Siena Kamiya-11

Tyler 'Ty' Kamiya-11

Kira Takaishi-11

Brandon Takaishi-8

Kerry Ichijoji - 11

Terry Ichijoji- 12

Josh Kido-13

Isabel Izumi-11

Justin Ishida-11

Arianna 'Ari' Ishida-11

David Motomiya -11

Nolee Hida (I forgot what Cody's last name was so sorry!)-8

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An endless field of grass lay in front of her. Happy laughter rang in the air eternally. For some reason she wanted to protect this place forever, to protect all the happy people. Then, darkness sprang in the air and this time, cruel laughter rang in the air. Like shooting darts into her heart.

11-year-old Siena Kamiya woke up with a start, her breathing shallow and ragged. That place, it was like she was there before. But how can that be possible, she had never been there before? She probably ate bad chocolate yesterday with Ty.(A/N: Ty is pronounced the same as Tai.)

Siena groggily heaved herself out of bed and stared at herself in the mirror. A girl with shoulder-length brown hair and sparkling crimson eyes stared back at her. She remembered vaguely something about a Math test so she quickly took off her Pajamas and changed into a white T- shirt with blue sleeves and a pair of light blue jeans and clipped 2 gold clips in her hair. Siena was a tomboy and wouldn't be caught dead in a skirt.

She walked into the kitchen, yawning a good morning to her twin brother Ty. 11-year-old Tyler Kamiya was called Ty because it sounded like his Dad's name, Tai. He had short copper-red hair and his dad's chocolate brown eyes. He was wearing a green T-shirt and a pair of brown khakis. The twins shared a favorite hobby; soccer.

"Where's Mom?" asked Siena after pouring herself some cereal. (A/N: If you haven't figured it out yet, their mom is Sora.) Ty shrugged, "Probably went to visit Aunt Kari. I think Dad is at a bank meeting. (A/N: They think their Dad is a Bank Manager. I'll explain later.)

Then Siena looked at the clock. It was already 8: 15! "Argh! Ty we're going to be late for school! Come on!" Siena quickly grabbed her backpack and Ty followed her clutching his backpack.

They parked their bikes at the edge of the field and ran. Then Ty suddenly stopped and his face turned red. Siena quickly turned to where Ty was looking at and smiled.

It was 11-year-old Isabel Izumi, Izzy's daughter. Isabel had the beauty and the brains, with long scarlet hair and emerald eyes. Isabel was wearing a forest green T-shirt with a black denim skirt that went below her knees. Ty had an immense crush on her since what, forever? Practically everyone knew this except for well, Isabel.

Siena smirked. Her twin always acted like a complete dork in front of her. Siena rolled her eyes and pushed her brother ahead. "Go on, talk to her!" she hissed. Ty stammered and said something about losing his voice but Siena yelled, "Hey Isabel!" and Ty froze. Isabel turned around and smiled. "Hey guys! What's up?" Ty kept staring at the ground as if the dirt looked really interesting until Siena kicked him hard in the shins. "Ouch! What was that for?" he whispered. "Are you okay Ty?" said Isabel. "Y.yeah! I.I'm fine. Heh heh."

"Hi guys! What's hanging?" said 11-year-old David, Davis's son. He looked just like Davis except he didn't have the goggles and he wore dark sunglasses on top of his head and that he had green-blue eyes. He was so full of himself but was always there when his friends needed him. David was the class clown and always did something goofy even when it was the most depressing day. He was wearing a Navy T-shirt and a blue vest with white strips running down on it and beige jeans.

"Phew! Are we late?" said 11-year-old Kira Takaishi. Kira had short blond hair and electric blue eyes and she always had her mom's camera with her. (A/N: Her mom is Kari. Do yah get it? Kira? Kari?) She wore a white T-shirt and a blue pleated skirt. Kira's biggest frustration was David because he kept asking her out.

Running next to her was her 8-year-old little brother Brandon Takaishi. Brandon has brown hair and cheerful cinnamon-red eyes. He wore his dads white hat although it was a bit big for him and a yellow T- shirt, and a pair of blue khakis.

"Hi Kira, will you go out with me?" said David for the 64,724,823,364,012,247,001th time ever since they first met. They never knew if David was just joking or if he was serious. "For the 64,724,823,364,012,247,001th time David, NO!" said Kira and stomped off. David grinned, "She kept track! She must like me!" he said.

11-year-old Kerry Ichijoji, who had suddenly appeared out of nowhere (she was good at that) said, "Riiigggghhttttt." Kerry had Navy blue hair and black eyes and wore black jeans, a long magenta T-shirt, and a purple painter's hat.

Her 12-year-old brother, Terry Ichijoji, had lavender hair and lavender eyes. He was very smart but he would rather play the trumpet (which he was VERY bad at.). He wore a pair of beige khakis and a purple T-shirt.

"Hi!" said a cute little voice. It was Nolee Hida, Cody's 8-year-old daughter. She was Brandon's best friend. Nolee had brown hair and brown eyes and she was wearing a gold T-shirt and a white skirt.

"Hey Nolee!" yelled Brandon. Then, Kira noticed that 2 people were missing. "Hey, where's Ari and Justin?" asked Kira. At that exact second, 2 figures ran towards them. "Hello! Sorry we're late. Are we late?" said Ari Ishida.

11-year-old Ari had light brown hair tied back in a ponytail with long side bangs and blue eyes while her 6-month- older brother had spiky blond hair and hazel eyes. Ari was very fashionable and was wearing a pink long-sleeved shirt and a red skirt. (A/N: Their mother is Mimi.)

11-year-old Justin was "Mr. Cool" (A/N: You can guess where THAT came from.) and was that silent, strong type. He was best friends with Ty although they fought a lot. He wore a long-sleeved black shirt and blue jeans. He was like an outsider but was quite close to his 6- month-younger sister.

13-year-old Josh Kido was sitting on the grass, reading some biology book. He had blue-framed glasses and navy hair and navy eyes. He wore a blue jacket over a gray T-shirt with jean Capri's.

Ari looked at Siena. Siena had a far-away look in her eyes. "Hey Siena, what's the matter?" she asked, looking concerned. Siena quickly snapped out of her daydream. "Oh, um, nothing. Nothing at all." Siena said quickly. She didn't want to share her nightmare with her friends just yet.

The school bell rang and the kids quickly ran to school, leaving Siena no time to think about her nightmare.


"And remember; no cheating, no peeking at other peoples paper, and try your best." Droned Mr. Mizuno as he handed out the Math test. Siena was sitting next to Justin in class.

As Siena was trying to find out the answer to an Order of Operation question. Something caught her eye. She looked out the window. It kind of looked like the sky was-short-circuiting?

She leaned over to see more closer but Mr. Mizuno saw her. "Excuse me Miss Kamiya, what are you doing?" "Uh, nothing sir!" said Siena. Some snobby girls at the back of the class started giggling and whispering. Siena learned a long time ago to just ignore them after she had slapped one of them in the face. She tried to concentrate on the test again but it was useless. Finally she dared to peek out the window again. She gasped silently. The sky was normal again, with lazy clouds drifting around. But before she could think more about it, Mr. Mizuno collected the tests when Siena wasn't even half done!


Siena walked out of the school. Today had been SUCH a horrible day. She got hit in the head with volleyball 3 TIMES in PE, spilled her soda in the cafeteria, flunked her math test, and got her hair stuck in the locker, and much, much more.

Ty was walking next to her and was throwing a soccer ball up and down. Normally, she would have played with him but today she wasn't in the mood. "So what did you get on you math test?" asked Ty. "C-" groaned Siena. "Oh well, who cares? Will it give you any comfort that I got a F?" joked Ty. Siena laughed and nudged her twin. "Hey, isn't that Isabel?" Ty quickly turned around. "Haha! Fooled yah!" joked Siena. ~*~~&~~*~~&~~*~~&~~*~~&~~*~~&~~*~~&~~*~~&~~*~~&~~*~~&~

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