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Ari shivered as the Digidestined trekked eastward. They had been walking for 2 days now on small rations and little sleep. Palmon was walking alongside her, ready to guard her human partner if the time came. Although Palmon didn't voice her worrying, she had confided in Biyomon her worries of Digivolving.

"It's hard enough to walk so long. How will we know if we have enough energy to Digivolve?" Palmon had whispered. Biyomon thought for a minute before answering. "Even though we might be walking into a death trap, how will things get much better if didn't get there soon? We are almost running out of food and then we'll be very stuck." One thing Palmon liked and didn't like about Biyomon; she was very, very honest.

But what good would they be able to do? The only level they were able to Digivolve at was Champion, and against what they had seen, they were very weak against them. They've been able to hold out okay with the help of the past Digidestined, but the Prophesy had not said anything about them. They knew that their parents would help them in any way that they could, but Palmon had a dreaded feeling that somehow, they'd be on their own when the time came.

Ari shivered again, but this time Palmon didn't notice, too wrapped up in her own thoughts. Terry, who was walking behind her with Wormmon on his shoulder, jogged up to the cold girl. "Hey, you cold Ari?" he asked politely. To his surprise, Ari shook her head vehemently. "No, it's this feeling this place gives you. Can't you feel the dark energy?"

Terry was unsure, as he had felt no such thing. "Well, if you're sure…" He had always felt strange talking to Ari, who was two years younger (A/N: I changed Ari's age because I realized that there is no way she can be 6 months younger than her brother. Thanks to Vigatus for pointing that out for me! Let's just say that she went to Kindergarten at age 4 along with Justin, who is a year older than her. My friend went to Kindergarten when she was 4, so it's possible.) . He adjusted his walking pace so he would fall behind Ari again when the girl whirled around. "Terry," she said, her voice sounding very odd. "did you know that I did ballet once?"

It took Terry a few minutes for his brain to process what the girl had said. This was certainly strange. The reason the Digidestined had become friends was only because their parents had been. Although they all got along great, his relationship with Ari had always been rocky for some reason. Ari, for some reason, had always been the most distant to him. When he thought it was apart of her nature, he'd see her chatting happily with another one of their friends.

Over the years, they established a sort of truce, so that they were civil to each other, while Terry had no idea what in the world made Ari dislike him so. He snapped his fingers, scaring Wormmon. "I remember! You did ballet once back in 4th grade, was it?" But Ari had already turned away, ignoring him. Wanting to continue this conversation, he pushed on. "You were Clara in the Nutcracker, and one of the fairies in A Midsummer Night's Dream. All your teachers thought you were an exceptional dancer, you know."

To his surprise, the girl turned around and gave him a guarded smile. "And you were always an exceptional trumpeter, huh?" Turning around, she walked faster so she'd catch up with Isabel, scaring the girl.

Terry exhaled a sigh of relief. He never knew why it was so difficult to talk to Ari. He shrugged absentmindedly to no one, or at least he thought.

"What are you thinking about Terry?" He immediately snapped out of his reverie, only to find out that Kerry had been standing their looking at him. "Oh… about, stuff." He knew that was probably the lamest answer in the world, but he would resolve this problem between him and Ari, without his sister's help. Usually, she just made things worse.

Kerry looked ahead and smiled. "It's about Ari, isn't it." She said, smiling softly. Terry looked at the girl incredibly. "W…what? No! Why in the world would you think that?" He exploded, causing the half-asleep Wormmon to tumble off his shoulder, but only to be saved by Hawkmon. Wait, what kind of question was that to ask of Kerry, sister and gossip queen of Odaiba?

"Let me tell you a story Terry," she explained slowly, as if talking to a three year old, "about a stupid boy and a ballerina…"


"Terry! Don't forget! It's 5 o' clock at the Odaiba theatre! Don't be late!" little Arianna called over her shoulder to Terry, who was walking the opposite way. In his right hand he was clutching a ballet concert ticket Ari was going to perform in.

Ari smiled happily and started to skip back home. She didn't like to admit it, but she had a crush on Terry. His kind demeanor, his laugh… Ari sighed and blushed. Today was the day of her ballet concert, and she was allowed to invite one person for free. Her family was coming, of course, but she really, really wanted Terry to come. To show him that she was good at something, and to prove she was not just a little girl.

Finally working up the nerve, she found Terry walking along on the street after school. Terry had listened patiently and had replied, smiling. "I'd love to Ari. It'll be wonderful to see you dance at the theatre." Overjoyed, Ari pressed the ticket into the older boy's hand and ran away.

As soon as she got home, she started to practice her routine for the concert. Mimi had smiled as she looked in on her young daughter. "I wonder what inspires her so?"

Ari sobbed as she sat at the edge of the stage. She beat her fists on her laps, tears wetting her dress, "He promised! He promised!" Ari cried her heart out. It was unfair, for such a young girl to feel such heartbreak. She heard voices coming from backstage, and she knew that it was her parents looking for her, to congratulate her.

No, Ari didn't care about their congratulations. She just wanted to hear it from one person, and that person didn't even show up! Bolting out of the theatre, she yelled into the night sky.


So this is odd,

the painful realization that all has gone wrong.

And nobody cares at all,

and nobody cares at all.

So buried all your lover's clothes

and burned the letters lover wrote,

but it doesn't make it any better.

Does it make it any better?

And the plaster dented from your fist

in the hall where you had your first kiss

reminds you that the memories will fade.

So this is strange,

our side stepping has come to be a brilliant dance

where nobody leads at all,

where nobody leads at all.

And the picture frames are facing down

and the ringing from this empty sound

is deafening and keeping you from this sleep.

And breathing is a foreign task

and thinking is just to much to ask

and you're measuring your minutes by a clock that's blinking


This is incredible,

Starving, insatiable,

yes, this is love for the first time.

Well you'd like to think that you were invincible.

Yeah, well weren't we all once before we felt loss for the first


Well this is the last time.

This is the last time,

This is the last time.

"DANCE RECITAL!" Terry exploded. Wormmon covered his ears with two of his many legs. "Please sir, lower your voice." Kerry shushed him. "Oh Terry, don't tell me you forgot! You're so unreliable…" Kerry looked away, disappointed in her older brother.

"B…but it was a friggin' dance recital! How can she stay mad at me for such a stupid thing." One look at Kerry's expression made him want to eat his words. Glaring at him, she shot back. "You know, it's exactly that kind of attitude that makes Ari hate you." Kerry started to stalk away, huffing at how she got such a stupid older brother.

Terry looked away, ashamed. In fact, he HAD remembered to go, except something had come up. He really didn't think that Ari would hate him for that…


"Siena? Is that you?" Terry pocketed Ari's ticket, looking at the girl sitting on the street bench. "Ah, Terry!" Siena waved. Terry flushed, looking away. After a few minutes of awkward silence, trying to start a conversation, he noticed the book Siena was holding. "Siena… what are you reading?" he questioned. "Oh you mean this?" Siena said, somewhat disgusted.

"This is my math textbook, my mom says if I don't pass our next math test, she'll take me off the soccer team…" Siena sighed pitifully. For to the girl, no worse punishment could be than to be taken off the soccer team. An idea popped into Terry's mind, and without thinking, he blurted out. "Why don't I tutor you today? Since I've done this math before…" 'What have I done?' he thought.

But his foreboding was quickly replaced by happiness, since Siena's expression brightened. "Will you? Thank you so much Terry!" Siena said excitedly. "Does 5:00 sound okay to you? Because I'm busy for the rest of the day."

'Uh oh… 5:00…' "Of course! I have nothing else important today!" Terry smiled. "Great! Then I'll see you then!" Siena jumped up and after a smile to Terry, ran off home. To this day, Terry swore that if he were chocolate, he would have melted on the spot.

But guilt started to wash over him. To ease his thoughts, he thought viciously, 'When will you ever get another chance to talk to Siena! Besides, Ari's just a little girl, she'll understand.' But as he walked home, to him it seemed like the ticket was vibrating with guilt and shame, so as he was passing a garbage can, he tore it up and threw it in the can.

End Flashback

While Kerry was sending Terry on his guilt trip, Shawn and Mira had taken Siena to a side to discuss something important. Justin, not being the kind of person to trust people to easily, hid behind a tree to listen to their conversation.

"Siena, how much do you know about your powers?"

Siena stared at her shoes. "Umm…" She scrunched up her forehead and thought hard. "I… see the future." Mira nodded. "So, go on." Siena sighed. "It… used to be Usurper's power before it accidentally got transferred to me?" she said weakly. This was worse than an exam! "And what else?" For some reason, Mira seemed to understand how she felt.

"It… it… I don't know." Siena looked pitifully at the two teenagers. It was embarrassing. Two people that she didn't know very well knew more about her than she did about herself! Together, Mira and Shawn answered. "It attracts Usurper's minions, doesn't it?"

Siena snapped her fingers. "Oh yes! It does! I got a vision once, back in the Real World. Right after than Ogremon seemed to appear!" Siena looked back and forth. "How did you know all this." Since the very beginning, Siena always thought that Shawn and Mira were the cool and collected type, always knowing what to do when to do it. But now, at that question, confusion clouded their eyes and it seemed like they settled into deep thought.

After a few minutes, however, Shawn answered. "Do you believe that everyone has a purpose in life Siena?" Siena shifted her feet in the dirt. "Well, I guess so…" Siena mumbled. Mira smiled gently. "Then you could say we were meant to know, just like you were meant to get the power of prophesy and Ebony was meant to be the child of Usurper. It's the only way we could explain it."

"You want to know something strange…" Shawn was leaning against a tree; the same one Justin was hiding behind. "If we're meant to know things, then I was always supposed to know this…" His eyes were shadowed by his long bangs, but as he looked up at Mira and Siena, his eyes were cold, yet at the same time, full of emotions beyond Siena's comprehending.

"I can't imagine my life after this final battle…"

Siena's eyes widened, and she looked worriedly at Mira. This time, it was her eyes that were shadowed. And in her heart, Siena knew that if Shawn's life ended after the battle coming up, he would be right.

And if Shawn would die, Mira would make sure that she went too.

And that made Siena's blood run cold.

In the city of Hokkaido, there once lived a family. They were the Namura's, made up of Nanjiro and Satsuki Namura, with their son Ryo and daughter Sumireko. They were a polite and loving family, who were appreciated and well liked by everyone who met them.

Ryo was a genius. He excelled in all subjects at school, yet the praise of many never made him self centered nor conceited. He was a mathematical prodigy, loved politics, and was above average in literature, mechanics, athletics, and science. His teachers would gush for years on how he was such a polite mannered boy, who always had something kind to say about everyone.

But in his family, Sumireko was Ryo's favorite. She was an average girl, who was like a rock compared to her shining jewel of a brother, but adored him and always wanted to make him proud. Ryo, in turn, didn't care about Sumireko's poor marks in everything he excelled at, but knew that his sister had a kind heart, and to him, that was all that mattered. At the time, Ryo was 15, and Sumireko was 7.

To this day, the Namura's neighbors didn't know what caused the fire. It was a relatively normal day, except somewhere around 1:00 and 2:00, a fire went out of control in the Namura's kitchen, trapping them inside and killing them.

When the firefighters got there, it was already too late. Mr. And Mrs. Namura died from heavily severe burns, and Sumireko died from the smoke. The Namura's next-door neighbor Mr. Mizuno said he had seen Ryo playing on this computer when the fire started. His room had been the one closest from the fire. Ryo would not have been able to survive.

Except, no one found Ryo Namura's body. Not even among the ashes.

Ryo Namura had wandered the deserts of the Digital World for year and years, always thirsty, always hungry. He lived off the scraps in dumpsters and at night, wept for Sumireko and his parents.

Every Digimon he had encountered refused to help such a scraggly, dirty boy, even one who begged on his knees for food. His anger was fueled, and at night, instead of weeping, started to plan revenge on the entire Digital World.

By chance, he met the Sky People of the Digital World. They refused to accept his as one of their own, as he was human but no Skyanian. He stayed close by though, observing their powers of changing the weather. His once pure heart was now black with bitterness. He spat and raged at their wealth, including their name on his horrible list of revenge.

The only light left in him was the Skyanian, Violet. She did not scorn him like so many others did. She fed him scraps of food, and he tutored her in homework. She explained the history of the People of the Digital world, and in turn, he listened to her captivating voice.

When they grew up, they married against her family's wishes, and had a daughter; Ebony Sumireko Namura. But alas, Violet died soon after, and Ryo's emotions turned blacker than his daughter's name. Rallying a group with false promises and lies, he began the Legion. He cast the name Ryo away and gave himself a new name; Usurper.

The darkness of the Digital World smiled apon this, and bestowed him powers beyond anybody's reckoning. He willingly let them turn him into a half-human half-machine to increase his power. He was given the knowledge to create machine enhanced Digimon called TX Digimon, and was given the power of prophesy, to destroy any enemies that would one day stand in the way of his greatness.

The darkness also bestowed him a last gift; time. Taking it, he made the Digital World his testing cage, and clashed the past and the future with it. The world was in chaos, and Usurper loved it.

But the People of the Digital World and the Digimon would not stand for this. The Legion lured the Seekermon and other android type Digimon to his side, including Ogremon. He then sought to vanquish anyone who stood in his way, especially the humans of the Digital World; the Sky, Speed, and Singers.

But when he went to destroy the Digidestined; Wizardmon prevailed and withdrew a power of Usurper's, at the cost of his own reincarnated life. This did no good however, for Usurper was half- machine, and was soon able to heal himself, without the power of Prophesy.

For eight years Ryo seethed in anger, but now, finally, he would have his revenge.

Usurper stared at his reflection in the computer's dark screen. He narrowed his eyes. One side of his face was machine, while the other was human flesh. He had chin-length oily black hair and with his one human eye, a gray-blue orb stared back at him.

He could still remember a time when his hair had been neat, clean and short, his face full and handsome, and his eyes, not a washed out blue, but an electric blue. But that time is over. He handed over those useless traits after Violet had died, and Ebony knew her father as the hideous, power hungry man he was.

But he had more important things to think about. He leaned back on his chair and thought, skimming over his thoughts. He had an entire region of troops at his beck and call, waiting for his command. Now all he had to do was to wait for the girl…

Word had already reached him that the Digidestined in the desert prison camp had escaped. A horrible grin had graced his face when he thought of that. How wonderful, everything was going according to plan.

Surely those two teens from the Speed clan were already filling them in on what to do. When the power of prophecy had left Usurper, he could still feel bits of it in his mind, calling for him to reclaim what is rightfully his. As soon as Siena started to prophesize…

"Usurper is driven mad by his greed. The fact that Siena has the power of prophecy makes him insane to no end." It was nighttime again, and everyone was asleep, except for Shawn and Mira, who were on watch duty.

Shawn nodded, to signify that he understood. "So, all Siena has to do is to probe into her power, then Usurper and his legions will be called. Although it seems foolproof, there must be some glitch to this plan." Shawn stated plainly, but not in a way that he was insulting his friends battle tactics. Mira shook her head, "A simple ambush plan is never easy Shawn, you'd know by now." Mira said shortly, her brown eyes illuminated by the fire.

Minutes of silence settled between the two friends, except for the cracking of fire and the soft breathing of the Digidestined and Ebony. Mira looked at her sleeping friend. "Ebony's destined for greatness. Although it is too early for her, she'll have to be the one to restore peace among the people of the Digital World. I don't need a prophecy to know that." Mira said randomly.

Shawn nodded. "It'll be hard, but she will be able to. She's always had the potential. But nevertheless, she's going to have a hard time, considering who her father is. On the other hand, who else would be a better example of good and bad?" Mira sighed into the cold night air. "Speaking of futures, you really shouldn't have scared Siena earlier today, talking nonsense."

That was the reason Mira had directed their conversation to the future, to get her friend to say that it was just a joke, that he'd be able to see the conclusion of the battle coming up. But Shawn shook his head. " It wasn't nonsense Mira, and I wasn't planning on scaring her, I was just stating a fact, although I may have acted rashly." He ended his sentence in a 'let's-not-talk-about-this-again' tone.

Silence prevailed once again, until Shawn stood up. "Well, if we're lucky, by the next day we'll have a horde of Seekermon on our doorstep." He said, with forced cheerfulness. Mira grimaced. "You say as if it were a good thing."

Kaguya: Hmm… I didn't really plan on Shawn and Mira being all 'guider-like.' I guess it was a last minute change in my plotline, along with Shawn predicting his death and all. Terry-Siena-Justin love triangle! It was fun to write . I love the song, 'This Brilliant Dance' by Dashboard Confessional. Since Ari's a ballerina and the song's about first love lost, I thought it would be a good song to put in the chapter.

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