Title: Unlikely Allies

Author: sugar-skyline

Summary: All of her life in the lands of Harad, Raine, a well respected female captain and daughter of the ruler of all Haradrim, had been lied to by her father. As the battle for Middle Earth approaches, Raine is captured by the Rohirrim when she, her father and sister travel through Rohan to get to Barad-dur. When the Riders of Rohan bring her to the Golden Hall of Theoden for questioning, the fellowship and Gandalf meet her and learn of the lies that she's been fed.

Very important A/N: I've changed the history of the Haradrim a tiny bit for it to work in this story. Raine's father, and his generation, are faithful to Sauron, but Raine and the generations under her are being lied to so that they will fight with Sauron.

Also, the language that I have used for the native tongue of the Haradrim is a language known as Tagalog. It is the native language of the Philippines. I'm sorry if not all of it is correct. I haven't been to the Philippines in a while and I am not as fluent as I used to be.

Thanks very much!

Enjoy the story.

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: I own nothing in this story except for Raine Klytrion and Khim Kytrion. Orilion Klytrion and Ithuil Lantra.

Chapter 1: No Child

'Raine quickened her pace, shortening the distance to her father's chambers with ease. She pushed the two large oak doors open, walked to where her father sat and kneeled down on one knee with her head bowed and right arm to her chest. She greeted him like a captain would.

An aging but healthy man, still strong enough to wield a sword and fight, sat before Raine on a large golden chair. His hair had begun to fade into a dull gray and wrinkles had formed on his face. He looked down to his daughter who, though he admired her for it, acted much older than she really was.

It was just like his wife had once said before she passed, "Raine acts beyond her years. Not because she wants to, but because she has to.'

"Rise Raine, there is no need for such formalities with a father and his daughter," Orilion, lord and leader of the land of Harad spoke. "What news do you bring me? What of the preparations and the Corsairs of Umbar?"

"Some fifty ships carrying have left Umbar and now travel to their destination," Raine said after she stood up. "It will take them long to reach it but they will be there in time to fight. We have successfully gathered, armed and trained more men and women; 8,000 in number, with the help of Ithuil."

"Akala ko mas ma dami," Orilion said. "Papaano ung mga bata?" [I expected more. What about the children?]

"Hindi dapat pinapapasok ang bata sa ganitong away. Pinapa punta mo lang sila sa saknilang deaths. Bakit pa tayo sumasale kung wala namang makukuha. Hindi mabubuhay ang ating lupa." [Children should not be sent to their deaths in a war like this. Why do we fight father? Nothing will be gained. Our land will still be desolate and lifeless.]

"This could very well determine the fate of the Haradrim," Orilion said with a hint of irritation in his voice.

"But if we send nearly all the people on our land then there would be no reason to fight. It would be pointless!" Raine argued. "Even women we have and still are sending into war!"

"Daughter! You must learn to hold your tongue!" Orilion nearly bellowed. "And do not ever forget that you yourself are still a child."

Raine turned her back sharply to her father, "I will gather all children able to bear arms."

She walked briskly, cloak swinging with her every step. When she shut the doors, Raine leaned against them for a short moment, breathing heavily. She began walking once more, with an expression of anger on her face.

"Hindi ako isang bata," she whispered to herself as she walked down one of the many corridors in the house of Orilion. [I am no child.]

Raine became aware of a shadow that flickered behind her, she kept walked, ready to strike. She felt a hand reach out to her. Turning, Raine attacked, grabbing the dagger on her belt as she spun.

Ithuil, her first in command, stood behind her trying not to get his throat cut.

"Still as slow and noisy as ever," Raine said fiercly. "What do you need?"

"Smart tongue not serving you, mistress?" Ithuil asked, his usual smirk plastered onto his features.

"I was scolded for that 'smart tongue'," Raine replied, her voice softening the smallest amount. "Now, I ask you again. What is it that you require?"

"I just came to tell you that everyone has completed the required training and that we should be ready to start the journey to Barad-dur within morning."

"We will not be traveling tomorrow. Eight months training is hardly enough time. I wish to see these soldiers in the training field today. I also need you to call on every strong child able to bear arms. They will be coming with us."

"Have we not agreed that the children will be kept out of this?" Ithuil asked in protest.

"Father wants it done. He seems to think that everything depends on this last battle. The first 16,000 have already been sent to Barad-dur. The last 8,000 will travel when the children have been properly trained and are approved by me. Also have the last of the Mumakil ready for travel. They will go with the rest as well."

"But Raine," Ithuil began.

"Please Ithuil," Raine said tiredly, "Just see that it is done."

"Yes, mistress," Ithuil bowed, "How many soldiers do you wish to see at a time?"

"Divide them up into their usual groups and rotate them around the grounds. I will come by to see each of them at random times along with Khim. She needs some practice as well."

Ithuil bowed once more before walking away. He nearly reached the end of the corridor when he turned around and called to Raine.

"You should smile again Raine. Ever since your father put you under training and in charge of the beasts and soldiers . . . you've lost your smile."

Ithuil then continued walking. Raine watched one of her most trusted companions walk in the direction of the soldiers quarters.

"I've lost my smile," Raine said to herself with a frown. "A soldier of the Haradrim doesn't have the time to smile."

A chamber maid passed Raine and she stopped the girl. "Have my sister meet me in the training grounds." With that said, Raine let the girl go and walked off before the chamber maid could say 'yes mistress.'

- - - - - - - -

"The battle of Helms Deep is over; the battle for Middle Earth had just begun."

Those words replayed themselves in Theoden's mind. What could be more terrible and more toll taking that the war that they had just fought? What army could be larger in number than that of which had nearly massacred his people? Would anyone to their aid?

"Gandalf," Aragorn said. "How many do you think will come to fight with the forces of Mordor?"

"A number that will give us no hope," Gandalf replied. "Many travel as we speak. The Harardrim with their Mumakil, the Corsairs, wild men, Uruk-hai, Easterlings of Rhun. The wainriders, the Variags. And if they answer to the call of Sauron, possibly even the Moriquendi, the Avari.

"They will send thousands of their soldiers. 200,000 strong would be a bleak estimation."

"200,000 strong?" Legolas repeated in disbelief. "May the valar help us."

The company, the Rohirrim and many others who had survived the war were now traveling back to Edoras to restart their lives and go about feeling a bit more safety than before.

Aragorn, who rode along with the original fellowship fought many inner battles. His battle of love, his longing for Arwen, his trouble to accept kingship of Gondor.

Gandalf kept his mind of the tasks at hand. Pondering on the fate that the free peoples of Middle Earth will have in the end.

Legolas missed his home, missed his father. He missed being able to walk in the gardens of Mirkwood and riding with his friends.

Gimli missed mault beer, ripe meat of the bone and his father. The loss of his cousin Balin lay in the back of his mind bitterly reminding him of the losses frequently.

There were gains yet not nearly enough to recover what was lost. All they could do was pray. Pray that their futures would not be filled with terror and fright.

They reached Edoras two days later. Most everyone in the company had retired to bed, exhausted. Aragorn and Gandalf however, at outside to have a bit of a smoke.

"Aragorn, you fear the future," Gandalf stated. "Responsibility that will overwhelm you."

"Observant as always Mirthrandir, but I am afraid that you do not see the everything."

"Ah, I see now," Gandalf said. "She thinks about you every moment Aragorn. Do not fret, she will wait."

"That is what I fear," Aragorn sighed. "That she will not let go. I condemn her to death. I have nothing to offer her but death."

"You do not," Gandalf said. "She chose her own path. What you offered her was love. What you gave her was love. And what you will give her is what she asks, a mortal life with you."

Aragorn bowed his head and no more words were exchanged between the two warriors.

- - - - - - - - - -

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