Epilogue: More Than Sympathy

"I'm glad that you can leave at last." Harukas father spoke while he watched how his daughter fumbled with the zipper of the sports bag that contained the clothes she had been using during her stay at the Tokyo Hospital. Finally, the blonde had managed to pull the zipper close and dusted her hands off at her pants while looking at her dad, smiling slightly. "So am I. As much as I enjoyed my stay here", with that she looked at Michiru, who leaned against the doorframe smiling, "it's good to go home again." Michiru nodded, still smiling, before she moved over to the blonde and hugged her. "It will be boring to work here without my special patient in room sixteen." The aqua haired doctor then spoke while she stepped back to look into her lover's face. "But now you have something to look forward to when you leave this place in the evening." Haruka replied, her arms still around the aqua haired woman's waist. "Your favourite patient who can't wait to pick you up from hospital and drive you home." Michiru giggled and nodded. "That's good to know, Haruka. It will make my work routine easier for me." Haruka smiled and cuddled Michiru once more before letting go of her again to throw her sports bag over one shoulder. "Will I see you tonight?" she softly spoke, happy when she received another smile and a "Yes" in return. "Okay. I can't wait." The blonde admitted, blushing slightly at that confession. Although she and Michiru were together for almost a month now, it still wasn't easy for the blonde to confess her feelings, even when it came to such a small thing like admitting that she would miss her lover until her shift ended. Luckily, Michiru was tactful enough not to mention the blush; instead, she moved closer to her girlfriend once more and gently kissed her. Harukas father watched with a slight frown on his face, although neither his daughter nor the doctor noticed. When they broke apart again, the frown had vanished, and he was grinning like he had been before. "I'll see you after my shift then." Michiru now spoke while checking her watch. "I really have to run now, Haruka, before my other patients start to feel lonely." Haruka nodded, promised that she would pick Michiru up after she was done working and watched her leave before she turned to look at her father again. "Shall we leave then, Dad?" the blonde asked, a slight smile on her face. Her father nodded, smiling back, and together they walked out of the hospital room, down the hallway and finally out of the main gate, over to the parking lot where Harukas car stood waiting.

Haruka started the engine of her pride and joy - a yellow Toyota GTA convertible, built in the year 1968 - and drove out of the parking space her father had been using, on the street. The two drove in silence for a while, until Harukas father spoke up. "Haruka.there's something I need to talk about with you." Haruka gave him a short glance before returning her attention to the road and asking: "Which would be?" "Your new girlfriend." Her father spoke, already pulling his head between his shoulders. Much to his surprise, there wasn't an angered outburst from his daughter; instead, she more or less calmly asked: "What's wrong with her?" Her father sighed and leaned back in the car seat, avoiding to look at his daughter. "I'm not sure if she really loves you, Haruka." He softly spoke, and this caused the reaction he had feared from the beginning on. "What do you mean, you're not sure if she really loves me!" Haruka yelled, this time looking at him much longer than it was good during driving. "Look on the street!" her father snapped. "I don't want you to land in the hospital again only one hour after you left only because you had to stare daggers at me!" Haruka did what her father had told her - she knew that he was right, at least in this point - and repeated her question, a little calmer now. "What do you mean, you're not sure if she really loves me?" "I mean that maybe she didn't do all of this because she loves you, but because she feels sorry for you. Out of sympathy, you know, and not love." Haruka shook her head. "She's not like that." "How can you know? You only know her for a month now.and what if she's a good actress and breaks up with you in two weeks or so? I just don't want her to hurt you, Haruka.you've been through enough already." "I know, Dad, and I know that you're not meaning to hurt me with your words. But I know that Michiru isn't like that." Haruka reassured her father, although the small seed of doubt had been planted in her heart. Secretly, she decided that she would ask Michiru about what her father had said when she picked her up from work - hoping that she knew what the answer would be.

Four hours later, Haruka parked her car in front of the hospital, turned the engine off and got out of it, carefully locking it. An elderly couple walked by, staring at her hands while she did so, until the blonde looked at them, so sharp that it almost was a glare. The two people quickly looked away, obviously ashamed that they had been caught staring. Better get used to being stared at now. A nasty voice in the back of Harukas mind whispered. People will stare at you, and they will stare at Michiru and wonder why she's dating someone like you. Before the blonde had a chance to get angry about those thoughts, Michirus melodic voice drifted over to her. "Haruka!" Slowly, Haruka turned around, looking at the aqua haired woman who came running towards her. For some reason, she looked different, then Haruka realized what it was: it was the first time she saw Michiru without the white doctor's coat she always had been wearing. "Hey." The blonde spoke, smiling down at the aqua haired woman, although her smile didn't reach her eyes. Michiru noticed immediately that something was bothering her. "Are you okay, Haruka?" she gently asked, and Haruka, who knew that it wouldn't help if she lied, slowly shook her head. "No.there's something that's bothering me. Something my father said." The blonde softly spoke. Michiru gently reached out and took one of the blondes hands in hers, holding it. "What did he say, Haruka?" "He.he said that he is worried about me. About us." "Worried? How?" "Worried that you don't love me and just are with me because you feel sorry." Haruka blurted out, knowing that her father's worries had been wrong when she saw the hurt that filled Michirus eyes. "Do you believe that too, Haruka?" the aqua haired woman softly asked, her voice shaking. Haruka shook her head. "No.I." "I did feel sorry for you in the beginning, Haruka." Michiru suddenly interrupted her, speaking hastily as if she needed to get the words out before they choked her, or made her explode. "But what I feel for you now.is more than sympathy. It's love. I love you, and I always will.do you believe me?" Haruka nodded, a flood of happiness suddenly waving up inside her. She knew that Michiru was telling the truth, that she wasn't lying; she just knew. "Yes, I do. And I love you too.now and forever." The blonde whispered before the couple sank into a long, gentle kiss, all worries gone, only the warm feeling of something left that was more than sympathy. The warm feeling that is called Love.

The End.

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