Hello my dear readers, I know that just a few days ago I started another Harry Potter story and of that story only the prologue is up. I have started on the first part, but. I'm just too tired to work on a serious story like that right now. See, Murphy's law is bugging me, and with all kinds of illnesses and wounds and stitches I haven't had more then 4 hours sleep in one night since the week before Christmas.

Still, I'm feeling in a writing mood, so I thought I'd start on a story which isn't as serious, and has a plot that's been done so many times that it's not even funny anymore. I decided not to feel left out and write a story like that too. I love them, so why not?

It makes sense in my sleep deprived brain. It's a time travel story. Yes, yes, done many times and I'm not even going to pretend I'm going to do it any better then some of the great stories I've seen (especially not in my current state of mind), but I think it'd be fun to write and right now I want fun. My best friend is on vacation, so I'm taking it out on you guys. Sorry.


Time and Time again, by McKenzie.

The final battle was going in full force, masked Death Eaters where fighting Aurors and members of the order of the Phoenix. Bright colors were coming out of wands left and right as curse after hex was being uttered. People were falling all over. It was chaos; there was no way to tell who was winning, Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the side of the light or Voldemort and his Death Eaters. Only one thought was on everybody's mind. This is it, this is the last one. After this the world either descended into darkness or was forever freed of the horror that is Voldemort.

In the midst of all this was Voldemort facing of against Harry Potter. The way it was always said it would be. Surrounded by friends or loyal servants, whichever the case may be, they fought for hours. And now, now it was ending. It was time. Behind Harry, Dumbledore came up to lend his strength for the curse that was needed to rid the world of Voldemort. Together they uttered the Latin words that would destroy Voldemort his soul.

But Voldemort wouldn't give in without a fight. He had one last blow to strike to the wizarding world. He would take Harry Potter from it, just like he had promised himself he would do. He knew he had not enough strength left in him for a killing curse, with that thought in mind he went for the next best thing. Just before Harry and Dumbledore's curse hit him he shouted three words;


And a bright white light shot out of his wand and rushed towards Harry. Sirius Black and Remus Lupin, who had been fighting close by, saw this and saw that Harry didn't have the strength or energy left to get out of the way. So without a second thought they dove toward him with the intention of pulling him out of the way of the curse. But the curse connected with Harry at the same time as they did and in a blinding flash of light all three men disappeared.

All that was left was a field full of wizards and witches, dead, wounded or exhausted and a shell of what had been considered the most evil wizard to ever walk the earth.


Extremely short, yes I know. Barely a page with Times New Roman 12. But it just seems like the place to leave it for now. No worries, this was just the prologue, I'm going to keep on writing straight away with the first chapter. I'm going for 5 pages at least. Should be up tonight, in my time. It's 17.30 here, and I need to cook, but I promise I won't go to bed until I have written and uploaded the first chapter.

The curse is Dutch translated in Latin, I looked the translations of the individual words up in a internet dictionary. I don't know any Latin, so if it doesn't make sense, it's because of that.

Now; nothing would make me happier then a few reviews. I'm looking to break my record of 6 reviews for one chapter. Help me please? One promise, no more author notes besides a thank you for the reviews and answering questions. Just the story.