~Author's Note~ This story is, of course, BWoC, but it has a few notes of Underworld tied into it, but no Underworld specific characters...Got it? And there are some subtle hints of T/M slash. Go on...

~Disclaimer~ I don't own the very special BWoC, and I don't own Underworld either, but I wrote this story...So yeah. R & R!


The skies over Pleasantville were grey and sure to rain that day...Yet normal life had went on...Elders and kids alike went on without complaining. Yet there were three who had a bit of trouble on their hands.

"So that means if the vampires came into the town, they'd attack everyone...and eventually come for us too, right?" Lori questioned. Merton picked up the crumpled up note that had been thrown through the window not too long ago.

"That's basically what it's stating..." Merton read it again.

"If they look just like normal people, we'll never be able to sipher the vampires from the people....we'll be gone before we can even make a guess!" Tommy blinked furiously. He had his little annoying habits for when he was nervous.

"Well, they don't like garlic...maybe that gives us a clue...And wouldn't they be in some kind of retreat instead of the sun?" Lori asked.

"Lori, that's the steryotypical vampire...Real vampires are not like that..." Merton shook his head.

"Well sor-ry, I didn't know..." she said. "How'd we get caught up in this anyways...?"

"Because Tommy's a werewolf and they know it..." Merton stated. He leaned back in his chair and looked up towards his ceiling, spinning slowly around in the chair.

"So...What are we going to do?" Tommy said. "We can't sit around and do nothing...Vampires are out there, and they're out there to get us...er..Me!"

Merton looked down from the ceiling and presently looked into Tommy's eyes. He stood up and ran out the door of the Lair, leaving Tommy and Lori to question. He came back with a large and heavy book, dropping it down onto his bed, sitting himself down as well. He opened it up and seemed to be looking intently for a specific page.

"What's that book for?" Tommy asked. He sat down on the bed as well, next to Merton, looking as close as he could as Merton quickly flipped the pages. Merton stopped abruptly.

"I got it!" he shouted. He pointed to what the page said. "The war of vampires and lycanthropes alike has been raging for the better part of the last three thousand years...

Vampires have acquired themselves with the better weaponry, but the lycanthropes have raged with pure physical strength and a stray weapon or two..." He looked up to Tommy. "Do you know what this means?!" Tommy gave him a quizical look.

"No...What..does it mean?" he stared at Merton.

"It means that those blasted vampires are declaring war on us!" Merton looked up to Lori as well. "They wan't to destroy the whole of the population of werewolves! Tommy...They really are after you...."

"But...I don't get it...How did they even know Tommy was a werewolf in the first place?"

"That's what we need to find out..." Merton closed the book and shook his head. "D'you think they've been stalking you or something?"

"But that still doesn't explain how they know you, yourself are a werewolf. I mean, they can't just pick a random kid to stalk, Merton." Lori said.

"You're right..." Merton squinted his eyes and furrowed his brow in thought. It fell backwards onto his neatly-made bed and looked up at the ceiling again. "How do we find out..."

"Maybe we should just sleep on it, give our minds a break...Besides, it's really late, and it's raining now..." Tommy listened intently to the pattering of rain on the ground.

"Ok...Yeah...We'll get refreshed and get on it tomarrow...Be here at noon. We'll discuss plans tomarrow." Merton sat up again and smiled. "Don't worry, Tommy. We'll get it like we always do..." Tommy jumped off the bed and playfully punched Merton in the arm.

"See you tomarrow, Merton." Tommy walked out the door, Lori waving goodbye.

"Ciao!" Merton fell back again, darkness encasing his thoughts and heading towards a dream...