Author's Note: Please don't think I'm psycho ^^;; Ok…most of you probably do already anyway. BUT! The following fic starts out very angsty and slightly bloody and stuff, but that will only be for the first two or three chapters, I promise. Then it will all be sweet love and not-so-sweet drama ^^;; Hope you like it!

Disclaimer: Haruka, Michiru and all other mentioned characters from Sailormoon are property of Naoko Takeuchi. I'm just borrowing them :) Novril is a painkiller that does not exist in reality (as far as I know), but there are other codeine-based medications, and you can get hooked to them, so be careful what your doctor gives you ^_~

Dedication: Dedicated to Leo – for keeping me busy during the boring Nightshifts  ^_~

More Than Sympathy

Prologue: Surprise Package

"Listen to this." Haruka Tenoh spoke into her phone, grinning from ear to ear while she did before she started reading the newspaper article she held in her hands into the phone, which was penned between her shoulder and ear. "Piano genius Haruka Tenoh gives another excellent concert at the Tokyo Art House. They call me a genius!" The man on the other end of the line, her father, laughed at the pride in his daughters voice. "Yes they do, Haruka. And I'm proud of  you." "Thanks." Haruka replied, slightly blushing and happy that her dad couldn't see it. "I wish I could hear more of that, Dad, but I need to hang up now…I still have a meeting with my manager." "Sure, no problem. Call later?" her father asked in reply, earning a smile and a "Of course dad." Before both said their goodbyes and hung up the phone. Haruka looked at the article once more, her grin widening, while she read it one more time. When she reached her favourite part – the part about her being "the youngest (28) successful pianist in Japan who had good chances of reaching number one of the charts, awaking classical music from it's slumber" – her grin widened even more. Whistling, Haruka threw the newspaper on the small desk that stood next to her coat hanger, running one hand through her short cut blonde hair while she used the other one to take her long black coat off it's hook and put it on. Still whistling, the blonde grabbed her car keys and hurried out of her apartment, locking the door behind her before she made her way into the garage and got into her car, driving off.

"The concert you played yesterday was great, Haruka." Yosuke, Harukas manager, spoke while he offered her one of his cigars. The blonde gladly took and let him light it, soon blowing blue clouds of smoke into the office air. "Thanks." She then spoke, smiling at the elder man before taking another drag of the cigar. "You'll probably be the first classical artist who reaches number one of the charts since forty years. Or even more." Yosuke continued, his pride clearly showing through his voice. "And don't forget about the youngest." Haruka reminded him, making him chuckle. "And the youngest, yes. You can be proud of yourself, Haruka…but this is just the start." "Oh?" Haruka asked, raising one eyebrow while blowing out another cloud of smoke. "When your debut album is done, I want you to go on a tour through Japan. And maybe, after a second album – we could make a live album of the tour, that surely would be a big success – we can think about a world tour. You're on the verge of becoming a superstar, Haruka." Yosuke explained while Haruka leaned back in her seat, her eyes glistening. The possibilities now all opened up to her; Yosuke was right, if she put enough work and effort into it, she would become a superstar. And if not super, at least a normal star, which wasn't a bad thing either. "You're right." She slowly spoke, taking another drag from the cigar. "And it sounds great." Yosuke smiled and stood up, making her do the same. "Great to see that we think alike, Haruka. Now if you excuse me, I still have to meet other clients of mine…I will call you, okay?" Haruka nodded, shaking the hand Yosuke stretched out towards her. "Talk to you later." She then spoke before turning around and hurrying out of the office, ready to get home and relax.

Half an hour later, Haruka laid on her couch, watching TV – although she wasn't really interested in the court show the channel showed – and, in her fantasy, already seeing herself playing in the world's biggest concert halls, in front of people of all ages who just came to hear her play. Her. Haruka let out a happy little sigh, but her daydreaming got disturbed when somebody rang her doorbell. Sighing again, this time not so happy, Haruka got up from the couch and walked over to the door, opening it. The mailman stood in front of it, grinning at her and holding a brown, oddly thick package up to her face. "Tenoh Haruka-san?" he then asked. Haruka nodded, eyeing the package and the mailman cautiously. "Yes. How can I help you?" the blonde then asked, smiling at the young man, who's smile widened even more in return. "I have a package for you. Probably a love letter with some present, seeing how thick it is." He then added with a wink while he handed the said object to the pianist, who took it gratefully. "Thank you. Where do I need to sign?" The mailman held a blue clipboard out to her, pointing to a dotted line right over the bottom of the paper that was clipped to it. "Right here, Tenoh-san." Haruka pulled her trusty autograph-pen out of her pocket, signing where the mailman wanted her to. "Thanks!" the mailman grinned, slightly bowing. Haruka grinned back at him before saying goodbye, closing the door. Cautiously, she grabbed the package she just had received, and tore it open. There was an incredible loud bang, and Harukas world turned white…and then the pain came.