Operation: WITNESS

Innocent pre-
Seeking friendship

By ahhelga

Prologue: A Life Never Intended

Author's Note: Hello! This fic will be a 3/4 fic obviously! I love them, they're so cute together! This story revolves around Kuki, her new identity, and, of course, Wally. It's gonna have 1/5 in it! Please, this is my first KND story, so be easy! So, I hope you enjoy! Please review!

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Warnings: Major OOCness, AU, and 3/4, and 1/5.

Rated for: violence, cussing, drama, and making out!

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"Party, party, party!" was the loud ringing that came from the hall. Kuki had been skipping along, calling for a party. Everyone had been busy doing their own thing when she entered the room. And they certainly didn't want any disruptions, especially from the hyper and bored Asian.

Abby spoke up, "Numbuh 3, aren't ya supposed ta be at your parents house? Ya said that you had to go stay tonight."

Kuki made a face, trying to remember, and finally after some thought, she replied in a happy tone, "Oh, your right, Numbuh 5! I should go now." She had gotten her things and skipped along outside. Their mumbled goodbyes were barely registered.

Kuki's smile slowly faded as she started walking up the sidewalk. The truth was she hated going back to her house. It was fun before she learned the secret that was kept. She remembered one of the worst memories and one of the first ones, of that secret.

Kuki was crying uncontrollably, bruised and scarred. It wasn't very comfortable underneath the kitchen counter; it was the thought she clung on to, since it was the least of her worries. Next to her was a boy, around seven, who was also crying and bruised. She tried to block the sound of screaming in the background.

"No! Help! Someone! Anyone!" screeched the woman. Then, there was a bang. There was a beat of silence. Then, the footsteps... The cabinet door opened.

He was grabbing the small boy. He was causing the boy to cry. He was the one reason that made that shot. And the second shot.

She cried even harder. Then he grabbed her. This was the worst day of her life. She was ready for it. But he didn't shoot.

Tears swelled up in her eyes, just by thinking about it. The memories always hit her on the way home. And disappointment came when she reached her house, to realize it was the same old one that always got to her. Kuki sighed. She stood, staring at the door. She closed her eyes and tried to picture a happy life with her parents. That would be next to impossible. She'd much rather be in the KND tree house. They were more like family. It would be perfect if Mushi moved in.

Slowly she opened the door. The house was dirty. There were clothes on the floor and, of course, blood. She didn't know why they didn't clean it, after all, someone might see it.

Kuki looked around. Before she could say anything, she heard a faint whisper. "Kuki!"

She whipped her head around. There, under the kitchen counter was a head poking, which turned out to be her mother, Genki. Soon she realized her sister was underneath there as well.

"Mom? Mushi?" Kuki whispered back. "Where's dad?"

"He's out. Again," she said. "C'mon, Kuki, Mushi, let's go."

Her mother pulled at Mushi and carried her. Genki rushed out of the house, with Mushi in her arms, and Kuki closely followed. They ran for blocks, which must have been quite a sight; three females rushing, the mother looking disgruntled, and all three with shifty eyes. Just as Kuki was about to become tired, she saw that they were heading towards a motel that had a black car in the front. When Genki had gone inside the car, the two daughters followed in, panting from the running.

"Mom, what's going on? Is it a surprise?" Kuki was so cheerful in this odd moment. "Oh, I like surprises, Mama."

"No, Kuki," her mother said. "We're going a...way."

"Going away?" asked Mushi. She paused. "Why?"

"...I told the police, dears," she continued. "I told them everything."

"But, Mom, you know what he will do. It'd destroy us. I know. It's bad but--" Kuki said.

Genki interrupted sharply, "But, nothing, Kuki, we have to go through with this." It felt so odd; her very strong willed mother who had grown so torn throughout this whole ordeal was still inside somewhere.

Something welled up in her chest with realization. "Go through what?"

"Kuki, Mushi, we are going in Witness Protection Program," Genki said slowly.

"What?" they said simultaneously. One said it incredulously, and the other horrified.

"That sounds perfect! Like fun, almost," Mushi smiled.

"It's not... we're going to change our identities and everything. We're leaving our old life, girls. I know it's terrible but... we'll be leaving him."

"But why!" Kuki yelled. She knew why they'd be leaving him, but everyone knew she didn't mean that; she meant leaving. She never wanted to leave... she loved it here...

"Shh, we don't want to attract attention," said the driver, startling the young girls. It was then that he started to drive. "Okay, I just wanted to run down with the girls the details, Genki. Sanban is no longer your surnames. Your names are now Kaoru Lee, the older child is Keiko Lee and, the little one is Kirikou Lee. Your husband and father died after the birth of Kirikou." He went onto describe a bit of their past, which was detailed in a filed report that they'd all have to read over.

But Kuki couldn't believe it. She was joining the Witness Protection Program... and she was leaving! The car seemed to be going so fast. So, so fast. The memories came to her again, only this time it was of the KND. Tears fell down her cheeks as her mom spoke with the driver about the details. They were planning what will happen to the three of them. Genki looked so intent and serious in this moment. Mushi was silent, staring at her feet, looking just as intent. Kuki simply looked devastated.

Everything she looked at was going by so fast.

She glanced at her mother, with fear in her eyes. The usually confident and independent woman, too, was looking quite scared and frightened. So was Mushi; she was so young. Kuki didn't want to see her like this. Kuki looked at the tinted window, everything outside could not see her. She just wished they did. This was going to be a long trip.

They were passing by the KND tree house now... Frustration and sadness filled her chest, and she bit back the tears as more memories hit her. She thought of everything of the past few days, and everything that made her who she was, and everyone who kept her who she was...

Kuki could just hear Wally's voice. "Hey, Kuks, you know I'll always be there for ya, roight?" She wished he could hold this true... After all, she just wanted to see him, or at the very least say goodbye. A while back, she come to the conclusion that she did have a crush on him--a big one. It was already dark, and she could remember at this time, he would be boxing.

Fresh tears fell. This was so close, yet so far. She just wished that he was here, with her, helping her through this time of struggle.

She bowed her head. Even if she knew she was leaving, and not allowed to tell anyone who she was; she vowed to return no matter what. Before she knew it, she was asleep.

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