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One week later… outside of Port Royal, dawn…

The Renegade's crew – a combination of Ana and Jack's men – lounged about on the deck of the ship as it stood anchored just below the high stone wall of the fort, the sun just beginning its ascent in the still pink-tinged sky. Jack and Ana both stood leaning against the railing, solemnly quiet. The drums of the military band could be heard as the sharp staccato beat emphasized each step the condemned crew of the Zephyr made towards the gallows.

"You know, luv, I do believe the Commodore would have been gracious enough to not arrest us if we'd wished to see this blessed event," Jack commented. Ana shook her head.

"I know, Jack. But I'll find enough peace by just knowing that it's done. I don't need to see it as well," she said. Jack watched her for a moment before he nodded.

"I can understand that well enough," he said. The drums went silent and the reading of one of the condemned man's crimes commenced, as Jack knew all too well. Ana's eyes scoured the stone wall that sat just in front of her by a few hundred yards. Normally, the thought of the gallows would strike the fear of God into her… but not today. Today, there was an inordinate, gruesome amount of pleasure at the thought of each man that had been aboard the Zephyr dying in such a place, at such a time, in such a manner. The scars along the insides of her arms called for a justice all their own, but Ana knew that each man would burn in whatever Hell they believed in for what they took part in. Her attention was brought back to the present by the loud chorus of 'boos' that happened to echo over the sturdy granite walls and to their ears in the waters below. Ana closed her eyes trying not to picture the man unfortunate enough to not die on the fall and was now strangling to death. It was somewhat of a relief to know that her conscience had not been completely overrun with the thirst for vengeance, but at the same time it was a curse. Ana could just as easily picture herself, or Jack… or Gibbs, or Cotton in the same position and it made her stomach turn. But, the instinct to run as far from such a scene was silenced. She needed those dastardly men dead. She needed it for her peace of mind, for her sanity. Ana chuckled inwardly as she thought that she may just need it for Jack's as well.

"Well," Jack commented, breaking the silence. "No matter how the man goes, whether it's to the crowd's liking or not, at least he's going…" Ana smiled at the confirmation of her earlier thought, but the smile did not last as one cold finger of unease crept it's way into her head.

"I'd feel more comfortable if L'Ollonais had a rendezvous with the gallows. He was the one that was breeding Damien to take his place in his gruesome dealings… if anything, he is more wicked than Damien ever was," she said miserably as the drums started their death march beat once again.

"I have it on good authority, luv, that the evils of the Châtiment will no longer be scouring our fine Caribbean waters," Jack said. Ana frowned as she turned to him.

"Good authority?" she asked. Jack looked slightly uncomfortable for a moment.

"Well… our good man Norrington and I had a slight… run-in when I went ashore," he said. Ana's brow lifted, amusement hiding in her eyes.

"A run-in? Do you mean an evening tea at the governor's manor?" she asked teasingly. Jack avoided her eyes as he looked around the ship.

"If by 'evening tea' you mean rum and by 'governor's manor' you mean Three Kings Tavern… then I'd say that qualifies as a run-in, as you so put it," he said. Ana smirked.

"And what, pray tell, did our fair and noble naval officer reveal to a person such as yourself while in his cups?" Ana asked.

"If you're looking for military secrets and strategy then it's fair to say I haven't any… I was unable to ply him with that much alcohol. But he did regale me with an interesting tale of one Francois L'Ollonais," he said with a wiggle of his eyebrows. Ana let out a huff.

"Stop being such a dramatist, Jack. Just tell me," she demanded.

"Well, story has it that after the blighter ran off, his crew defected and left him with a single ship, and then he ran aground in Las Petras Islands. It's said that before he could get off the spit of land the natives captured him… and being cannibalistic in nature decided to give the man his fitting end," Jack said with a slightly gleeful twinkle in his eye… he was, after all, a pirate.

"And you got this all from Norrington?" Ana asked warily. Jack nodded.

"Aye… the man should be given his credit. He sent one of his ships after the Châtiment as soon as he could," Jack said. Ana nodded approvingly. Then, she let out a sigh.

"Well, it's good to know that I'm not the only one that can get myself into trouble. At least I got out of it alive, whereas L'Ollonais did not… thankfully," she said. Jack frowned.

"What do you mean by that, luv?" he asked. Ana let out a small, humorless laugh.

"If I'd never let my guard down around the other Deverill bastard, then this whole mess could have been avoided," she said harshly.

"You remember the fight?" Jack asked. Ana nodded.

"Aye. I remember the fight, I remember the torture…" she took a breath and lifted her shoulder, throwing the bad memories away. "I remember Barbossa, I remember you taking me on as a crew member… I remember you stealing my boat…" Jack's eyes widened.

"Steal? I didn't steal it. I borrowed it," he said in his defense again. Ana gave him a quick look along with a quick sniff of disapproval.

"If that's the way you see it, Captain. But I know the truth," she said. Jack looked thoughtful for a second.

"Let's just say it is an argument the neither one of us will win with the other, savvy?" he asked after a moment. Ana thought over his words and then stuck out her good hand.

"We have an accord, Captain," she said. Jack took it with a grin.

"By all means, call me Jack," he said with a wink. Ana rolled her eyes.

"Best not say that too loud, or your title among the men shall be your insufferable frustration," she said. Jack just continued to grin, but it slid off his face as he watched Ana wince as she attempted to make her bandaged arm more comfortable.

"How is the pain, luv?" he asked seriously.

"Oh, I feel fine… except for the constant pain that is Joshamee Gibbs… He won't let me move my arm. And he insists on making sure the bandages are good and tight so that I can't," she grumbled. Jack chuckled.

"Well, he knows you, Ana. You wouldn't keep still even for the undertaker," he said. Ana rolled her eyes. Jack let out a sigh as he looked over the water.

"With you on the mend my captaining duties will have to be turned over and I'll have to find me a new ship," Jack said with a sigh as he stood at the railing.

"You've got the Renegade, Jack. She needs a captain," Ana told him. Jack turned to look at her with a hint of surprise in his dark eyes.

"But she's your ship, luv. You're the captain… just like you always wanted," he said. Ana was silent for a moment as she thought over the implications of what she was to say next.

"Strangely enough, Jack, I've liked being your first mate," she revealed with a small smile as she looked over the water. Jack's heart lightened considerably at her words. He watched her silently for a moment or two before he spoke.

"The best… and worst… thing I ever did was steal that meager, miniscule scrap of wood you called a boat," he said with a grin, predicting her response to his veiled compliment in his head. Ana crossed her arms over her chest and frowned at him. Jack's grin widened as he proved himself right.

"Worst, Jack?" she practically growled. Jack wiped the grin off his face and nodded solemnly.

"Aye, worst…" he said, pausing for dramatic effect. "Best, because it brought your lovely person into me dreary, monotonous life. Worst, because I shouldn't have stolen it from you – we should have sailed off in it together… savvy?" The frown on Ana's dark face smoothed out.

"Sailed off?" she asked with a raised brow. Jack gave her a golden smirk.

"After the Pearl, of course," he added with a small bow. Ana rolled her eyes.

"Of course… after the Pearl," she said as she let out a sigh. Then, her expression saddened as she stepped closer to Jack, laying a hand on his arm.

"What are you going to do without her, Jack?" Jack's eyes clouded over for a moment at her question.

"I'll miss her, luv, that requires no thought. I've spent a good part of my life sailing her or sailing after her. But she met the bottom of the sea in a manner that befit her…" he said.

"In battle?" Ana asked. Jack gave her a small smirk.

"Not quite that laudable… More along the lines of rescuing something close to my heart," he revealed. Ana looked taken aback at his statement. It wasn't a look of shock, however. It was more a look of surprised understanding. Ana couldn't resist stepping even closer to him, her body lightly brushing his.

"What are you talking about, Jack?" she asked, wanting the pirate to confirm what she was thinking. She looked up into his chocolate eyes and watched as the warm, tender smile that crossed his tanned face seeped into his gaze.

"You know what I'm talking about, luv. You know that you mean more to me than a blasted ship," he said bringing his fingers up to lightly run over her cheek.

"I know now," she said seriously before bringing her own hand up to cover his. "And I think we've circled around the issue enough, Captain…" Jack looked at her questioningly causing Ana to give him a sweet smile.

"I love you, Jack Sparrow," she said. It took Jack a moment to absorb the words… words that he didn't know he needed. He reached out and encircled the wrist of her good arm. Without saying anything, he turned her hand over and laid a gentle kiss on the skin of her wrist, where the ugly scars from her capture began. Then, he pulled her close, wrapping an arm around her waist.

"I love you as well…" he said seriously, before breaking into a grin. "… Savvy?" Ana shook her head as she, too, grinned. Typical Jack. Her comment was cut off as he leaned in and gently placed his lips on hers. She leaned into him, deepening the kiss and using her good arm to hold him tighter. On a ship full of men, it was understandable that such an embrace wouldn't last long… but the crew couldn't help but smile that the two hard-headed pirates finally took said body part from their arses and figured out what to do with them. But even with a crew such as that, they could only allow so much. Gibbs called the attention of the two with a quick, shrill whistle. Ana's head quickly snapped around to look at the quartermaster, a questioning look on her face. Jack turned with a slow roll of his eyes before leveling the man with a glare. Gibbs just smirked and shrugged.

"Methinks your whelp is trying to say good-bye," he noted as he pointed up the stone wall to where Will and Elizabeth stood on the ledge. Jack let out a chuckle as he recognized the dandy hat the young blacksmith wore from the last gallows encounter. He looked down at Ana with a shake of his head and a smirk.

"I told him 'nice hat', but I most certainly did not mean it," he told her, causing her to chuckle.

"Forgive the lad for not being able to tell when you're being serious or not," she chastised, causing Jack's smirk to widen. Then, he turned back to Will and Elizabeth.

"Ahoy, me fine lad…" Jack shouted up to them, raising an eyebrow as he saw Elizabeth put a hand on her hip. "… and me fair lady. Tell the good Commodore that we shall return in good time. Should he wish to forego the impeccably dressed and choose to turn pirate we'd welcome him aboard with a hearty 'Huzzah'…" The last word echoed along the steep rock. All aboard the Renegade saw the young man give a shake of his head before he raised his hand in a farewell. Elizabeth did the same. Then, Jack turned to Ana and gave a permitting wave of his arm. She smiled happily before turning to look around the deck.

"Avast! On deck you scabrous dogs! Man the braces and weigh anchor! We're off for Tortuga!" she cried, causing all the men to jump and rush about to fulfill her orders. Then, she turned back to Jack who was watching her with his usual amused look as she approached him.

"… And really bad eggs…" Ana sang huskily to him as he stepped close to her, gripped her chin lightly and placed a hearty, lingering kiss on her upturned lips. They parted a long moment later, but by only by mere inches as she smiled.

"Drink up me hearties, yo ho…"


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