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Sometimes things happen for reasons that we don't understand, but in the end everything ends up coming together. Sana thought this as she waited for Aku in front of a cafe. Aku came running towards her panting, "Sorry – I'm late – Sana! Mom – holding – me up!" Sana giggled, "It's fine don't worry about it! What store do you want to start with?" Aku took more breaths and replied, "Let's start with a clothing store!" Sana nodded and they began walking deeper into the shopping district.

It was almost Christmas and Sana and Aku were Christmas shopping together. After the Halloween Party, Sana and Aku became close friends. Akito and Sana were still close but he always seemed to be distant and all he would talk about was how he missed Fuka who was still at her grandma's. As much as Sana wanted to be with Akito, it was painful trying to conversate with the one you love when all he talked about was his love.

Aku became someone who Sana wanted to spend time with, because he was fun to be with and didn't burden her like Akito. As they spent more time with one another, Sana began to realize how much she was like Aku in personality – this made the idea of dating a definite no because she felt like it'd be dating herself. Sana shuddered at the thought and Aku asked what was wrong.

Sana chuckled to herself, "No offense Aku, I know you used to like me, but I was just thinking about how weird it'd be if we dated."

Aku smiled, "Yeah, I never thought I'd actually get over you - since I'm a HUGE fan, but after getting to know you: you're someone I can't picture myself with."

"Ditto – it'd be like dating myself or something."

"Yeah, you're like a sister to me who I care about very much."

Sana blushed a little at the last comment and replied with a shy, "Thanks." Aku grinned and pulled her into a popular clothing store. He literally ran to the hats section and began speculating over what hats to buy for their friends. Sana smiled and noticed a graphic tee with a design of a dinosaur on it. That'd be perfect for Akito – that dinosaur lover. She looked through the rack and found Akito's size, "Hope he likes it."

"Hey that shirt would match this hat!" Aku said excitingly as he held up a brown baseball cap that matched the shirt.

"Yeah that'd go along great!" Sana said enthusiastically.

"Let me guess, that shirt is for Akito right?"

"Yeah... He likes dinosaurs." Sana said a bit distantly.

Aku bit his lip, "I'm sorry Sana, I know it's hard but you'll get through it."

"Yeah – in time." Sana said with a soft smile as Aku changed the subject and held up a different hat that he thought would look great on Tsuyoshi.

I'm so thankful that I have Aku in my life. He's the only one who knows how I really feel about everything with Akito and Fuka. Without him, I'm not sure how I would've endured all the times I had to listen to Akito talk about her. I don't know how many times I cried afterwards: thank goodness Aku was always there to comfort me and tell me everything will work out. I don't deserve people like him in my life: I'm just terrible – I'm in love with my best friend's boyfriend!

After shopping Sana and Aku were sitting in a cafe drinking hot cocoa and eating desserts. Sana began to think again and started to look depressed as she took a sip of her cocoa. Aku looked at her sadly and asked what she was thinking about.

"Well, it's almost Christmas. It should be a happy time, but I can't stop thinking about him: it's our half birthday. Ironically, it's also Fuka's real birthday."

"Wow that's a lot of events on one day! Don't worry, I'd feel depressed about that too even if it is Christmas time. Man: you're situation is so complicated!"

"Tell me about it! I wish I would just give up already, but I can't seem to let go."

"You know Sana, I may not be involved much in this plot – but I think you and Akito have something special. I really believe in it."

"Maybe – or maybe we're just meant to be really good friends and I just can't accept it."

"No Sana, I see something more. It just can't be unrequited love to me! There's definitely something."

"You're crazy!"

Sana angrily drank the rest of her hot cocoa and stormed off. "Wait-" Aku began but was cut off as the waitress gave him the bill. Aku laughed nervously in defeat as Sana began running home. I don't need this – I can't get any more hopeful thoughts. "Ahh!" Sana screamed as she fell due to a sudden impact.

"Sana? I'm sorry I was running and didn't see you coming." a familiar voice replied.

"No, it was my fault too – Akito."


"Aku you fell asleep in class again!" Sana said as she smacked her friend in the head.

"Huh? Again? Man!" Aku replied as he dragged himself to stand up.

"Yeah you've been sleeping for 2 days already!" Fuka exclaimed.

"I know – it's just: I don't have any energy anymore!" Aku exclaimed.

"Well, I drink rockstar to stay up!" Sana said happily

"I drink starbucks!" Fuka said with a peace sign.

"Hmm – I'll give this power type of drink thing a try." Aku said in agreement.

At the store

What should I drink? Aku thought to himself. Suddenly an angel Akito appeared on Aku's shoulder. "You should drink some white tea." Angel Akito stated.

"What the hell?" Aku said in confusion.

"No! Drink black tea!" a Devil Akito said as popped up on Aku's other shoulder.

"Akito where you coming from!?" Aku asked with bewilderment.

"How about green tea?" Angel Akito replied.

"No – oolong tea: that stuff is goood." Devil Akito stated.

"Who are you guys!?" Aku demanded.

"You're conscious duh! And we're just telling you to drink tea!" Angel and Devil Akito responded.

"R-right! Tea! If I get some will you go away?" Aku asked as he grabbed some tea (A/N: you decide which kind it was)

The Angel and Devil Akito nodded in approval as they disappeared.

"Weird..." Aku stated.

Next Day in Class

"Wow Aku you're awake today!" Sana exclaimed.

"Yea! Whatcha' do?" Fuka asked.

"I drank tea and I feel great!" Aku said enthusiastically.

Then Aku, Sana, Fuka and little Angel and Devil Akito who popped up look at the camera and say, "Drink Tea! It's good for you!"


"Christmas shopping?" Akito asked as he helped Sana up.

"Yeah – it's in a few days so I wanted to finish early!"

"That's good. Man – lots of things happen on Christmas: Fuka's birthday, our half birthday..."

Did he have to mention that? "Yeah I remember... Hey, I have to get home now it's getting late."

"Oh, I'll walk you!"

"Uhh – sure." Sana said as they began walking. Dang it – I just can't say no to him.

"So, Fuka's grandmother passed away last night."

"Oh my gosh that's terrible!"

"Yeah, but at least they were prepared so it didn't hurt as much."

"That's good! Tell her I'm sorry for her loss though."

"I will. She seems okay though, she's taking it very strongly."

"Typical Fuka – which is a good thing in this case."

Akito nodded in agreement as they both realized they were already in front of Sana's. They both stopped and Sana smiled at Akito and thanked him for walking her home.

"Will she be coming back to school after the winter holidays?" Sana asked.

"Yeah – she'll be back: finally."

"That's good!"

"Yeah... You know Sana, I wanted to thank you. You didn't have to be there listening to my pathetic moping but you did. You're – a really good friend."

Akito gave Sana a hug and quickly ran away leaving Sana speechless: Stop testing me – it's getting annoying! Sana walked back in her house half frustrated and half happy. She began wrapping her presents when she received a text from Aku. Sana laughed at the text and replied, 'sorry it was my fault: I'm ok don't worry... sorry for leaving you with the bill.'

A few days later it was Christmas and everyone was celebrating at Sana's house once again. Everyone was complimenting Sana on how great the party was except one person on the sofa who was a bit spaced out, so Sana decided to talk to him.

"Hey Akito – why so gloomy?"

"Nothing. You shouldn't talk to me. Go socialize with other people."

"Geez what's your problem!? It's Christmas!"

"Sorry. It's just – everyone is making fun of me."

"Huh? Why? Do you want me to beat them up?" Sana said holding her mallet evilly.

"No- no! It's just I guess someone saw us walking home together and assumed we were going out."

Sana froze. Going out? I wish! Ugh- I hate this torture! What pisses me more off is that he is pissed off about the idea of us going out. How sad – for me.

"Sana? Did you hear me?"

"G-going out!? That's ridiculous you have Fuka!"

"Yeah. But people think we are. And it's annoying because I already have a girlfriend!"

Keep calm Sana, keep calm! "Y-yeah. Wow I'm surprised you didn't beat someone up!"

"Well – you taught me not to do that anymore, so I guess I couldn't bring myself to..."

"I see. Well we're not going out – so as long as we know the truth we shouldn't be mad."

"Yeah... I guess."

"Anyway here's your gift!"

Sana handed him a box and Akito opened it. His eyes softened at the gift, it was the dinosaur graphic tee and a photo frame. "In this frame you should put a photo of you and someone who is special to you!" Aktio smiled and said, "Thank you, I know exactly what picture to put in here." Sana smiled in reply: Fuka I bet.

Akito rustled through his bag and handed Sana a small rectangular package, "I know it's not much – but I thought you could use it for some reason." Sana stared at Akito for a moment then opened the package which revealed a small diary. "I love it!" Sana replied. Akito smiled and told her to go back to the party as Sana nodded. Now I have somewhere to let my thoughts out.

The party was successful and the guests began to shuffle out. Sana smiled brightly as she waved bye to her guests. Aku grinned as he passed her and whispered, "I saw everything!" Sana playfully punched him in the arm as he winked and waved goodbye. Sana walked back to her living room and sighed with relief, "What a day!"

"You still have one more guest Sana!" Sana's mom said mischievously as she pointed to the backyard.

"Huh?" Sana replied and looked towards the backyard to see Akito.

Sana walked outside in the snow asking Akito what he was doing. Akito turned around and replied, "I was waiting for you." What in the world is going on?! I don't understand! Me?? "What for?" Sana asked curiously. Akito smiled and replied, "Come with me." Sana stared at Akito like he was insane as he dragged her out of her backyard.

As they were moving Akito gave Sana his coat as she stammered, "Where are we going?" However, Akito just dragged her as Sana yelled things about being kidnapped. When they stopped moving they were in front of Akito's house. "What are we here for?" Sana asked suspiciously. Akito didn't reply and just dragged Sana into the house. "Merry Christmas Hayama Family!" Sana yelled as Akito dragged Sana to his room. Oh my gosh why is he taking me to his room – oh no what if I'm about to be raped!?

"Aaah! What are you trying to do to me!?" Sana yelled flustered as she got in a self defense outfit.

"Nothing like that idiot!" Akito said as he rolled his eyes.

"Then what?"

Akito began shuffling through some things as Sana just stood there and watched in confusion. When Akito finished he faced Sana and held up something, "Look."

Tears began to form in Sana's eyes as she held her hand up to her mouth. In front of her Akito was holding the frame she bought him and inside was a picture of her and Akito. "But why me?" Sana whispered. "You said to put a picture of me and someone special." Akito replied with a shrug. "But – why not Fuka?" Sana asked. "Fuka may be my girlfriend, but that doesn't mean you're not special to me too Sana: you're my best friend and that will never change." Akito stated. Sana nodded in agreement still crying tears of joy.

That's right, no matter what we may go through: Akito and I will always be close to each other's heart. It may not be how I want it, but it's enough. Everything that has been happening, they're just trials to test how strong our friendship is: how strong the bond we share will last.

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