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Summary- Wherever she goes, and to her annoyance, he always seems to be there too.

~ ~ = Stuff from memory.

Author's Note- This is the sequel to 'The Silver-Tongued Mutant'. It is not required reading, but you might get this story a little bit better if you read that. It's only two chapters.

Chapter One- Icing On The Cake

Flipping her long blonde hair out of her face, Crystal reached for one of the carts and pulled. It didn't budge. She tugged at it again but only succeeded in rattling the whole line of carts. She tugged harder this time, and with less patience, and it still didn't budge. Finally, letting out a growl of frustration, she kicked the cart, which of course didn't do her any good.

"Want help with that?" asked a rather arrogant male voice from behind her. Crystal turned around to face the man and her eyes widened slightly and then she squinted.

He was a fairly tall, young, and skinny man, being around six feet to six foot one. He had high cheekbones and dark angular eyebrows that matched his face perfectly. His eyes were blue chips of cerulean ice and were fierce and cold. He was fairly skinny, but he wasn't too skinny, and he was pale, but not that it made him look sickly. His mouth was curved into an arrogant smirk. But his most distinguishable feature was his hair. Although he couldn't be more than a year older than her, his hair was stark white.

He looked strangely familiar. As Crystal tried to identify him, he raised his eyebrow slightly and his smirk grew wider.

"Like what you see?" he asked suggestively and nudged his way past her and gave a strong pull on one of the carts, which of course let free, and offered it to her.

She grabbed the handle of the cart but she did not cease her staring at him.

"What, no thanks?" he joked. She still had the same expression on her face; eyes squinted, mouth slightly open. It scared him slightly but he didn't show it.

Then when she still didn't say anything and still had that ridiculous expression on her face, he gave her an odd look. "Um, alrightly then," he said uncomfortably, mainly because the way she was staring at him made him very uncomfortable and he started to feel self-conscious.

His gaze on her hardened, "Fine," he snapped rudely at her, "Next time, I won't be as nice." And he turned sharply on his heel and walked briskly away from her.

Crystal realized her mouth was open and she quickly snapped it shut, blushing slightly. She now remembered who he was.

~Next time, I won't be as nice~

He had said those words to her before. A memory flashed before her in her mind's eye. A memory that had happened nearly three years ago, and had been forgotten.

~Beware of Quicksilver~

His eyes were still as cold and hateful as they had been back then, the blue chips of ice had made her involuntarily shiver.

Then she snapped back to reality and realized she had been standing in the same spot without moving for almost ten minutes. Blushing again slightly, she finally moved and went to go by her groceries.

"Oranges, oranges," she muttered to herself, examining the oranges carefully that were 30% off. She put five in a plastic bag and moved on.

She looked disdainfully at a package of spinach. Sighing, she dropped it into her cart also.

She wanted to make brownies so that meant she had to go to the bakery because that was usually where all the mixes were.

And there he was again, hopping from one foot to the other like a hyperactive eight-year old. He was standing with four other people. The male to the left of him with brown hair was ordering something and looked very irritated, a large male was looking at the different displays of cakes, another smaller and dirtier male was leaning heavily on the handle of their cart, looking very bored, and lastly, a female with dark hair and cerulean blue eyes was standing to the left of the man ordering the cake, also looking annoyed.

Curiosity is a curious thing, and right now it was overwhelming Crystal. She scooted the cart closer to them, but only close enough to where she could eavesdrop on them.

"No, Lance! The LEFT side has the black frosting with red icing, the RIGHT side is silver frosting with blue icing!"

Lance scowled at the white-haired hyperactive one. "That's what I told them, dumbass."

But the white-haired one, or Quicksilver, as Crystal recalled, was shaking his head.

"Tell them that the right side has silver frosting, with blue sprinkles on the side, and blue icing. The left side has black frosting with red sprinkles on the side and red icing. And whatever word is on the left is in red and whatever word is on the right is in blue. It should say: Happy 21st Birthday Wanda and Pietro! But make sure Wanda's name is on the left and mine's on the right or it'll be all wrong."

He said this a little fast.

Lance sighed, "Can't we just have the icing in white or something?"

Quicksilver shook his head violently, looking extremely impatient. "Then the color coordination will be all wrong!"

"Jesus Christ, Pietro, it's just a cake!" Lance hissed.

Quicksilver glared at him. "It's MY cake. Lance this isn't just any birthday! It's my TWENTY-FIRST birthday! Me and Wanda's cake has to be special and perfect!"

"Oh, so you're deciding to include me?" Wanda yawned.

Pietro just rolled his eyes at her, "Quiet you."

Wanda growled quietly but crossed her arms and leaned against the glass containing the cakes.

Lance sighed and then turned to the middle-aged woman behind the counter. "What he said." He jabbed his thumb in Pietro's direction.

The woman nodded and repeated everything Pietro had said. Pietro looked pleased.

"Now we buy the beer," he declared.

"You can't buy beer," Lance smirked.

"No, but you can. You're twenty-two, and Freddy's twenty-one. You can buy my--our beer," Pietro said.

"I'll get in trouble," Lance said.

Quicksilver snorted, "So? Since when do you care? It's not like I'm going to drink it tonight, I'll be drinking it tomorrow, on my birthday, where I can be legally drunk."

They started walking away and Crystal followed them. She did not know why she was, she just wanted to.

"Really, Lance, the only person who really isn't old enough is little Toddy (Hey!)," Pietro begged. "Please just buy me some beer!"

"No," Lance said sternly. He didn't find anything wrong with beer, he just didn't want to buy Pietro any.

"Wanda, make him buy me some beer! I'll give you some!" Pietro whined zipping over to his sister and clutched her arm.

"Just buy the damn whiner some beer, Lance," Wanda growled and shook Pietro off her arm.

"Oh, thankyouthankyouthankyou!"

He just happened to turn around and he spotted Crystal. She was careful not to look at the group directly, but he smirked suddenly.

"Hello there! First, you don't thank me, and now you're stalking me?" he sneered.

Egotistical bastard.

"No," Crystal snarled.

"Then what are you doing here? You can't be old enough to buy beer," He said.

She looked up and jumped when she found he was right in front of her. "Who says I'm not?"

"I say your not," his arrogant smirk grew wider.

"Pietro, get your skinny ass over here and leave the girl alone! You flirt with anything in a skirt, it's sad, really," Wanda called from behind. The group started to walk up to the two of them.

Pietro gave her a disgusted look, "Since when have I flirted with you? Gah! You're my sister!"

"Don't make me slap you silly," she said threateningly.

"I haven't flirted with any of the X-Geeks either. That's disgusting. If I flirt with Pryde-"

"You've been hitting on Kitty?" Lance interrupted. The group didn't seem to be paying attention to Crystal.

"As I was saying, if I flirted with Pryde, Lance would wring my neck," he smirked, "If he could catch me."

"Pietro, just shut up before *I* wring your neck," his sister said, flexing her fingers.

"Fine. FINE!" He growled and turned ubruptly to Crystal. "Just excuse us *Miss*, you seemed to have caught me in one of my more dangerous moods. So why don't you move that pretty little behind of yours thatta way," he pointed behind her, "And leave us alone. No more trouble."

Crystal gave him a death glare. Turning her cart around she flipped him off.

Pietro's eyes widened in shock and then he let out a snarl.

Sadistic bitch.

And while Crystal was walking away, all she could think of was, 'Well I certainly don't wish HIM a happy birthday!'


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