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Interlude II: Sesshomaru


Inuyasha leaned forward in his chair, so close that his head was practically in Sesshomaru's chest. The said demon... excuse me, man, looked down with disdain at the hanyou.

"Excuse me, but you are in my personal space. As much as I am enjoying this 'family reunion', I would much rather not get fleas," he remarked sarcastically, causing Inuyasha to scoot his chair away with a 'feh'.

Deciding (for once) that it was best to ignore that comment, Inuyasha pressed for more answers. "So what happened next?"

Sesshomaru picked imaginary lint from his shirt, "What do you think, moron?"

"Well, I –thought- you were dead." Inuyasha scoffed, watching with growing annoyance as Sesshomaru continued to pick. "But that ain't the case anymore, seeing as you're sitting in my kitchen – and would you stop that!" He yelled, whacking Sesshomaru's hand with a little more force then necessary.

The former demon glared and shook his offended hand, wincing as a pain ran up and down his arm. "Look. You broke it," he accused.

"I did not."

"You did too."

"Did not you idiot! You can still move it!"

Sesshomaru shifted his gaze from his hand, to his brother, and back again. When he finally realized that yes, he could in fact still use it well, he responded with the only remark that came to mind.


That and a proper smack to the back of Inuyasha's head.

"What the hell was that for?!"

"I was simply seeing if you were correct. And look; you were. It's not broken."

Inuyasha merely glared, rubbing his abused skull. He was trying to control his anger here, but it was a bit more difficult then one might think.

"So are you gonna finish the story or what?"

"What's the point?" Sesshomaru shrugged, making Inuyasha's glare intensify. "I die. I'm reborn. I'm here. The end."

Inuyasha decided to take a –different- approach to the matter.

"Well then, I guess I'll just have to go ask Rin again. She went back to being mute after the last time..."

Ouch. Talk about below the belt...

"You wouldn't dare." Sesshomaru growled, rising to his feet. Even as a mere mortal, his growl was quite impressive. If Inuyasha hadn't known any better, he would have thought he was back to being a full demon.

"It's my house. I do what I want," he smirked, crossing his legs victoriously. He always did love using that against people. It had to be a guy thing. He thought he had the upper hand (for once), but was quickly put in his place.

"Well then, I suppose I'll just have to bring Rin back to my abode. She is my charge after all, and you must understand: I can't have her staying with an incompetent oaf such as yourself any longer."

The legs of Inuyasha's chair squeaked as it was abruptly pushed back as he stood.

"You can't take her away!"

"Like hell I can't." Sesshomaru argued, using a term he'd witnessed Rosuto use sometimes before. He'd picked up all kinds of little phrases and insults over the years he'd been imprisoned.

(Then why didn't you just escape? You seem to be having a dandy time with it now).

'Shut up human,' Sesshomaru commanded. It was difficult enough to argue with Inuyasha – the king of stubbornness, without having to deal with comments from a being that just wouldn't go away. He was too tired for this.

(No, I think I deserve to know.) Rosuto's voice was eerily calm.

'I don't have time to deal with you now. Shut up and wait for your turn.'

Much to Sesshomaru's annoyance, he didn't.

(Why me? Hmm? You could have gone to anyone, but you chose me. Why?)

'I do not think that that's any of your concern.'

(Oh of course it isn't... I'm only all but dead, but no – it's none of my concern).

'Are you mocking me?'


Sesshomaru growled and looked back to Inuyasha, who was currently staring at him with interest.

"Excuse me while I go have a mental conversation..."


Sesshomaru reluctantly made his way into the living room to deal with his 'little problem'.

'Now then, what is it you want?'

(My body, for one)

'Well that's just too bad isn't it...'

This conversation was growing old – fast. There was no chance Sesshomaru was going to relinquish this body now. Not after all he'd gone through to get it. It had been hell to be reborn into a pathetic human form, with pathetic human powers.

Sesshomaru could have taken over the body immediately, had he wanted. As soon as the child was born he could have had a body. However, doing so such an early stage of life would have left him powerless – unable to ever recall upon his demon strengths again. Because he had waited, he could now tap into that power on occasion. For example, the incident when Rin was crying.

"Not as though I can get into them now..." Sesshomaru growled. Had he not known any better, he would think Rosuto was laughing at him from his place locked inside his head.

'Shut up human. What do you know?'

(You keep calling me 'human', yet you're still stuck as one yourself. Talk about the coal calling the kettle black...)

'It is not as though I've lost them forever. They are simply dormant. A simple nights rest and I will be able to call on them again. Perhaps then I can finally be rid of you.


Content to have won –that- argument, Sesshomaru sauntered back into the kitchen to finally put an end to this annoying interrogation.

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