In the far reaches of the universe, a strange power waits to be unleashed...

This power has waited for decades; centuries even, for an unwittey soul to unleash it...

So that it could freely cause chaos again...

The black storm is unleashed.....

B L A C K S T O R M : L O V E H I N A

Click click,....



~1 Hinata Apartments, Japan [I think..]~

A small sweat drop fell on a polished wood table next to beaker full of a strange explosive substance. The hand over the beaker shock violently as the owner tried to steady it...

He was losing the battle...

* * *

~2. Cameron Village, North Carolina~

A dark hand caught a paler one as it blocked a shoot aimed at its owner. The hand was shoved to the side as another dark hand, the first one's match, slammed down on the paler hand's arm.

A pale face comes into view...

"Let's finish this, T.J.-kun." she grunts.

~ 1 ~

A pair of glasses comes into view as the boy in question tries harder to pour one substance into another. His hand shakes as he came close to pouring in the substance too fast.

"I hate Koala's puzzle's" he yelled inwardly.

~ 2 ~

The scene shows a pale girl and a dark boy facing each other in martial arts poses.

"Bring it on, Chippy-chan," challenges the boy...

A pebble rolls across the ground between them, and the girl rushes at the boy.

Her fist is diagonal to her body and her blonde hair forms a flowing tail at the back of her head.

The boy closes his eyes..

~ 1 ~

Keitoro goes for broke as he dumps the contents into the beaker, his face sweating buckets. The brew starts to bubble.

"Oh, sh-"

About the same time, the door opened and in walked a longhaired girl carrying a pile of books. She wore a yellow sweater and some dooffy looking glasses

"Hey, Kieto-"


~ 2 ~

The boy leapfrogs over the girl with a back flip and the girl startled, falls to the ground. The boy stands up straight and fixes his glasses and headphones over his black, gold streaked hair.

Then he leans over with his hand out. She takes his hand and is helped up.

"HEY, T.J.! Chippy! Stop fighting and let's go!"

The blonde and the dark look at each other in a look of great mutual respect...

"Shall we?" asked the dark one, T.J.

"Let's go." Answered the blonde one, Chippy...

~ 1 ~

The resulting blast sends the boy backwards, and also separated him from his glasses. He then felt something softer on his back, but something even softer on his hand. He turned around, knowing what to expect.

He lifted his chin to receive the blow...



~ 3 A few yards from Hinata Apartments ~

An elderly man looks to his students after seeing the blur erupt from the roof.

"And there, children." He began, as he follows the blur with his finger. "You can see yet another star burst out of the roof! They don't call it the Star Spawning Hotel for nothing!"

The students, being only 1st graders, oohed and aaahhhed as the blur sparkled in the distance.

~ 2 Railroad to North Carolina Airport ~

The five teenagers wave out of the window at their families as the train moves off. Two of the teenagers were the ones from before. [The fighters] The others were their friends. There was a short one that was thin and had copper colored hair. His light skin really clashed with his green hoodie.

He was playing a Gameboy Advance SP happily. He was also sitting next to the dark one with the cool looking headphones. This one had a tape recorder in his hand.

"Evalanche sets off on their journey to Japan!" He said excitedly into it. After that, he put the recorder into his pocket.

A dark skinned girl was sitting in the seat across from the 2 boys. She stared over at them.

"Why must you keep a voice journal?" she asked the dark boy.

"Come on, Evol!" he defended. "This could be worth a lot some day!" He then looked back at the boy with his oval like glasses and then the girl with her jherri curled hair.

"What Eva! Anyway, Spider monkey, T.J. pipe down" Evol sighed as she dived back into her book.

"We'll pipe down when you suck this." The small boy, Spider monkey mumbled. He put all his attention back into the game device. T.J began to worry. "What did you say?" asked Evol, with the Evol look on her face.

"Hey," T.J. exclaimed. "What happened to Chippy and Fuzzy?" This caught Evol's attention and she looked up a little more, slowly scanning the coach. T.J. had successfully changed the subject! He sighed as Evol scanned some more. She froze with her mouth near the floor as her brown eyes focused on the seat in front of them.

T.J. stood up and looked over the back of the seat to see the blonde from before and a tall black haired guy in a deep lip-lock. T.J. just sat down very slowly.

As he sat down, Spider monkey engaged conversation with out looking up from his game. "What happened," he asked..

~ 1 Some where in North America ~

Keitoro sailed through the air. The cold air was getting to him.

'Here it comes!' he thought as he felt himself slow down. He was falling!

"AAAAHHHHHHHHH......" He screamed as he felt the all to familiar tickle where the sun doesn't shine.

(A/N: Now guys, you know that when your body goes down at high speeds, you feel this intense tickle in your lower regions. If ya never felt it, ride a big roller coaster.)

He looked under him. "I'm headed for a train!!!! AAAAHHHH..."

~ 2 ~

Spider monkey sat down slowly as he saw the couple in the seat before them. "That's w-"

Everything went dark.

~ 4 In the far reaches of the universe ~

There was a slight chuckle. The chuckle, although strong, it can make you feel that a great evil was near..

The chuckle grew to light laughter, and the light laughter grew to a strangely confident one...

The laughter then grew to mad cackling.


~~~~~~~~ T.J.: Why the heck am I writing this?

SM: Because, your bored.

T.J.: I've got 5 projects due in a week, and I'm bored?

SM: Yeah..

T.J.: Right ~~~~~~

~ 1 / 2 ~

T.J. slid off of his seat and felt the floor to get his bearings. He was feeling really scared right about now.

Hesitantly, he felt to wards the front of the coach and then on the wall.

"Hey!" Something yelled as he bumped his foot into something hard. Surprise washed over our protagonists face, but no one saw it.

"T.J." he heard Chippy call. She sounded excited. It was dark and she was excited!?? "Who's T.J." some one asked out of the blue, or black maybe. T.J. froze with his hand over the light switch. Where had he heard the voice before?

He flipped up the switch...

The switch was already up!

W H A T N O W ?

T.J: What up?!

Chippy: I can't believe you made us kiss (spits) * actually, I kind of liked it *

T.J.: I heard that.

S.M.: And plus, you to are in a relationship already!!

Chippy: That is true.

T.J.: Now that that's settled, read the next chapter.

Chipy: The train mysteriously stops near Hinata Apartments, we haven't even taken the plane!!! What ever. It gets even stranger when we all are older and T.J. is a girl!!!

T.J.: WTF!!! (Grabs paper) Hell no! I didn't write this.

S.M.: (With pen) then who did?

Chippy: Swords Fly: Fight For Rent!