Alright, this is my long overdue return! If you want to know now, I'll tell you all later! Now, back to the Story!

The monster known as the Death Star has been pinned for way too long. . . . .

It's roar shakes the very foundations of the universe


Beep, Let's Go

T. J. : I'm back! I'm finally going to High School! I'm a MAN now!

Every one Except T.J: (Stares at T. J.)

T. J.: Whatever! . . . .Spider, help me out!

SM: Alright, Now T. J. decides that we should all stay in the same hotel for an easier time, but Motoko is against it!She then challenges T. J. to a duel, not knowing that T. J. was really T. J. And she put My and Fuzy's futures at stake!


Evol: Why is HE the leader?

T.J.: SILENCE! AGAIN WITH THE CAPS KEY? On to better things, The fire in Mot- . . .

The Fire in Motoko's eyes grew as T. J. pulled out a boken. The polished brown surface was similar to food for a warming hearth. "You ready?" she asked, mockingly, as she steadied her katana. "Always. . ." T. J. uttered a trademark reply. They stood, both in their starting stances for all of 5 seconds before something amazing happened. A starter only they could hear.As if she'd bee practicing all her life,T. J. flew forward, in a graceful vertical lunge. She would have hit too, butMotoko disappeared completely.

T. J. was only stunned for two seconds by the disappearance of Motoko, then she thought about the hand/eye rule (The hand is quicker than the eye?) and regained her demeanor. "Wait for it. . ." she thought, standing stock still in her after-lunge position. She stood for a while, anticipating Motoko's next move.Then, she moved slightly to the left as Motoko appeared in mid-air and came down on the spot T. J. was.

T. J. laughed quietly as she back-flipped and came back forward with a Jumping Cleaver. Motoko barely blinked as she stepped right and thrusted into where T. J. was supposed to land. But T. J. wasn't there, at least, her leg wasn't there. She had kicked out to HER right, adjusting the landing space until she was JUST out of reach.

Motoko brought up her estimation of her opponent a little bit more, as she started a series of vertical attacks before T. J. got resetled. T. J. began to block, not thinking as fast as she wanted, then she saw her chance. T. J. didn't simply block the attack, she deflected it to the side, causing Motoko to lean forward as T. J. moved to the side.

"Guard Impacts are Great!" Chipy yelled from the side.

T. J. : Just writing this is making me sweat!

SM: (Turns on AC) Ummmmm. . . . I got nothing. . . . .

Chipy: Start talking about the audience.

T. J.: OKAY!

Keitoro was inwardly rooting for T. J., because he thought that T. J. and his friends might begin to protect them.


Keitor wakes up to find the members of STORM SURGE standing around him in shining armor. "How are you this morning, sir?" Asks Evol, in a very un-Evol-ish voice. Keitoro smiles and stands up, at which point Nayru comes in, wearing a slightly scary outfit. "KEITORO!" she yells, storming in. Then Keitoro's guards spring into action.

In a split second, Nayru is on the ground, pinned by Fuzzy, Spidermonkey, and Evol. Keitoro claps.

"BRAVO! BRAVO!" he yells. Suddenly, he finds himself between T. J. and Chipy.


"Bravo. . . " Keitoro trailed off as he noticed that all of the Hinata Inn girls were staring at him . . . . .

(Except fo Motoko, of course.)

"Here, children, is the weekly mugging of one Keitoro (I forgot his surname, sorry) who has extremely bad luck with the ladies. . .Try not to be like him when you grow up, okay?" The old teacher was talking to the same group of kids.

The kids, all holding ice cream, nodded in unison andcontinued their eating.

Motoko was now giving it every thing she had, Vertical strike, Horizontal strike, Diagonal strike, Relic slash, Dragon's tail, thrust, stab, thrust, Tricky, . . . . . stab, stab, stab, stab. Thrust ( Chipy: Don't turn this into porn, Thomas. T. J.: Sorry.) Okay, But she couldn't get a solid hit on T. J.! There were a few grazes across the clothes, but nothing touched the skin.

T. J. wasn't doing good at all, it was everything she could do to fend off thedark-haired samurai. She was just about to crack. "These boobs aren't working for me!" she thought as she Guard Impacted and thrusted (This one missed, too) Then there was a stop!

Motoko stood, breathing heavily, two yards away. "This is going to go on forever!" she yelled over to T. J.

"I have an idea!" T. J. exclaimed " One last move, pull out your best move snd then we'll call it quits, good?" Motoko fought her consences for awhile as boths sides of the audience held their breathe."Lets go!" She said as she sat down in the Lotus position.

Chipy stood up. "FIRE SWORD!" she yelled, suddenly. T. J. was startled. "How did you know about that, Chipy?" T. J. asked, surprised. Chipy didn't answer for a while. After standing shepulled out a can of gasoline. "I watched you do it one day and I was fascinated by it instantly." She let T. J. hear her. "I can't," T. J. whined. "I may get hurt."

"DO IT!" Chipy yelled, as she walked up and pushed the gas into T. J.'s hands. "Alright," T. J. started to open the gas can.Motoko finally stood up, advancing on T. J.

After dodging, T. J. finally poured on the gas and stuck a match against her cheek. "Ouch" she said under her breath. She let the match drop.

The fire blazed, as if reflecting T. J.'sfeelings. First her surprise at Motoko's calmness, then gathered it self around the blade, reflecting T. J.'s quick regain in composure. T. J. stared over the fire into Motoko's face, ready for any thing. Motoko nodded, then pulled her sword back a little.

Motoko lunged to the right to catch T. J. at a 35 degree angle, which T. J. easily back steps, attempting to swing at her head. Motoko ducks, then decides to come up with a Half moon swipe, barely missing T. J. as she backs up some more. Motoko steps back. "NOW!" they both yell after 4 seconds, there is a white flash, then the winner is . . . . .


Evol: NO you don't!

The winner is . . . .T. J. ! Motoko is kneeled in front of the flaming sword, which is 3 inches from her nose. Every one is wide eyed in awe, even T. J. who is surprised that s/he almost struck a female ( T. J. has morals)

One more thing!

Motoko stood up, facing the green haired female that just spared her. "What?" she sighed, quietly, her eyes wide. T. J. blew out her sword. "You didn't say I had to kill you!" T. J. smiled. Motoko thought for a moment, then bowed to the victor.

"Let's go" Motoko called to Storm Surge. "We don't have all day!"

Keitoro couldn't contain himself. "YEYEAYAH!"

Evol: didn't I tell you not to do that?

T.J.: Sorry!

Every one stared at him.

T.J:I think that's enough for today!

SM: yep

Chipy: yep

Evol: yep

Fuzzy: yep

T.J: Take it away, Fuzzy!

Fuzzy, next episode, every one's reflections on the fight, room mates, and we get to find out what STORM SURGEreally can do. . . .

The Gloves Are Off: Hinata Inn