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Hogwarts dormitories, late at night:

"Shhh, you'll wake Harry!"

"Oh good idea, let's wake Harry."

"In case you forgot, we're planning a prank on his Godfather, I doubt he'd want us to."

"He could, James here never minded pranking his parents, and maybe he's got more in common with James then just his looks."

"Besides, he could help."

"Help prank his beloved Godfather, yes I'm sure that would go over real well."

Harry Potter, or Harry Clay as he was now known to everybody except to Dumbledore, McGonagall and the older versions of Sirius and Remus, lay in his bed listening to the four Marauders talking with a smile on his face. This was too much fun! He couldn't really make out who was saying what trough the heavy curtains around his bed and apparently Moony and Padfoot's voices had changed over the years, but he had fun just listening and guessing who was saying what.

When the conversation changed to the ever fun; "Lets tell him" "No" "Yes" "No" "Yes" Harry decided to step in.

"The first thing you should know about me is that I'm a light sleeper."

Silence descended over the dormitory.

Harry sat up and pushed open the curtains surrounding his bed.

"So, you're planning on pranking the new professors."

When all the reaction he got was guilty looks and one hopeful one, but no-one actually speaking, Harry decided to just push on.

"Well, the first thing you should know about them is that they're pranksters themselves."

"Really?" Sirius asked and the look on his face indicated that he liked his new professors a lot more all of a sudden.

"Oh yes," Harry responded. "What comes with that is they can spot a prank a mile away. If you want to prank them you've got to be extremely careful."

The marauders exchanged glances, and James was apparently elected as spokesperson.

"I take it you have a plan?"

Harry shrugged "It's more of an idea really."

"Well tell us!" James exclaimed "You know them better them anybody here, changes are that your idea is better then anything we can come up with."

Harry saw the three other Marauders nodding in agreement with James, so he decided to share his thoughts.

"Well, the way I see it is, the biggest point you guys have in you favor is that you've got me. Remo and Siorus will think that I'll be either on on your side or their side. Which is true of course, but if we make them think that I'm on their side andconvinced you guys not to prank them, they'll let their guard down. Well," Harry amended "a little anyway. Siorus used to be an auror, he never lets his guard down all the way. You always have to be carefull pranking them."

By this time Sirius and James had devilish smiles on their faces, Peter was nodding his head and Remus looked thoughtful.

"So how do we make them think that you convinced us not to prank them?" he asked.

"Simple" Harry said "Prank someone else first. Actually, make that several someones, just to be save."

"Why only several?" Sirius said "Lets prank all the students."

"Good idea." James nodded in agreement, "Start the year of proper. We can prank the Slytherins after that."

Harry nodded "You do that and then after I'll go and see if Remo and Siorus fell for it. If they did, then you think of a prank for them."

"What do you mean 'you do that'?" Peter asked "You're part of this now to. Isn't he?" Peter looked at the other Marauders for aproval.

"Yes, he is." Remus said, while James and Sirius nodded in agreement. "For better or for worse, you're a prankster now, or you will be when we're done with you."

"That's right." James said "We'll make a Marauder out of you before you know it."

Harry smiled. His father and his friends would make him a Marauder, just like they would have, had his parents lived.

"Make everybody change into an animal" Sirius sugested

"We already did that in fourth year." Remus said.

"Make all the house colors switch" James brought up

"Did that in fifth year." Remus shook his head.

"Change everybody's haircolor?" Peter tried

"Did that in thirth year." Remus reminded them.

Harry shook his head to himself. He and the Marauders were sitting sideways on Sirius' bed with their backs against the wall. For the better part of an hour Sirius, Peter and James had been thinking up pranks, but so far Remus had kept reminding them that the sugested prank had already been pulled of. It absolutly amazed Harry how many pranks the Marauders had not only thought of, but succesfullypulled ofas well.

"What if.."Sirius started slowly, "we changed everything?"

"Did that in" Remus started automaticly "Wait, what do you mean everything?"

"Change dinner into breakfast, change the Slytherin housecolors into Hufflepufs, Hufflepufs into Gryffindors, Gryffindors into Ravenclaw, Ravenclaw into Slytherin."

James grinned at Sirius' idea "We can even put the tables on the ceiling again."

"If you do that" Harry started "you could also switch the teachers with students."

"There you go again." Sirius sighed. Harry looked at James for an explaination. He had long given up trying to follow the strange ways of Sirius' mind. James grinned and put his arm around Harry's shoulders.

"What Sirius is sighing about is that you said 'you could also', while it should be; 'we could also'. Remember, you're a part of this to. Especially if you keep coming up with idea's like that! Switching teachers with students, brilliant!"

"I call Dumbledore!" Peter yelled.

"No" Remus shook his head. "None of us can be teachers. They'll suspect us as it is, but as long as we don't give them any proof, we might come out of this without detention. Agreed?" Remus looked around to see four heads nodding.

"Now, how are we going to pull all this of at the same time?"