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^o^ Sick Day ^o^

Lily sighed as she put Harry in his highchair. James still wasn't
home. He had been out all night and it was now 9 o' clock in the
morning and there wasn't any sign of James. Lily whipped up some
oatmeal for Harry and put it in front of him. He giggled as she
tickled him and then turned his attention to the small, green bowl
in front of him. As Harry began to eat, a man with stringy black
hair came through the kitchen door.

'Padfoo, padfoo!'

Lily sighed and the man said, 'Well at least some one is happy to
see me.'
'Oh Sirius I'm happy to see you,' Lily said sarcastically.'

Sirius scowled and his expression cleared as he looked back at
Harry. Lily knew that Sirius loved his godson more than life itself.

' You haven't heard from James yet have you Sirius.'

Sirius shook his head.
' He's fine Lily, he's just busy you know with Voldemort and all.'

Lily flinched a little and replied, 'Yes I know Sirius, it's just
I'm so worried about him and all.'

At that precise moment James Potter walked through the kitchen door.
Lily smiled and went to hug him. She stopped when she notice the
state of his clothes. Dirt clung to every stitch and James was
soaked. James grinned sheepishly and Lily frowned.

'Couldn't help it Lily dear, the stupid git wouldn't stay put.'

Sirius laughed and that set Harry off to yelling, 'Daddy, daddy!'

James walked to Harry with a smile, but was stopped when a wooden
spoon rapped his head.


Lily grinned smugly and replied, 'Don't you dare go near our son
like that Potter, now get upstairs and take a bath, and you smell.'

James faked a hurt expression and slowly made his way out. He sped
up when the spoon came at his arse.

By this time Remus had joined them in time to see James' panicked
expression and he and Sirius were roaring with laughter. Harry was

'You funny mommy.'

' Thank you Harry at least you know funny when you see it.'

Lily ruffled Harry's already messed up hair and put his bowl in the
A brown owl tapped at the window. Lily opened the window up, gave
the owl six knuts, and closed the window. When she turned around the
kitchen was empty. She could hear Harry's squeals of delight in the
living room.

Lily shook her head smiling and sat down at the table to read the
Daily Prophet.

As she flipped through it, James came down. He kissed her cheek and
sat down across from her. She really hadn't noted his presence until
a rough cough came from his direction. Lily lifted her head. She
took in James' appearance and noticed he was paler than he should

' James do you feel alright?'

James shrugged. ' I've felt better,' he answered truthfully. Inside
he felt as if he was dying. He didn't tell Lily that even though he
suspected she already knew. Lily leaned over towards him and put a
hand on his forehead.

'I can't tell if you have a fever or not.'

She sat back down and pulled out her wand. 'Accio thermometer.'

A small, thin object came from the living with Harry and Remus
trailing behind it. Harry was watching the thermometer with such
interest that he didn't see the ball in front of him. He tripped and
landed with a small thud. All three adults grimaced and waited for a
cry but it didn't come, yet. Harry lay there, surprised. Then his
face scrunched up and he let out a bellow.


Lily stuck the thermometer in James's mouth and picked up Harry.
' Shh, shh Harry it's okay. Mommy's here.'

Remus picked up the ball and threw it behind him. Sirius, who was
just coming in to see what happened, got hit in the face.

'Oh, Moony how dare you.'

Harry laughed and Remus gave him a full smile.
' I always knew Sirius could be handy when needed.'
Lily smiled and a beeping noise brought her attention back to James.

She took it out of his mouth and read it.
' 101.3 James. Not too serious but bad enough.'

Sirius looked at James. Now Sirius was no healer but even to him
James looked sick. This is going to be fun, he thought.

' Awww, is Jamsie a little sick. Does he have a little cough and
fever,' Sirius said in a mocked baby voice.

James glared at him with a frown. His frown grew deeper as he closed
his eyes. Everyone except Harry looked at James with concern. Before
anyone could ask James bolted out of the room. Lily could hear
retching noises coming from the bathroom and from the look on Sirius
and Remus' face they heard them, too.

' Well it looks like I'll be going,' Remus said, ' the full moon is
in a few days and I can't afford to get sick. See you later Lily,

Remus disapperated outside with a pop. Sirius waved at Lily and
Harry and copied Remus's exit maneuver. Lily sighed as she looked
down at Harry, who was sitting on the floor playing with a block.
This is going to be a fun time, she thought sarcastically.

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