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12/25/06 – Merry Christmas!!! okay, you might've remembered this fic by ANE and well that's me! I just changed my name. (signed anonymous sounds cool!) I decided to come back to this story, (after what? Two years!?) because I just wanted to… LOL Dang… I had really confusing grammar/style back then, so I'm just altering the format a little and hopefully it will make a lot more sense!

This is my first kodocha fic so bare with me!!! Remember I dont own Kodocha! It belongs to Miho Obana! D

Well this story takes place during the time Akito tells Sana he goes out with Fuka. It's supposed to be a Sana/Akito fic, but it may seem like a Fuka/Akito fic at first. Okay to tell the truth, it will be a Fuka/Akito fic for a while! Sorry!!! Just bare with me okay? Its jus an alternate version of what could happen... haha... So in advance, sorry for grammatical and spelling errors.


Our story takes place in the mountains where Sana and Naozumi filmed that one movie they did together. We find Sana lying on a bad with her head in her pillow.

"Fuka and I... we go out now"

Sana cried a little as she began to think:

Those words kept repeating in my head. I don't know why, but those words really hurt me. I can't explain how much pain it caused me to hear that Akito chose to be with Fuka, but then again... Why do I care if he chose Fuka? He's happy… isn't he???

Sana cried more as she heard a knock on the door. Sniffing she asked, "Who is it?"

Asako's voice was heard asking, "Sana-chan?"

Sana replied, "hai," as she forced herself to stop crying. She wiped the tears off her eyes saying, "You can come in if you want."

Asako entered the room and looked at Sana who looked miserable. Asako's eyes softened with sympathy as she sat on Sana's bed.

" Sana-chan, what happened when you talked to Akito-kun?" Asako asked

"N-Nothing special." Sana lied as one tear dropped.

"You know that isn't true, Sana-chan. Something happened that must've made you devastated. Is he okay?" Asako asked.

Another tear ran down Sana's cheek as she replied, "He's more than okay. He has a girlfriend now!"

"I see." Asako said slowly trying to think of what to say.

There was an awkward silence, but the silence broke when Sana began crying uncontrollably.

"W-why – c-can't - I – st-stop- c-crying!?" Sana stammered through her tears and then she yelled, "WHY DOES IT HURT SO MUCH!?"

Asako sighed with sadness realizing what Sana was feeling. She asked Sana, "Sana-chan, do you think it's possible that you're in love?"

Sana's eyes widened as she tried to find an answer, "I-I know he's my closest friend… And he's helped me through so many things. Without him I would feel incredibly lonely, because I know that… I don't think I can live without him…" Sana's tears ran down even faster as she realized she did love Akito Hayama.

In Akito's room, Akito was lying in bed staring at the ceiling in deep thought:

I wonder how she felt after I told her that. I know I said I'll wait for her, but waiting- waiting didn't seem like it would get me ANYWHERE! Sana is so slow, if I waited, who knows how long that would've been? Until I die? I'm not waiting that long. That's why I went with Fuka: she's cool and I already knew she liked me. I liked her too: she's not slow like Sana. So what is there to loose if I go out with Fuka? Would I loose Sana? No, I don't even know how she feels towards me. She probably just sees me as a brother or something. Eww, I would just be jeopardizing everything if I went out with Sana. I'll just experiment with Fuka, see how long this turns out. We shouldn't even last long right? I mean, we barely know each other and she just seems desperate to have a boyfriend. Okay, I'm just as bad, because I'm somewhat desperate to have a girlfriend… Whatever, I don't see Fuka and I lasting long anyway: probably just a couple of weeks.

"Do I need to wory?" Akito said as he drifted off to sleep.

It was evening in the mountains and Sana stared up at the stars alone in her room.

She was in deep thought as well:

I realized I loved him, I just guess I was in denial all this time: like I was trying to avoid having feelings for him. My feelings were always there, I probably just didn't want my feelings to exist. I still don't want them to exist! I don't want to go through other trials in my life. This new trial, I wish it was something I could avoid. I don't want to think of Akito in a way he doesn't think of me in. Is it possible to stop loving someone? I can try… I guess… Maybe it'll work, I'll just try to forget I love/loved him: I never planned to be in love anyway. Oh no! Am I just going to go through another denial stage though? Pretending that I don't love him when I really do? Well, if worse comes to worse I'll just do that again: pretend - I'm a good actress right? I might not be able to forget love, but I guess I can just act like I forgot it or act like it never happened. That's a good idea: forgetting. It's the best idea for now: just pretending that his relationship doesn't affect me AT ALL. I'll just be a good friend and support them both: hopefully they're not serious…

The next day the director told the whole cast they could take it easy. Sana took this opportunity to relax and she sat down under a tree. Naozumi spotted Sana and decided to join her. He sat down and smiled at her.

"Hey" Sana said without looking up.

"Hey" Naozumi replied.

Sana didn't respond, instead she continued to stare at the blowing grass.

There was an awkward silence when Naozumi broke the ice, "Are you okay?"

Sana didn't still didn't respond. He decided to ask again, "Sana-chan! Are you okay?"

Sana finally looked up, her eyes full of blank expression. "What… do you mean?" She replied slowly.

"You don't look so good…" Naozumi said.

Sana immediately put up a peace sign and smiled a big fake smile. "I'm fine! Really! Or… Are you trying to tell me that I'm ugly?"

Naozumi sweatdropped. Sana must be a really good actress to be this random again, or she just has A.D.D. … Whatever the case: I still love her.

"N-No… you're not ugly Sana-chan. Just- just take care ok?" Naozumi said ruffling up Sana's hair a bit as he got up to walk away.

Sana blushed a little thinking: That's cute… He just messed with my hair… "Hmm" Sana said aloud as she put a finger on her chin as she began to think.

Naozumi- He's different than other guys I've met too. I mean he's so sweet and okay, a little girly but I find that cute. Wait- I find that cute? Whatever. I also noticed- he treats me differently too. Or maybe I'm just imagining all of this. Hmm, Naozumi is a cool guy. If he does like me, maybe I should go out with him. Maybe I should try to like Naozumi instead: it could work right? All the tabloids say it already: might as well! Since I'm still not going to see Akito for a while, it might be better if I occupy myself thinking about Naozumi.

"Yes… This will all work out! Don't worry Sana!" Sana said to herself.

(A/N: why are you talking to yourself Sana? Are you mental or something?)

"Shut up! You made me do that!" Sana yelled into the air.

(A/N: woah! Didn't know you could hear me, anyway back to the story)

"Thank you!" Sana said into the air again. She began to think again.

What was I thinking? Oh yes… I just need to forget about Akito: about everything. I just need to forget…

Back at Jinbo Jr High Akito and Fuka were walking home. They were silent when Fuka started the conversation.

"Aki, we're a couple now right?" Fuka asked.

"Whatever…" Akito said not even looking at Fuka.

"I'll take that as a yes…"


Fuka sighed and asked, "Don't cha' think we should act more like a couple then?"

Akito didn't respond.

"Okay… Well I think we should." Fuka said as she thought of what couples do and the first thing that she thought of was holding hands.

"I have an idea!" Fuka said as she grabbed Akito's hand, but Akito slapped it.

Fuka responded with anger, "What was that for!?"

"Don't touch me!" Akito said glaring.

"I have the right!" Fuka said not backing down.

"No. No you don't! It's my body so DON'T TOUCH IT!"

"Fine! I won't touch your stinkin' hand!"

"Good." Akito said as he looked away coolly.

"Hmph!" Fuka said as she glared.

Fuka and Akito looked away from each other as Tsuyoshi and Aya caught up to them.

"Hey guys! What's up?" Tsuyoshi said happily oblivious to the fight that just occurred.

Akito didn't respond and Fuka responded after glaring at Akito, "Aki's bein' a jerk!"

Tsuyoshi sweatdropped and thought, I knew this relationship wouldn't work. "uhh." He manage to say out loud through all the current tension.

Akito still did not say anything and Fuka began to fume as she said, "Let's jus' all go home now!"

Aya sweatdropped and said, "Fuka's right!" She turned towards Tsuyoshi, "Would you want to walk me home Tsuyoshi-kun!?"

"HAI!" Tsuyoshi said immediately wanting to go away from the bad vibes.

With that they jetted off out of sight in a flash.

A/N: Wow that was fast… They did that little thing where their legs turn into wheels…

Fuka watched them walk off and said, "Would you… still walk me home Aki?"

She looked around to see that she was by herself. "Aki?"

She spotted Akito far far ahead, already walking towards his house which was the other direction. Fuka sighed as she started to walk towards her house thinking.

A/N: geez these characters think a lot don't they?

"Shut up! It's my moment in the story don't ruin it!" Fuka said into the air.

A/N: Hey- Hey! I can ruin it, because I have the power to make you say nonsense!

"Shut up already geez! Let me think!"

A/N:Fine! You'll be sorry later!

"Hmph!" Fuka said as she began to think again.

Aki, we've been going out for a week now and nothing has changed between me and you. I don't feel this relationship. It doesn't seem like we go out, you won't even let me touch you. I wish you could hear my thoughts… Nevermind, why would you want to hear my thoughts? You don't even talk to me that much besides a 'hey' once in a while. Maybe this whole relationship thing isn't gonna' work out. For all I know, he probably still loves Sana. But, if he does, why did he say yes to me? Maybe things will be clear to me when Sana comes back. But, if Sana comes back what if Aki falls head over heels again? I don't want that! I really like Aki! I- I don't want to lose him! I don't want to be the one breaking it off. If he doesn't want to be with me, it's his job to break it off! I still like him a lot, so why would I break it off? I don't need to end anything if neither of us want to. If he didn't want to date me anymore, he would do it already right? Which means, he's okay with us dating for now: even if things between us isn't all that great. Things can develop… right?

Fuka sighed in frustration from her thoughts. She closed her eyes taking a deep breath. She opened them with a new look of determination on her face saying, "Things can and will change… I'll make sure of it!"

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