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Lost to be Found

Chapter 1: Fainting Spells






"Rin, stay back."

"But Jaken-sama... Sesshomaru-"

"Rin.... Sesshomaru-sama is-"



"No Jaken! You're lying! Stop it!"

"Rin he's-"

"NO! Stop! I'm gonna tell!"

"He's dead."

"No... no he's not. Stop teasing me...."


"No! I don't believe you!"

"You have to-"


"No!" Rin cried, tears spilling into her pillow. "Sesshomaru... Sesshomaru no..."

"What happened?!" Inuyasha asked worriedly, kicking open the door. Kagome, who stood right beside him, lowered the bat her mate held. Why he grabbed it was beyond her, he could tear anything and anyone apart with his bare hands. Anyway, Kagome walked over to Rin, who appeared to be crying in her sleep.

"Shh...." She soothed the girl, brushing her hair back. Inuyasha looked on quietly, mesmerize with how motherly Kagome could be. "Shh... it's okay. It was just a dream. Go back to sleep."

Rin nodded subconsciously, burying her head in her pillows, "Sesshomaru...."

Kagome shot Inuyasha a worried look. He just shrugged. Rin had come to Kagome's time to live with them three years ago. Just a few months after Sesshoumaru had died. Amazingly, it was Jaken who recommend that she go. His 'reason' was that she annoyed him too much and he would probably kill her since his master was no longer around. This proved untrue though, as Jaken gently lead Rin to the well and even gave her a small hug. In truth, he believed that a change of scenery would be good for her. A change of time even better. One thing Jaken failed to mention was just how the Demon Lord died. Inuyasha tried to pry it out of Rin, but stopped once Kagome gave him a warning glare. Rin wasn't ready to talk.

In fact, for the first year, Rin said nothing at all. Literally. She went mute again, and didn't break the habit until Kagome and Inuyasha's first son was born. Kagome insisted on asking Rin about a name choice and the girl quietly whispered, "Kyoui."

Rin's speaking increased gradually over the years. She now went to school and was holding a job at the coffee shop in town. She never spoke of Sesshomaru or her life in Feudal Japan. One would think she'd forgotten all about it, if it weren't for the dreams. Over time, they happened less and less, but always, they lingered in the back of her mind.

"She's having those dreams again..." Kagome muttered worriedly, stepping into her mate's arms.

"What's goin' on?"

Kagome and Inuyasha looked down to their son, who had pried his way between them and was now hugging Kagome around her bulging middle. Inuyasha gently picked him up and put him on his shoulders. He was a spitting image of his father, right down to the ears. The only part of Kagome that seemed to get into Kyoui was her eyes.

"Nothin' squirt. Let's go back to bed."

"Nothin' squirt. Let's go back to bed."

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

"Kagome-chan! I'm leaving!"

"All right, don't forget- I need you to watch Kyoui for me this afternoon!"

"I won't." Rin called, grabbing her backpack and heading out the door. Higurashi Rin, 17, student at Tsurai High (A/N: Tsurai means painful XD Can you tell my opinion of school?) Higurashi wasn't Rin's real surname, but then again, she had no idea what her real one was anymore. Besides, people would this it was strange for Rin to be living in the shrine if they didn't believe she was related to Kagome's family in some way. So, to everyone outside of Rin's new 'family', Rin was Kagome's second cousins daughters niece. Twice removed. That's why she wasn't in any of the older family tress. Rin came to live with Kagome and her husband Inuyasha after her parents were involved in a fatal car accident. It had taken Rin a good couple of months to get used to the idea of moving blobs of painted metal (now known as 'cars'), so no one would be surprised if she was a little hesitant about them after hearing that story. None of this was actually true of course, but no one would have a reason to care anyway. Rin was just your average everyday teenager. At least on the outside.

Rin went to school, worked, etc. Everything someone her age was expected to do. Except date. Rin would never date. If it wasn't Sesshomaru, then what was the point? Besides, she didn't like any of the boys in her school anyway. At least not in that way.


"Oh! Ohayou Kisho..."

"Rin-chan, it's a beautiful morning isn't it?"

"Yeah Kisho, it is.." Rin murmured refraining from rolling her eyes. Kisho was one of the boys in Rin's class last year, and has been trying to get Rin on a date ever since. He was a nice guy, just a little dense, that's all. (A/N: Sounds an awful lot like Hojo huh...)

"So Rin... What are you doing later on?" Kisho asked, holding the door for Rin as they approached the school.

"Thank you. Movie, if we're still going, and then I have to baby-sitting."

"Ouch, I thought you only had to do that on Wednesdays."

"I do, but Kagome and Inuyasha are going out, so I'm stuck watching Kyoui until they get back."

"Oh well... That's cool. Need any help?"

Rin spun on him as they got near her locker. "No thanks Kisho, I think I'll be able to handle a three-year-old."

"Woah, okay" Kisho shrugged, holding his hands up in mock surrender, "What's eating you?"

Rin sighed, "It's nothing, sorry I snapped. I've just got a lot of things on my mind, that's all."

Kisho waited a few moments for a better explanation. It was obvious, however, that he wasn't going to get one after Rin took a few books out of her locker and stuffed her book bag in. "You'd think with all the money they charge for tuition, they school could afford more spacious lockers..."

"Yeah..." Kisho murmured, just as the first bell ran, "I'll see you after school. Movie right?"

"Right. See ya."

Rin shut her locker and closed her eyes, leaning against it. A group of giggling girls walked past, gushing out the latest gossip.

"Did you hear?"

"Hear what?"

"We've got a new teacher. They say he's replacing Daisaki-san."

"It's about time they got rid of that old bat."

"Yeah, and the new guy is s.e.x.y. Young too! Only 26!"

"No way!"


"Well I'll be damned... It's about time we got some fresh meat."

Rin looked after them with disgust written all over her face. It's not like they would have a chance anyway. And besides, each and everyone of those girls had a boyfriend. Gossip itself was stupid. Rin rarely ever had to deal with it back in the feudal era. It was just another one of those modern things she had to get used to. Oh well. I guess the good thing is she wouldn't have to deal with Daisaki-san anymore. He spit when he talked.

Looking in the corner, Rin couldn't help but to feel a pang of jealousy. Hiraikotsu and her boyfriend were sucking face again. They were strange, those two. First off, the boyfriend was in college. How he got in and out of the high school was a mystery to everyone. How he never got caught was an even bigger one! Plus, he was a complete lech, and Hiraikotsu was quick to anger, especially when it comes to her boyfriends wandering hands. They broke up constantly, only to get back together a week later. All in all, they were a lot like Sango and Miroku in Feudal times. Right down the appearance too, give or take a few details. Whenever Rin told them about the pair, they'd crack up. Then Miroku would say some corny stuff to make everyone smile, grope his wife, and get slapped. Oh how wonderful it is to be predictable.

"Love transcends all time." Rin muttered, wondering if it were true or not. It was quite possible for Hiraikotsu and her boyfriend to be Sango and Miroku's reincarnations. After all, Kagome was Kikyou's. But what about demons? Do they reincarnate as well?

See! Now this thought got Rin down again. Stupid inner thoughts. Today was the anniversary and Rin was trying as hard as she could not cry. Sesshomaru had died, three years ago to this day. The details were still hazy in Rin's mind. All that counts is that Rin lost what mattered most that day. Nothing could replace the hole in her heart.

The sound of the late bell filled Rin's ears, snapping her out of her daze. The two love birds dispersed after a final kiss and Rin ran down the hall to get to homeroom.

"You are late."

"I'm sorry, I-" Rin stared in horror at her teacher. His golden eyes, hair length (though now black), right down to his cold tone gave Rin chills. Looking at Sesshomaru, Rin did the only thing she could do. She fainted.


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Rin's 17 now, Sesshomaru died three years ago, meaning she was 14.

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