Midnight Festival (Gaara/Kankuro)

Festivals in Hidden Sand were always drab, Kankurou mused. Then again, he suspected most other village's didn't either.

Hidden Sand didn't have a whole lot to be festive about.

Kankurou always hated the things. Everyone going on with mock cheer, and shit. Always made him want to beat them to get their sense back. He hate going out so late at night to look around, as he hated not sleeping. He especially hated those brats running around and screaming all the goddamn time.

Stop walking so fast.

Shit. Kankurou left out the prime piece of his current vexation.

S-sorry, Gaara.

Kankurou slowed his pace. Spend time with Gaara, she said. You wouldn't have a bad time if you did, she said.' he thought darkly. He contemplated going back to the little mound of sand they called home and tell Temari where, exactly, to stick that fan of hers.

Gaara, amazingly, was a lot more docile these days, for which Kankurou was very thankful for. At least he didn't have to sleep with Karasu in his bedroll like he does normally, in the unlikely case of Gaara snapping for whatever reason and making both him and Temari into decorative red sand.

He still freaked the hell out of both of them.

Gaara looked lost in thought. Which was becoming more frequent these days. Kankurou wondered if that was bad or good. The old Gaara was more one tracked minded; kill, kill, kill, bitch, angst, kill some more. THat was one of the reasons Kankurou hated little children; hated them because he, admittedly, was jealous of them. Jealous that they were normal and he had a demented sociopath for a little brother.


He winced visibly, which Gaara took note of but said nothing. Kankurou didn't know whether to revile him or pity him. Kazekage warped his little brother, true, but he was, still, his father.

Kankurou noticed a stand next to him. It was one of those standard Knock down the milk bottles and win some dumb animal games, but what attracted his attention was the dumb animals that were available for prizes. They were Gaara's favorite stuffed animal, before Kazekage sicced the killers after him. Some stupid stuffed bear named Dodongo. He was about to go ahead, when something in back of his head started to nag.

God damn those annoying naggers in his mind. If he could have an operation getting rid of it, he would do so in a heartbeat. He squinted an eye towards the stand.

Gaara would probably refuse it... But I'll do it in case Temari starts to bitch at me... Gives me some leverage...'

Yo, hit me.

The stand keeper produced a bowl of sand. This particular game had you created a ball using the sand, and throw it without breaking it. Kankurou rarely played these games, so it took him a few tries, and a few ounces of his wallet, before he did it.

A winner is you... the keeper droned, and gave Kankurou the large Dodongo bear.

Yo Gaara, Kankurou said tiredly. Ya want it? and he held out the teddy bear to Gaara, who looked the teddy bear for a moment, then glared.

Died giving a teddy bear to his little brother. That's one helluva thing to be put on a tombstone.' Kankurou thought.

Dodongo-kun... Where've you been? Gaara asked, and took the bear from Kankurou, and gave it such a warm embrace, that for a moment Kankurou thought it couldn't be Gaara; that some brat did one hell of a Kawarimi jutsu.

Thank you... Gaara choked. Big brother...

Kankurou blinked, then scratched the back his head. Che, no problem, Gaara.

He paused, then lightly ruffled Gaara's head. Gaara looked up at him.

For as long as Kankurou shall live, that look on Gaara's face somehow... Made everything worthwhile.