Title: Unlikely Allies

Author: sugar-skyline


All of her life in the lands of Harad, Raine, a well respected female captain and daughter of the ruler of all Haradrim, had been lied to by her father. As the battle for Middle Earth approaches, Raine is captured by the Rohirrim when she, her father and sister travel through Rohan to get to Barad-dur. When the Riders of Rohan bring her to the Golden Hall of Theoden for questioning, the fellowship and Gandalf meet her and learn of the lies that she's been fed.

Very important A/N: I've changed the history of the Haradrim a tiny bit for it to work in this story. Raine's father, and his generation, are faithful to Sauron, but Raine and the generations under her are being lied to so that they will fight with Sauron.

Also, the language that I have used for the native tongue of the Haradrim is a language known as Tagalog. It is the native language of the Philippines. I'm sorry if not all of it is correct. I haven't been to the Philippines in a while and I am not as fluent as I used to be.

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Rating: PG-13

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Chapter 2: Departure

Raine watched as the soldiers sparred with each other, fired arrows at distant targets and practiced hand to hand combat. Aleath, her younger sister, strolled alongside her, throwing out comments just like Raine often did.

They came to a different field where children were being observed and tested for their strength. If they were strong enough, they would proceed into training under Aleath and Ithuil.

"Akala ko mas malakas ka (I thought you were stronger)," Aleath said with a smirk.

"Ano and ibig sabihin mo (What do you mean)?" Raine asked with narrow eyes.

"You gave in," Aleath answered simply, her dark brown hair flowed behind her as they walked against the breeze. "You promised yourself that you wouldn't get the children involved. You promised Ithuil and Adan you wouldn't put these children's lives at risk. And yet, here we stand, watching young ones being fitted with armor. May I point out that young girl struggling to keep herself on her feet underneath all that metal?"

"Dilikado yang dila mo (Your tongue will get you in trouble)," Raine snapped. "Stop speaking, I do not wish to hear your words."

"And what if, dear sister, I do not wish to stop speaking?" Aleath provoked.

Out of her anger, Raine went down and kicked Aleath's feet out from under her before pressing one of her blades against her sister's throat.

"Then I'll cut your tongue out myself! You will listen and obey your superior," Raine hissed, causing Aleath to nod slowly.

Raine sheathed her blade and let Aleath pull herself to her feet. They resumed their walk, observing as they went.

"Why did you keep those? I thought father had them destroyed or discarded at the very least," Aleath asked out of her curiosity.

Raine sighed inwardly as she watched her sister's gaze travel to the two elven blades strapped to Raine's back along with her quiver. They were identical, save for the intricate carvings on the dark oak wood handles. The two beautiful pieces of weaponry had belonged to their late mother, a gift from the Laquendi or the dark elves as some had called them.

When their mother died, Orilion was so distraught he had all of his wives belongings disposed of. Raine, who had grown accustomed to slipping past people undetected, managed to save the elven blades for she had favored them beyond any other of her weapons. Even her bow.

"Would you let father destroy such beautiful weaponry?" Raine replied.

Aleath frowned at her elder sister as she kept pace with her, "You do know that it's rude to answer a person's question with another, don't you? And no, I would not, if I could help it."

They say Ithuil walk towards them and they held their gloved fists to their hearts in greeting.

"How was your inspection of the soldiers?" Ithuil questioned as he joined them in their walk.

"They are doing better than I had expected," Raine answered. "Have you notified the Mumakil handlers of they are needed to do?"

"Yes, just as you have asked of me," Ithuil said.

"I thank you, now come, the captains are waiting. I have already spoken with my father. He wishes some things of me and I must inform everyone of the times to come."

- - - - - - - - - - - -

"You have all been doing well," Raine began. Sitting in front of her were twelve captains that she had hand picked. Among them sat Ithuil and Aleath. "I have just discussed with my father the actions that we will be taking.'

"By sunrise, tomorrow, my father, a few men and I will be leaving for Barad- dur. By order of Orilion, we will be taking the path through Rohan. He wishes to look upon the crafts of Saruman and his success in the conquering of the Westfold."

Ithuil frowned, that was not an intelligent decision. He had heard from a traveling band of Orcs that Saruman was defeated. The stubborn man they called their Lord would not believe the news. He went about thinking that Helms Deep was theirs.

He was sure that Rohan would be patrolled tightly. They were likely to be caught if they took that path.

"You will keep training our soldiers until you receive word from me. Recently, some of our forces were ambushed by Gondorian Rangers. Though we lost few men, I do not want anything of the sort repeated. To ensure this, when you do receive my word and start the journey to Barad-dur, you will send five scouts at the least to travel ahead. Do not put too many men upon our Mumakil. It will only slow them down.'

"I thank you all for you bravery. For the courage that you have to fight in such perilous battles. My father has given me words of hope. Our forces will be two hundred thousand strong at the very least. If we should win, perhaps hope will be given to our forsaken lands. You are all dismissed, Ithuil, I wish for you to remain."

"What is it, mistress?" Ithuil asked Raine, who was now massaging her temples. "Are you ill?"

"I know not my own self," he heard Raine whisper, strangled sobs hidden behind her words. "All those children. They will die."

The man sat down next to Raine and stroked her back in hopes of comforting her. "You are merely following orders given to you by your father. You have taught Aleath everything she knows and she's survived all the battles she has fought in. Now she is teaching the children, they will survive, and you Raine are a beautiful, intelligent, though sometimes mischievous woman who has had to hide her true self because her father wished it."

He swallowed a lump in his throat, nervous about what he was about to say, but he went on anyway. "Most importantly, you are the woman that I have willingly given my heart to."

Raine looked up to her friend with disbelief written all over her face. "You love me?"

"I've loved you ever since I the eve of our introduction," Ithuil confessed. "Before all of this darkness, before all of this change. I miss seeing the old you." Raine let herself be held by Ithuil, his resting atop of her own, whispering softly.

- - - - - - -

Ardul tightened the reins of his mistress' horse, Klytrion. Orilion sat upon his steed, waiting for the arrival of his daughter. She arrived soon after and he was then distracted by the questions of a soldier.

Raine greeted her mare with a small hidden smile and mounted her soon after with grace that had been given to her by her mother's lineage.


The lady in question spun around and cam face to face with a heaving Ithuil. "Were you planning on leaving without a goodbye, mistress?"

"How many times must I remind you that I despise being called 'mistress'," Raine replied coolly.

"You did not answer my question," Ithuil retorted, "Please Raine. All I wished to ask of you was that if by any chance we both come out of this war alive. . . would you give me the honor of having you as my wife?"

The smile that Raine was trying to suppress finally spread over her features. She dismounted Klytrion and ran into the now open arms of Ithuil. Her arms found their way around his neck and she whispered softly, "You wished to see the old Raine once more and now I full fill that wish. I hope to see you soon. Mahal kita (I love you)."

Ithuil's smile widened and he told Raine that he loved her as well.

"Ithuil," Raine whispered. "You must promise me that you will never leave Harad unless you receive word from me and only me. I will send word with Falastad."

"You are bringing the bird?" Ithuil asked. "I do not see it anywhere."

"It is in my pack, within the box that you gave it to me in," she smiled a little before continuing. "If he carries a small scroll, you are to travel to Barad-dur with the children. If he carries a chain, leave the children and travel to Barad-dur. If he carries a letter, that letter will carry new instructions."

Ithuil nodded to show his understandment. Making sure to mask her face once more, Raine mounted Klytrion before covering the bottom half of her face with a dark indigo colored cloth and pulling her hood of her cloak over her head.

"Shall I give the order?" Raine asked her only superior. Once Orilion nodded, yelled, "We make for the Westfold!"

With a few nudges to the sides of their steeds, the small party was off, their forms shrinking into the distance.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

"Although I am happy for you, I must ask that you think not of the young captain and focus on serving your lord," Orilion told his daughter as they ventured closer to the borders of Rohan.

"You need not worry, my king," came his daughter's stony reply.

"You are angry with me for my orders."

"That may be so, but my duty is more important than the unending dislike I currently hold for you."

A scout that Raine had sent earlier rode back, an arrow protruding from his back. Raine whispered to Klytrion and she rode up to meet him. "Lyndorin," she called.

"Mistress, there are Rohirrim," the soldier said gasping for air. "No more than a miles distance."

He drew in one last breath and fell from his horse, dead. Grimacing, Raine slapped the un-mounted horse and yelled for it head back to the house of Orilion after she had placed a small piece of paper into it's saddle bag. She could hear horse's great in number.

"Notch you bows! Draw your swords!" Raine yelled riding towards her men and her father. "We are under attack!"

- - - - - - - - - - - -

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