fancy their doctor."

"Keep telling yourself tha' then." He said laying back on the bed, "It mus' be that ruggedly handsome thing ya talk 'bout in yur sleep."

Haley looked at him, "I do not talk in my sleep."

"Sure ya do. Ya like ter dream 'bout the man you'll marry someday."

"Do you spy on me?" She asked placing her hands on her hips.

"Hardly, I could 'ear ya through those damned walls. Sensitive 'earing and all ya know."

"Wish I did." She said throwing a pillow at him, "Next time just forget that you heard anything."

He caught the pillow and grinned at her, "I bet I'm not the only one who 'eard ya either."

Haley growled in frustration and stomped out of the room. While Charles just closed his eyes, "Finally, I can get some sleep 'round 'ere."

William sat in his office scowling at the cut on his leg. Him and Drake had gotten into a fight and William had slipped and fell in the mud cutting his leg on an abandoned piece of metal.

He had taken a shower after everything was taken care of and changed into some dryer and more presentable clothes. He wasn't that accustomed to only being covered by a coat in front of people he didn't know.

He was sitting now in his chair, his leg propped up on his desk and his pant leg rolled up till it reached his knee where the cut started. It wasn't bleeding as much as it had been, which was a good sign.

William sighed and started cleaning the wound. When he went to grab a clean cloth he dropped the bottle of anteceptic he was using. "Shit..." He muttered out loud shifting so that he could reach it on the ground.

Once he picked it up, he walked over to a cabinet and pulled out a towel. After laying the towel on the wet puddle he straightened up and he heard someone speak, "Need any help?"

He turned around and blushed slightly, "Umm...I think I've got it. Besides, shouldn't you be resting?"

"I don't think I could sleep if I tried right now." Haley said giving him a small smile.

"I guess I know what you mean." He said sitting back down in his chair and grabbing the piece of cloth this time getting it without dropping anything else.

"How did you get that anyhow?"

"Would you believe me if I said mountain climbing?"

"Probably not." She told him leaning against one of the opposite counters.

"Well, you're a doctor as well, so I guess that gives you reason not to believe me."

"That and you were in the same place I was all night; I don't remember climbing any mountains."

William blushed, "Yeah...would you believe me if I told you I also have short term memory loss?"


"Didn't think so." He told her placing a bandage on his leg, "Actually, I got into it with Drake before you and Lydia showed up. I slipped..." He made sure it was secure pausing with his story, "and a piece of metal cut me."

"So, that's why you were limping."

"I didn't think anyone noticed."

"Like you said, I'm a doctor."

"Oh right." William said scratching his head in embarassment, "Are you going to a medical school?"

"Yep." She answered beaming.

William grinned at her.

"I'm sure you're better."

"What makes you say that?"

"How old are you?"

He gave her a questioning look, "Three hundred and fifty."

"That's what makes me say that. I'm only twenty-four. You've had far more practice."

"Not nearly as much as I wanted, Singe was supposedly better than me. Lucian also trusted him more since he was older."

"Singe..." Haley said, "Oh you mean that guy Viktor killed in the hibernation chamber?"

William winced, "Yeah, that's him."

"Sorry," She told him giving him a small smile, "How old were you when...well, when you were converted anyways?"

"How do you know that I wasn't born like this."

"The two scars on your neck. There." She said pointing to the left side of his neck.

He clasped his hand over the long gashes that had healed over into large scars.

"I spent a lot of time with Death Dealers and lycans. I was their doctor for a couple of years."

"I noticed." William said looking dazed, "I was around twenty-six. Not much older than you, and I was finishing up my medical training."

Haley nodded and the pair settled into an uncomfortable silence, "I was wondering..." She began making him look up his eyebrows raised, "if you would consider having an apprentice?"

William looked at her for a moment not saying a word but an amused smile on his face, "You mean you want to work with dirty lycans?"

Haley scoffed, "You're not dirty."

"Yes, but I wouldn't be the only one you'd be working with."

"I've seen worse than a lycan."

"Really?" William asked smirking.

"Wanna try me?" She asked.

He grinned at her and stood up, "Nah," The lycan placed his hands on the edge of his desk, "I was just making sure you could think quick on your feet, lycans tend to share more thoughts or feelings than vampires do. It's always a helpful trait."

She smiled at him and crossed her arms over her chest, "Is that a yes?" She asked biting her bottom lip and rocking back and forth on the heel of her feet.

William ran a hand through his hair and looked down at his desk. He knew it would sort of freak her out, and he needed a few kicks at the moment anyways, "Yeah..."

The girl standing before him squealed a bit and it made him jump back in surprise.

"Sorry...and thanks." She tucked her hair behind her ear, "For a moment there I thought you might say no."

William just chuckled a bit in spite of himself, "Well, I assume you will still be attending that school of yours," She nodded and he scratched his chin which reminded him that he would need to shave in a couple of days as the rough hair of his beard moved against his fingers, "I guess that I will just have to make sure you'll have a nice place to stay."

"You don't have to. The room I have is enough..."

William only silenced her with a hand and his eyebrow was furrowed as he thought, "Yes that room is all nice and well, but I was thinking more office type thing also."

"Like yours'?"

"Are you a stalker?"

"No I'm just...very observant."

"Well, Miss Observant, I was thinking something more along the lines of a bed room, slash office, with your own bathroom, and entrance so you don't have to go trucking through the den and can leave more quickly in case of any emergency."

"That sounds nice but-"

"I will have a lot of time on my hands with the war seemingly over. Besides it's the least I could do. Helping someone live out a dream isn't something you get a shot at everyday."

She blushed and gave him a heart warming smile, "I-I really don't know what to say."

"Say you'll go get some sleep for the both of us."

Haley just shook her head, "I'll get some sleep if you do..."

"Fine, I'll get some sleep too." He replied stretching.

"Nigh...err...morning." She told him, "Thanks again."

"No problem, and uh...morning also." Haley left the room and William hung his head in exhaustion. After sighing he left the office through his bedroom door, as soon as his head hit the pillow, he was out like a light, a small smile playing his lips.

Her body felt warm, an intoxicating feeling. There was no cold like there had been previously, now it was different, it was warm, and not just the feeling of another's body heat but of her own. It warmed her insides like nothing ever could. Her eyes fluttered open to the dark room. A large arm was wrapped around her waist as she shifted.

Selene's gaze flickered to her left where she saw two deep blue orbs staring at her with sadness in their depths. The hand that laid on her waist tightened for a moment as she watched Michael bite his tongue in pain from his wounds that still weren't fully healed.

"I thought I had lost you." He told her softly, so softly in fact that it made her heart melt. Something that she hadn't experienced since she was human.

"You'll never lose me." She told him cupping his cheek and stroking it with her thumb. His skin was rough but soft at the same time. Small cuts adorned his chiseled face. "Are you feeling better?"

"Considering the stress from not having you by my side for almost three days, I would say this is still probably the worst I have felt, physically anyways." Confusion flickered in her eyes as she did not remember even leaving his side, and he must have caught it because he gave her a look that asked her.

"William told me that I should ask you about what has happened...since I can't seem to remember anything after I went to sleep and before you turned me."

His expression was crestfallen, obviously something must have happened that he was disappointed that she didn't remember.

"Well, after you were comfortable as a human, I took you out to breakfast to a small restaurant I always ate at in the morning..."

The story continued as Michael laid on his back looking up at the ceiling and retailing things that had happened. When the story was finished Selene was almost dumbfounded. All the information she had been given seemed to float around her head for a few minutes as Michael stared at her.

Michael couldn't describe the sadness that overwhelmed him at that moment. When he had been so close to know that she had loved him, it seemed to evaporate in front of his very eyes.

Love never seemed as difficult to him as it did at the moment. No wonder they say that there is only one person for someone. Selene is his person. Somehow though, she has failed to notice how deep his feelings really run.

Maybe she didn't really feel anything for him. That couldn't be true though...he saw a side of her most people wouldn't, most people couldn't. She wouldn't show them. Yet, she had shown him, she had let her guards down, cause somewhere along the line, she trusted him more than she realized.

With a heavy heart he rolled away from her and stood, a little wobbly at first. A pain shot through his back, but he ignored it. It was nothing to the pain or longing in his heart. Selene was on her feet now as well, "What's wrong?"

"Nothing." He lied, "I'm just going to the bathroom."

She seemed to think about it for a moment before nodding and sitting back down on the bed, one of her legs tucked under her and the other dangling from the large height. Michael walked past her slowly fingering his chest wounds lightly as he shut the bathroom door behind him.

He glanced at his reflection in the mirror. His old scruff was growing back. He had been so worried about her that he had forgotten to do almost everything except worry about her. Running a hand through his messy hair he sighed. The stitches were still fairly new, so he didn't want to reopen them by taking a shower. Instead he grabbed a small washcloth and wet it with warm water. He wiped the dirt and dried blood off his face. Wishing it was this easy to wash away his thoughts.

After a good few minutes of maneuvering around his stitches and bandages, he was finally done and tossed the cloth into the sink. He heard a soft rap at the door, "Who is it?" The question somehow seemed funny when he knew it was Selene.

"It's me." She replied in an annoyed manner, "Are you okay?" She asked this time her voice was soft and gentle. Something he had never really heard come out of her mouth before, not like that anyways.

"I'm..." He began and opened the door, "...done." He finished as Selene took a step back startled by his sudden movement.

She opened her mouth as if she was going to say something, but just closed it and sighed. He watched her carefully as she plopped down in a chair.

"It sucks you know." Selene said softly running a hand through her raven hair.

"What does?"

"Not remembering things."

"You'll always forget things." He said trying to cheer her up a bit despite his own aching.

"Not things like this." She told him sharply standing up, "Its just - I can't."

"What do you mean?"

"I can't...find out how to say it."

Michael looked at her for a moment, his heart pounding so hard, inside his bare chest, he was sure she could hear it. " can't put feelings into words."

"It's not just the feelings...I can't," She held her head in confusion as she tried to regain some of her calm, not understanding why it was so hard to talk anymore, lifting her head back up to face him she bit her tongue, "Everything is I can hardly form coherent thoughts anymore."

He stepped closer to her, the fear that was showing in her eyes were something he really wished to never see. Silently he opened his arms to her and she fell against him. If it had hurt him, he wouldn't have noticed, he was too busy trying to comfort the woman he loved.

"It'll be alright. Just give it some time, and you'll be back to normal."

She didn't answer him but instead just clung to him for a few moments her eyes clutched shut as he ran his hand through her soft locks of wavy hair.

"What a wonderful night for moving." Drake said as he pushed Erika into the van, who scowled as she watched him waltz out of the van and grin before shutting the door.

"That's taken care of." He announced as he moved towards the small group that were standing near the den.

"Thanks." Lydia told him smiling and looking back to Michael, "Thank you also. I just hope that we can make peace now."

"I have faith in your abilities. I also couldn't pick a better elder."

"What about me? I'm helping you know." Drake said in mock sadness.

"Oh, yeah, good luck, and don't get killed." Michael told him and chuckled.

"Very funny, Ex-Boss." Michael only shook his head as Drake stuck out his tongue and headed towards the van.

"Make sure the vampires don't get a wrong impression of lycans from him."

Lydia laughed, "Don't worry I won't."

Haley and Charlie stepped towards the van, "I'll visit you every week."

"Good then. I'm gonna miss ya too." He told her giving her a hug, "I told ya tha' ya fancied their doctor." The vampire said in a low whisper earning him a smack on the shoulder.

"I do not."

"Sure." He said stepping into the van.

Haley just shook her head and turned around, almost falling over when she saw William standing about a foot in front of her, "Hi..." She said grinning a little bit.

"Well, we should go and make sure everything gets done before the sun comes up." Lydia told them, "I'll miss you all, and don't hesitate to contact us if you need anything."

"We won't." Michael replied smiling and stepping back towards Selene who stood at his side. They all waved to the vampires and lycan as they drove off. Drake trying to climb out of the window and shout his goodbyes, Lydia however managed to pull him in quickly.

Michael sighed, things were finally looking up, his gaze traveled to Selene who was staring off into the distance, well, almost.

The sun would be up soon, but he wasn't tired. His pain was keeping him awake anyhow. Instead he watched her, as she slept peacefully, despite the tossing and turning in her sleep.

He didn't know exactly how long he had sat there, just staring at her, lost in his thoughts that seemed to consume him even when he wasn't trying to think. Funny how life worked, and it seemed to like to pick on him the most.

Never allowing him to be truly happy. He guessed you just couldn't have your cake and eat it too. He had been so close, however, that he could taste it.

Sighing he stood up, his wounds were still sore, but he could move better than he could when he had woken up. He let his gaze drift to her form, curled up on the bed. Giving her a sad smile he kissed her on the forehead, "I love you."

He then straightened up and walked out of the door. His heavy footsteps echoing, like the heavy pounding of his heart. This was probably the worst pain of all, his injuries didn't amount to squat in this case.

He could feel the tingle in the back of his neck that he always felt when he knew the sun was up. It was like he had an internal clock.

After walking down the stairs and down a few halls. He was standing outside, the sun just rising now, and the fog starting to disappear on the empty street.

He shoved his hands into his pockets and watched the fluffy white clouds float over his head, it was hard to think of the storm that had been here a couple nights ago. Now the weather seemed perfect, no longer moody or depressing.

It was quite as he stood there for a few minutes, with the occasional sound of cats fighting of a scrap of food from a dumpster, or the sound of cars that could be heard moving a few blocks away.

What was happening still seemed like a dream to him. He had never believe in vampires or werewolves. Then to be suddenly the key to their survival, it was just surreal. From being a no body to one of the most powerful beings on earth, it was just all too much.

In some ways it was the same however, he lost love once, and now it seemed as if he would lose it again. Sighing he stepped further out onto the street, watching as the last of the stars disappeared and the sun engulfed his form, and he walked away down the street.

She could feel him watching her as she fell asleep. When his lips touched her forehead, she could feel it, but just couldn't open her eyes to see him like she wanted to. The tone of his voice seemed different when he spoke three words she had heard him say before, but it somehow seemed different. "I love you." Didn't sound like he was trying to make sure she got the hint that he felt a great deal for her, he was telling her as if she wouldn't hear it anymore.

She heard his footsteps and wanted to call out to him but something held her back and all she could do was lay silent and still. He got further and further away and she started hearing his voice in her head. Just small statements, never really making a sentence.

"I love you. Promise me. Can't lose you..." The words zipped through her mind before she had any time to register, images flashed through her head, so fast in fact, that she couldn't make them out. Finally they stopped and Selene took deep breaths.

"Michael..." She whispered sitting up in the bed. She remembered, she remembered everything.

Within seconds she was standing and grabbing her leather coat. Once she had it on she ran down the stairs, she could still smell his faint scent as she jogged down the halls earning her curious glances from the lycans.

She ignored them however until she reached the door that would lead outside. Selene froze and stopped breathing for the moment. Spending two hundred years hiding from the sun, she didn't want to jump back out into it, knowing that it did have disastrous affects.

His scent was starting to get fainter, and she knew she had to just go or she wouldn't be able to follow him, and her thoughts would consume her by the time he did return, if he did return. With one final deep breath she pushed the door open and ran outside stopping in the street and half expecting to burn up.

Instead she didn't the sun warmed her skin and her spirit hummed. She was hybrid and the warm rays felt wonderful against her pale skin. She looked around but couldn't find Michael, and his scent just seemed to disappear. Her heart began to sink until she was sure she was drowning in sorrow.

"To Kensington Street..." His voice echoed in her head, of course, the Diner, he had to be there it is the only place she could think of.

She was in a full-blown sprint racing down the sidewalks and running across roads, ignoring the looks and the cars, even if they almost hit her. If felt like it took forever to reach the small little street. Out of breath she gave a hopeful smile as she read the sign.

The little Diner would only be a few blocks away. She ran; shoving people as she went past trying to get through, and trying to make it to Michael...hopefully.

She stopped, the Diner was just across the street. Catching her breath she blinked slowly, almost scared to even look. After taking another deep breath, she raised her head from the pavement and looked up...her heart leapt with joy as she saw him.

At the same time it was filled with sadness. He was sitting in the same booth that he had sat at with her. His head pointing towards the table, and his hands were clasped together; sitting on top of the table. He was wearing a loose, black, button up, silk shirt. It was long so it hid most of the wounds on his arms. However, there were still some visible cuts on his face.

His shoulders were hunched over, he seemed so lonely and out of place. She let out a shaking breath and took a step of the sidewalk. Her steps were small and insecure. Slowly, she made her way across the street ignoring the honking of horns.

Each step made her emotions that much overwhelming. Her heartbeat was going so fast she was sure that it would burst out of her chest. When her boot touched the mat that was laying in front of the door, she took and deep breath and stepped in.

The bell above her head rang, in an annoying way, signaling her arrival. Michael didn't look up but she kept her eyes trained on him the whole time. She began taking small steps towards him, her boots clicking against the tiled floor.

"Michael..." She breathed when she was a few feet away from him. A few people who were sitting in the shop looked over at her. Even the employees were staring.

His head snapped up and he took in a sharp breath, "Selene...what, what are you doing here?"

She blinked back tears as she became emotional once more, and not liking it at all, "I-I remember." His eyes widened a bit as he stood, they were only a few feet a part now, "I remember...all of it, everything."

Selene stepped closer to him, and now they were almost touching, "Why are you here?" He asked again.

"I had to tell you something." She paused, "I heard you, before you left...and, I..." He watched her carefully as she seemed to be struggling with her own mind.

' can't put feelings into words.' She made up her mind when she replayed what he had told her. Instead of saying anything she pressed her lips against his. The familiar shock that she felt when she kissed him was back, making her whole body tingle.

She felt his hands come to rest on her waist as she wrapped her arms around his neck. When the kiss ended Selene leaned her forehead against his and grinned, "I love you..." Michael smiled, not just a normal smile, one that shown through in his eyes. He kissed her again and held her close. They quickly parted however when they remembered that they were in the Diner. The woman behind the counter was smiling at the couple and giving them a knowing look.

"Let's get out of here." He told her grabbing her hand and intertwining his fingers with her own. She nodded and they walked out, he waved to the woman as they left. The bell ringing happily above their heads.

Once outside of the shop, Michael gave her hand a light squeeze and kissed her cheek, "I love you too." Selene just smiled at him as they started walking, to nowhere in particular, just walking, knowing that life had a peaceful shot from here on out.

"Are you sure that is her? I thought she was a vampire." A young man with piercing blue eyes asked.

"She was, she's a hybrid now."

"She is the one who killed my Father?"

"Your father was an evil man, Shane. He killed my sister, your mother."

"I know, I know, I've heard the story." He mumbled and stepped away from the edge of the building.

"Well, what do you want to do?" The other man asked after a moment of watching them smile.

"I want to talk to her..." He trailed off as he watched them walk away down the street, looking oddly out of place, but not noticing the people around them all the same.

It feels like I have been here before. The actions that had taken place in the past few days will reverberate through time. Changes whether they were good or bad will begin. With all three vampires elders slain, two by my own hand. I shall no longer be the hunted. The war looks to be finally over, as both sides recuperate.

One thing is for sure, this isn't over. I feel the presence at the back of my neck. Watching me as I move and as I think to myself. Waiting...watching and ready to break apart what those events have changed...


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