Operation: WITNESS

Innocent pre-
Seeking friendship

By Ahhelga

Epilogue: A Life Wanted

Wow, after all our hardships, after all my crappy chapters, and after all my complaints in my Author's Notes, it has come. The end to the story. And as I sit here, with hard boiled eggs and rice (not to mention Pocky), I type this. I type the last part to WITNESS. I'd like to say thanks, and this is probably the beginning...the beginning to all my stories (look at profile). Hopefully, they will be as successful as this was. Ok, when I change the last chapter, I'm going to change the grammar, the wordings, not how it ended, as some people thought. Also, in the last chapter, there was a part with Numbuh 86 being in "Sector Y", and that was all totally made up. I figured, if 1-5 are in Sector V, and they're one of the top, then Z or Y or W must be pretty good. So yeah... Thank you all and I bring you, my epilogue, A Life Wanted.

Rated for violence, cussing, and kissing scenes...

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Wallabee Beatles hopped into the space pod. Well, it was technically a space pod, he guessed. The pressed in the access code, having picked it up last year, and pressed the large green button in front of him, there on, he was off! The pod went faster, with each passing moment. His heart pounded, and his mind raced.

"Beatles! I'll get you!" shouted a shrilling voice. "One way or another, I will! No teenager will get out of my clutches!"

Wally chuckled menacingly.

Some kid.

And he himself was some kid back then. Now, today, he was the teenage juvenile delinquent. Of course, being a teenager meant decommissioning, and decommissioning was not part of his side of the story.

However, with each passing moment, and the faster he got, he was being gained by Numbuh 85. The spitting image of his sister, and out-ranking at age nine, he was even tougher. Although, instead of a hate for boys, it was replaced with a strong hate for girls, which he thought everyone was when it came to standards.

He smirked, thinking of all the memories he had. When the Delightfuls moved in with a family, when the others had been decommissioned (and how Abby put up a strong fight), he remembered the bad guys they beat, and Kuki. But, Wally didn't waste any more time thinking of Numbuh 85 or his childhood.

He sped towards the surface of earth, picking up speed.

103, 109, 115...

He just kept getting faster and faster. Finally, he reached the ozone layer, the inside of the earthly "greenhouse" which was surrounded by gas and smoke. And when he did reach the system, his speed tripled. No one in the right mind would even dare to go this fast, yet he kept pushing the limit by not slowing down. Eventually, all the operatives chasing him faded away scared of crashing. They were thinking all the same thing: he wasn't in the right mind.

Wally smirked as the ground got closer. Two miles, two and a half... It was getting so close to death. He immediately grabbed his backpack and opened the door to the pod. Jumping out, he pulled on the string of his backpack, which led to a large parachute. He noted that the pod exploded along with the town park.

Ha, ha, that'll teach 'em. He thought instantly. They deserve it, after what they had done to me.

His feet finally touched the ground as he pulled off the backpack and started running. There were no tracking devices on him now that was for sure. Of course, before this, it was planned.

Some how he was going to escape the Kids Next Door, and run to his parents, who would be already packed and ready to go with a cab. He convinced them that moving back to Australia was the best thing for a teenage Australian. They agreed, of course, being oblivious for his true reasons.

And as expected, there they were, sitting in the car, calling to him to hurry up. He had no intention of slowing down.

There was no way in Hell that he would forget about the KND...and Kuki.

This led to him being one of the most mysterious operatives ever existed.

He stared into the picture.

She was so beautiful. Green eyes, dirty blonde hair, and a smile that said "Don't be sad", she was perfect.

She was the only person whom he ever loved...ever since her.

He never loved her mother that was for sure. Her being a stripper, when he was in need. It was a one-night stand, and she was a mistake. No. His Calli was not a mistake, she was a gift. He swore, this was the best thing in his life.

Calli Beatles was her name. And she was nine years old. Certainly too young to be his lover, and certainly wrong to be his lover, but being a lover wasn't the reason he did love her. She was his daughter, and he wouldn't change it for the world.

However, it brought back the subject on her mother. She had black hair that was in loose curls all the time, and she wore skimpy clothing. After telling him that she had been pregnant, he was a little too overjoyed while she was miserable. She tried convincing him abortion, but he wouldn't say otherwise. Her name was Tara Howard.

It's strange. Usually, it's the other way around.

But once this daughter came into his life, he couldn't let her go. And Tara tried committing parricide to their young child, but Wally saved her. He pressed charges, and she was sent to jail. And that was the end of his hardships.

He sighed as he rubbed his temples and thought for a second. He managed to keep all of his memories, but it didn't bring him comfort like he'd thought.

There was a soft beep from the phone next to him. Out came a smooth voice.

"Mr. Beatles, there is a Ms. Lune here to see you..." said the woman voice.

"Bring her in," he casually said into the speaker.

Not a minute longer came in a woman with an Asian look. Her raven hair was tied up in a bun and had slight make-up on. Looking very professional, in her white dress shirt underneath a red vest and a red skirt that went down to her knees which trailed onto her brown boots, she smiled. Her smile, however, was nervous as if she were expecting to bring up something horrible.

She held out a hand as he did so and shook each others.

"Hello, Mr. Beatles..." she said calmly, which didn't really match her expression.

"Please, it's Wally," he said, returning the smile. "Ms..."

"Mrs. Kairi Lune, Filter magazine," she said, emphasizing on the Mrs. "And it's Kairi."

They nodded and sat down. She sat in the plush chair across from him, divided by a detailed desk.

"So, Kairi, I guess we should get going with the interview, hm?" he chuckled.

"Yes, I suppose so..." she muttered, looking down, hiding her face from his view. It made him a bit uncomfortable, but shook the feeling off as she grabbed her notepad from her book bag. She looked up to him, smiling.

"So, where do we start?" she said grinning. "Has your life changed since becoming a major song writer?"

"Has it!" he exclaimed. "It has sky-rocketed my life. After I signed Flames of Fury, it has made me so much happier to think that people actually listen to the songs..."

"Well, that brings a thought to mind, Wally," she said. "Do you have any family that is close? If so, has it affected them?"

"Well, my parents died just before I had my daughter. And, as I said, I love her to death..."

"Any wife?"

"No. I had to raise ol' Calli myself. I didn't care much for her mother, Tara Howard..."

"Calli? That is her name? Where did you get it?"

"Well, as you see, my name is Wally, and well, someone endearing to me is named...Kuki, and well, I brought the two names together to for Calli. And plus, it means "a beauty"."

Kairi stared at him for a second, and looked like she was about to cry. But not a tear was shed. She shook it off but yet continued to stare. He noticed this and stared back.

"You have beautiful violet eyes, you know..." he inquired.

"Why, thank you..." she blushed.

"I only knew of one person with eyes like those...and it was Kuki, as I said..."

"What's so...special about her?"

"She was the best thing that hit me, other than Calli, of course... My first love, and my last, unfortunately."

"High school sweet hearts?"

"No, more like childhood..."

"...Ah...And...would you ever think to see her again?"

"Of course, but...I doubt that I know..."

That was the end of that subject. There was an awkward silence until Wally broke it up.

"So, what's it like to be married?" he, this time, asked.


"Oh, it's fine...I just wish I could date again..." she sighed. "There are times Mark (my husband) and I would talk to each other about calling it quits, but his family is so expecting him to be with me forever, we don't know what to do..."

"Well, that must be pretty hard."

Tell me about it.

Another awkward silence came and they didn't know what to do. She sighed and went on with the interview. About an hour and a half passed, and all that happened was asking questions and answering. No small chit-chat ever occurred during this period of time.

Something, however, at the ending of their interview caught her eye. The picture lay flat on his desk, next to the papers with writing. Her blood boiled. But she couldn't fume.

She looked so much like him.

"Is that—that Calli?"

He looked down at the picture and nodded. He hesitantly showed Kairi the picture of his daughter. But her face grew a smile that was genuine.



He was staring at her. Just like... No. It couldn't be. Sure, she had gone away, changing identities, but no way in Hell was this woman...

"Kuki..." he whispered, looking at his desk.

Her violet eyes bore into his head, making him feel uncomfortable. He looked up at her again, making her smile.

That smile...


I love you...

No way.

Don't go...

Not a chance!

Neither blinked.

"Heh, you're making it awkward.." she blurted out. "Almost as if you knew about--"

Almost immediately she covered her mouth with her hands, making a small 'meep' noise. His eyes bugged out as he stood. She wasn't surprised however, that he knew. He remembered.

"You...it's impossible... You're not, right?"

"Wally...I have a new life. I was stuck with this for nineteen years, I can't end it now! You can't know."

Now he knew it. She shouldn't have said that and just roll with it.

"No! I'm not letting you go again, Kuks!"

She "hmph"ed and said it was for the best. But he sighed. She was right. She was married, and he had a daughter that didn't care much for dating. It wasn't right.


"Nineteen years? Has it been that long?"

She nodded, as he moved around the desk. She took a slow step back.

"It feels like...yesterday that I saw your face looking out that window..."

"I know..."

He took another step forward her. She didn't resist.

She couldn't.

"And yet...I still love you..."

His face was only an inch away from hers. He was leaning in. She wanted to so badly.


She took a step back and held him at his shoulders. A confused expression crept onto his face.

"I can't...We're done with the interview..."

He sighed. Yes. Yes, they are done.

"Well...I'll miss you."

"As will I, Wally."

They stood up straighter now. She grabbed her bag and extended her hand.

"Pleasure meeting you, Mr. Beatles..."

"The pleasure was all mines, Mrs. Lune." He shook her hand. And with that, she exited the room as he sat back into his chair.


Kairi straightened her skirt when she reached the hall and walked off. Turning the corner in the hallway, she bumped into someone. It was Calli.

"Watch it, grown-up!" she said loudly, straightening up.

Kairi stared at the girl before her. She had on a orange Hoodie, just like Wally used to wear, her hair tucked under the orange cap, and black jeans with patches on them, a couple reading "73". She held, what looked like, a mustard gun, and an annoyed expression.

The young girl started to storm off to her father's office when...

"Hey kid!" Kairi called out.

She turned around and crossed her arms.


"Catch!" She threw a piece of gum to the girl, who caught it in her right hand.

She looked up in surprise. There was some code where kids under 13 should not be allowed to chew gum (A/N: Think POP.), and here she was, in front of a grown woman giving her gum. She became suspicious.

"Numbuh 67 is that really you?" she inquired (though confused), because Numbuh 67 was head of disguises.

"Nope, all Numbuh 3 here," she said simply. "Tell your father that certain operatives are still out to get him... Ya know, he needs to show himself to the KND that he really is Numbuh 4, it's kind of getting out of hand."

The girl stood, stunned. She was putting two and two together. There were some operatives who snaked their way out of decommissioning, and there were only three who have escaped without anyone knowing their whereabouts.

And here was this woman, who was telling her that she herself was Numbuh 3 and her father was Numbuh 4. There were rumors about them being escaped together, for they were on the same team, and yet, young Calli never seen this woman in her life. So she expects her to believe her that...she...was...Numbuh 3!

"See ya around, kid...and...don't tell any other boring adult that you have gum..."

And with that, Kairi left, leaving Calli stunned.

Her dad was Numbuh 4 of the KND, cool!

It's only a matter of time that all secrets are unveiled...only a matter of time...


Not the ending I expected but, I guess it'll do. The Filter magazine is a magazine my mom subscribes to (she knows one of the editors) so, I couldn't help myself but add it in there. And the Flames of Fury is a band I totally made up, or is an actual band that I had no idea was real and intention of stealing the name, so...yeah, don't think anything else.

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