Wind Nocturne

By Gingivere the Shadowreaver


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Chapter One

Rain came again for a third night in a row to dampen the sky and the spirit of the young wonderer. To Hong Yunsung, the rain didn't really bother him much now as it would have a few weeks ago, and it did not falter his advance at all like it normally would have. He was used to it by now, so what would a little rain do to him anyway?

A few weeks ago he would have probably complained that the rain was ruining his supplies and clothes, but now he didn't seem to care. His supplies was long since diminished, and it didn't matter what state his clothes was in once he found the Sword of Salvation. And nothing was going to stop him. Not rain, nor anymore warriors, nor that girl.

He gave a short sigh just thinking about it. After months of traveling and fighting opponent after opponent, Yunsung was ready for anything, until that girl had to show up. Yes, that same girl he had met in his village a few months back. He remembered her way back when just as he remembered her now. The nerve of that girl to stand in his way and tell him what to do. Well, rather, what NOT to do.

'I can't let you take that sword…' The girl had said, stepping in front of him as he tried to advance into the castle. He took the time to observe her, seeing her determined yet youthful face, her innocent eyes, and her small body there to impede his march. She wore a look that could not be ignored, as she rose her weapons against him. 'That sword is evil.'

'I don't care if it's evil! I will protect my country!' He had said in a heartbeat, flashing his white blade and giving a swipe to knock her back, to prove that he was deadly serious. However, when she caught the blade and pushed him back, he realized that she was serious to her goal too.

How dare someone try to stop him from saving his country?! He didn't care who stood in his way of that sword; he was going to get it to save his country! Not even if the one that stood in front of him was a girl at the age of fifteen, a mere child in the eve of this coming terror.

He remembered seeing this girl from sometime before; not in battle, for this was the first time he had ever seen her dance-like moves. Even now he could almost see the winds force the trees into swaying, to take her form, like a ballerina with blades. Odd, definitely not the style he was used to at the dojo, but unique.

Now, as he could almost see her in his mind's eyes, he remembered where he saw her from before. Yes, he had just jumped over the wall of his dojo to escape the constant nagging of the old man that constantly came by. With nothing but his own sword in hand, Yunsung was ready to flee from this village to find the legendary sword, when he nearly crashed on top of a girl. He heard her scream in enough time to try to make some sort of evasive maneuver, and thanks to that, he fell flat on his ass, but at least his missed whoever he was going to fall on. 'Hey, you shouldn't be wondering around a dojo, little girl! You could be-'

Yes, that was the first time he met her, seeing the young foreign girl still bracing herself for the impact. Her outfit was beyond bizarre, something that reminded him of the Spaniards in the far west in Europe. Though, there was just something different about the outfit that didn't scream Spanish to him, and he wondered his gaze upwards, to look at the rest of her body.

Instantly, the minute he set his eyes upon her chest, his hopes for meeting the girl of his dreams fell. Definitely a girl, he thought, guessing her age was between thirteen to sixteen, as she wasn't even fully developed yet. Nothing there to look at, he thought, continuing his gaze towards her youthful face…

Big greenish-brown eyes, matching well with her dark black hair the highlighted a dark forest green in the sunlight and the slight tan of her face. She wore no make-up, as it was only so obvious as her lips did not seem to pronounce themselves as most other women would. A round, smooth face of a child stared at him; he gave another mental sigh. Too young!

After their stare down, he finally knew her name, as it now seemed to echo through the harsh breeze that splashed the rain onto his face. "Talim."

Yes, that was her name. How could he forget it? It was suck a weird name! He laughed at it, even now! Talim! Who would name their child Talim?

It was obvious from the first sight of her and when she introduced herself that she was an outsider, and for some reason, when he could have left her alone, to escape the wrath of the masters at the dojo, he followed her. That was when he realized that this was the first time she ever left her home and was obviously lost…

'Hey, little girl… do you need help going home?' Yunsung had told her in a rather snide voice, rather badgering her just to have her stay around a little bit longer. She stopped in her tracks and turned around, the wind seem to naturally dance around her. 'You lost? Cuz if you are, I can help you get back…'

No, she didn't want to go back. She claimed she was on a mission… and that she needed to head to the west. Yunsung wasn't that naive; he knew what laid west. Europe… that was where all that so called weird stuff was happening, but, most importantly, that was where the Sword of Salvation was. When she told him her destination, his heart skipped a beat, as he proclaimed, 'A girl your age shouldn't be looking for trouble, at least not alone.'

It was an invitation, one that she had turned down. Why? He didn't really know why, but he wasn't one to give up so easily. They had separated, and there they were again, standing apart from each other, though now their weapons were drawn and ready. She stood in his path, and he was not going to let a little girl stop him.

That was when they fought, and his excellent sword skills were matched by her wind dance. Deep down inside, it felt wrong to fight her. She meant good and was only looking out for the safety of him and others. What if the sword was evil? If he attained it for his own purposes, rather for himself or to save his country, would he be unleashing chaos upon the world instead?

At the time, he didn't care. He went all that way, and he was GOING to get that sword.

The sad thing about the event was that he never got the sword, nor did he finish his fight with the girl. They were caught in a dead lock when she suddenly dropped her weapons and grabbed him, pulling him down. As he fell flat on top of her, he heard the screech of whatever demon was soaring over them. By the time he looked up, he saw the creature, bandages and claws decorated it's horribly pale skin. The face was probably the worst part, as whatever it was turned to them, sensing them as the bandages forbid his eyes to see and his mouth to speak.

Never had Yunsung, nor Talim for that matter, seen a creature such as this, and the question of rather he was human or not never crossed his mind. Whatever it was had begun to crawl towards them, taking in staccato-like breaths as it charged them. Instantly, he grabbed his sword and jumped in front of the girl to protect her…

It was all too strange for him to remember now, as it was too fuzzy. Whatever had attacked them was looking for something, something that the girl had. Every attack was directed towards her… what could she have possibly had that he would have wanted? Somehow, he feared it wasn't just the sword that this thing was after…

Though now, it didn't seem to matter. No sooner had he begun battle with this creature, a new one showed up, though this one seemed to catch the creature's attention as well. And the one that appeared struck fear into all three of their hearts (that is, if whatever creature he was fighting had a heart), as the new threat smashed the demonic sword he wielded into the ground, causing Talim to lose her balance and fall on her rear and Yunsung almost did the same.

What the hell was going on now?!

This new intruder wore the most frightening of armor, his eyes were beaming red like one possessed, and his right arm was beyond all sense of reasoning, huge and clawed, seemingly fit for the monstrous sword he carried. Everything about this guy seemed to scream 'monster' to him, and he said but one word, raising his demonic sword again. 'Give…'

And, once again, a fight broke out. Whatever the creature was, he seemed to have taken a hint at this newcomer's power, giving a shrilled hiss and nimbly flipping away, climbing up the walls and clinging, giving another hiss as he stayed in a safe place. If that demon feared him, then Yunsung knew that he should have done the same.

'Give me the shard!' The man in armor shouted, his deadly gaze directed towards the girl that stood side by side with Yunsung. She wore a look of horror, as her hand brushed against the pouch at her waist… she had something he wanted. When she refused to budge, he rose his sword, giving a battle cry, 'GIVE IT TO ME!'

Why didn't she give it to him, Yunsung pondered. He could have easily killed her, yet, she shook her head and dodged the attack. He did the same, knowing that he couldn't stop a sword like that once it was already set in motion. He never even caught this guy's name before he grabbed his leg with his normal hand and threw him into the wall. The impact of the wall was enough to send him into unconsciousness… however, he tried so hard to hang on, to see how Talim would fair against this demon…

It was the last thing he said before drifting into unconsciousness, and here he was now, walking through the rain aimlessly. He didn't even remember waking up, but when he did, he had noticed that, within his hands, was her pouch where she hid the shard from that armored demon. It was empty now, as he presumed that the demon had taken it from her before he threw her off of the edge of the platform they were on…

He could still hear her scream, cutting through his state of unconsciousness but he was left helpless. And now, here he was, frozen in his tracks, staring at the pouch that once hung from her waist. How dare that bastard kill a girl for a shard?! He crushed it within his hands, not realizing how much his grit his teeth until he nearly snapped his jaw from the might. Suddenly the thought of the Sword of Salvation and his country in need of dire help left his mind, as the thought of revenge seemed to push any other thought out. He'll make that monster pay for killing her.

As a streak of lightning lit up the sky, Yunsung froze, blinking and look down at the pouch again. Why? It wasn't like he loved her or anything, was it? Giving the pouch another squeeze, he shoved it back into his pocket, and continued his mindless trek to nowhere. Never in his life was he left so confused and clueless, and he truly hated it. He was too young to be feeling like this… and what was worse was that he couldn't seem to forget about it.

"Now what? No sword… I can't go back home now…" Yunsung moaned sadly, hearing his feet slosh in the rising water. He didn't want to go back to hide his face in shame; he could never return without that sword. So, what now? Continuing looking for a sword that was proclaimed evil? Or take revenge for the death of that girl?

He knew of one thing to do, to test his love. He looked at his shimmering white blade, pondering if he should take the chance and look into it. Perhaps he did love her, though how and why was beyond his reasoning. However, before bringing up his sword to look, he stopped, letting it hang there uselessly and moving on.

"Yeah right… she's not my type…"

When he had taken the time to stop, he noticed an opening in the mountain, and as he wondered towards it, he realized it was a cave! Shelter was always good, he thought… and he began to climb up to claim it before anyone else could. Then he noticed smoke that rose from the cave and the small light… there was a fire there. Someone had claimed it before him.

"Well shit… just my luck." Yunsung thought with a sigh, preparing to descend when his eyes caught the weapon that rested against the side of the wall. It was a fine looking halberd with a silver blade, one that Yunsung definitely seen before. "Hey… I know that weapon…"

Now he entered the cave, regardless of his dripping clothes. He knew the clothing that was scattered along the cave floor. Yes he's definitely seem them before… especially that bra size. "Size D… could it be…"

And, staring at him a few feet away, waist deep and half turned in the hot springs, was the woman he was about to name, her face as red as her clothing along the floor. "Seung Mina!"