Merton woke up that morning, feeling rather gloomy. All the information had been packed into his brain, the vampires, Nordilain, Tommy, werewolves. When was it all going to end? When was all of this going to be figured out? It was quite clear that Nordilain was head of the vampires. His intentions, though, on finding Tommy, were a mystery. Tommy would have to tread lightly these days, and it was helped out a bit by how nothing wierd was going on in the not-so-pleasant-Pleasantville, and for the trio, that was very wierd.

"Time to get up..." Merton shoved his body upwards and out of bed. He blinked furiously and stretched. The skies were grey and cold again. Merton shivered a bit and then looked around the lair. It was just a bit messy, papers strewn across his desk, his computer still on.

"Hmm? It shouldn't be on...I'm sure I turned it off," he stepped lightly over to the desk and sat down in the cold, empty chair. A message box appeared claiming that he had mail. Merton clicked and it brought up another message box. This message box contained the mail, sent from 'Unkown'. "How's that possible?" Merton inquired. He read what was on the screen and his eyes widened. He printed it out quickly, grabbed his jacket, and ran out the door.


"Tommy!!" Merton pounded on the door. No one answered. He walked around the side of the house to Tommy's bedroom window and pounded on it. The glass was cold and felt like it would break under Merton's pressure.

He suddenly heard shuffling about in the room, and watched Tommy peer through his curtains out at Merton. He opened the window.

"What? Merton, it's like, 6 in the morning!" Tommy said. Merton shoved the paper into Tomm'y hands and he read it:

I know where you reside, young werewolf.
You'll soon know my intentions.

Tommy blinked, half confused, half trying to wake up. Merton plopped down beside Tommy is exhaustion, and rubbed his eyes.

"You ok?" Tommy looked over. Merton nodded and smiled.

"Didn't get much sleep last night, I was thinking." Merton said. He smiled again and Tommy patted him on the back.

"Well, you want something to eat..or..?" Tommy asked. Merton said yes and they ventured out into the kitchen for breakfast. Halfway through eating, a conversation sparked:

"D'you ever think about if you weren't a werewolf?" Merton asked. Tommy looked up.

"What?" he asked.

"Yeah! I mean, Pleasantville would be in chaos; utter chaos because there was no friendly neigbourhood werewolf to protect them from the mass of disturbing creatures that always seem to find themselves here in Pleasantville." Merton put in.

"Well, I dunno. I can't really imagine, you know?" Tommy said.

"Yeah I know..." Merton said, looking down into his glass of milk. "Because then we would have never became friends..." Tommy looked up from his plate and to Merton, he raised an eyebrow.

"Why d'you say that?" he asked.

"Come on, Tommy...It was because of my extensive knowledge for lycantrhopy that was the cause of our meeting and friendship. You're a jock, and I'm the creepy goth kid. Our steryotypical personalities usually don't mix and match." Merton laughed a bit. It was just a bit wierd that he and Tommy were friends. Everyone was always on Tommy's case about him and his friendship with that 'wierdo'.

"Well, I'm just glad that we're friends now," Tommy smiled. Merton smiled back and then stood. He waved and turned to leave.

"Where are you going?" Tommy jumped from his seat and caught up to Merton, though he hadn't even gone ten feet.

"Research, Tommy. Extensive, late-night, gotta-use-caffiene-to-your-advantage research. Besides, we have school the day after tomorrow, so I've got to get some rest, I think I feel a cold commin' on." he smiled and Tommy smiled back. He lead him out the door and they said their goodbyes.

Merton did just what he set out to do. He stayed up late, researching whatever came to his mind about werewolves, mid-century painters, vampires, and mostly he soaked up anything he could find about Nordilain. He had his caffiene, and found himself nodding. He so desperately wanted to sleep, but he also so desperately wanted to know everything. Was it for Tommy's sake? He had no clue, but he did know that Tommy was in danger, real danger. A danger, he knew, that could cause a lot of trouble for them both. Maybe for the whole of Pleasantville, for all he knew. But he did know, also, that whatever they did, they needed to keep quiet about it, all of it, for Tommy's sake.

It was crazy, all this was rushing in so fast.