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To fanfic or not to fanfic, that is the question-whether 'tis nobler to place my ideas and dreams before a sea of critics, or become part of that sea myself, never knowing if I warrant praise.


^**^^**^*^*^*^^*^*MAGNETIC ROGNETO:OPPOSITES ATTRACT**^*^^**^*^*^

Rogue: Rogneto?…..EWWWWWWWWWWWW!

Remy: Why de chere coverin her eyes?

Rogue: I'm gonna be scarred for life!

Magnus: Where do you think that leaves ME child?  I'm not exactly enjoying this either.


No one knew.


Ray: Until now.

Roberto:  Hey, I've got a question.  If it's supposed to be a secret than why do people write about it? 

Forge: Poetic license, I guess.

Ray: You're back again?

Forge: I didn't actually leave…

Tabitha: Ray!  C'mere!  We need to practice for our chapter!

Ray:  Uhhh….I f she comes this way, tell her I died.  *runs off*

Forge: Then again, some things are better left unwritten.


No one knew of their late night walks in the park, about how he made her feel inside.


Magnus:  ….I may not be able to stop this story, but I will stop it's reviewers.  Onward, to ribbetfrog's abode!

Dexroth: You want the address?

Magnus: Please—Wait, how do you know the address?

Dexroth: Because I am a master thief.

Magnus: What?

Dexroth:…..Don't push me.  I've run into enough trees to give me a permanent paranoia complex.  Take the address and do ….whatever it is you do.

Magnus: Very well. *flies off hurriedly*


No one knew, that she, the Rogue, was in love.


Doggy:  Woff?

Dexroth:  Hmm? Mags?  Oh don't worry, I got rid of him.

Sunny:  *skitter*

Dexroth: How?  That's a trade secret.

Beck: You gave him a phony address and sent him on a wild goose chase, right?



And no one knew that tonight she would meet him again for another walk.


Kitty:  WAAHHH!

Lance: Kitty! What's wrong?

Kurt:  Did somebody hurt you?

Kitty: *sniffle* Piotr's, like, gone!

Lance:….Good riddance.

Kitty: LANCE!!!!!!!!!

Kurt: Lance! How can you be so heartless? Come on katchzen.  *sticks tongue out at Lance while Kitty's back is turned*

Lance:  I'll get you for this, you blue tribble.


"Hello, my dear."

"Hello Magnus."

Magnus, or Eric, proffered his elbow to her.  She took it and they began to walk down the moonlight path.


Wanda:  Isn't the moonlight paths where people get eaten by gremlins and werewolves?

Pietro:…..That's it.  No more horror movies or books for you.

Rahne:  ….werewolves…..

Jubes:  No Rahne! Don't get ideas!


"My dearest Rogue, what would you say to me taking you away?"

"Ah doahn't know.  Maybe yes?"



John:  We better get out of here mate.

Piotr: Da.

Remy: Right behind you, mes ami. *swift retreat of alcolytes*

Dexroth:  Eh?  Back already, Magsy?


Dexroth: Did I now….


He gently leaned down and kissed her.

"I love you, Rogue."

"And Ah love you." 


Scott: What did we miss?

Jean:  Why is that metal machine going after Dex?

Scott:……I didn't think that lunatic could move that fast. *Dex runs behind them*

Scott+Jean:  AAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEE!  *machine attacks them instead of Dex*

Dexroth: I may be crazy, but I'm no fool.


Beck:  Wow!  The votes are doing so well! 

Doggy:  Woof.

Forge:  You had to open a new document just to make sure you could keep track of the couples.

Beck:  I owe it all to my good reviewers.

Dexroth:  Yeah, and I'm the one who has to make sure those mutants don't take them out.

Beck:  You do a great job!

Dexroth:  Ummmm……I gotta go.  *bolts*

Beck: Ladies and gentlemen, my right hand man, the incorrigible Dex.

Dexroth: *yells* I'm a lover, not a fighter!

Beck:  Errr……

Danny:  You have only yourself to blame.

Arcane: That's true.

Beck:  Eh?  Why are you two here?  You have two other fics to be in!

Arcane:  We just wanted to check this one out. Bye.  *they leave.*

Beck:……I'm not going to ask…


**** Anyone who has ever seen police academy will get this joke.