Hey everyone I'm back!! I hope you guys are enjoying the story
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This message is to Marauders3 (and anyone else who wants to know).
The sequel I'm thinking about writing is when Harry's older and Sirius
and Remus take care of him. I love stories along that story line so I
think I'll write one.

^o^ Finally Unsick ^o^

After staying a week in St. Mungos, James was finally able to go home.
He was thrilled to be out of there. Having healers poke, prod, and
stare at you all the time could get on anyone's nerves. James was
sitting in his hospital room having one last check-up. Although James
was keen to get out of here, the healers seemed to have the opposite
feelings. They stood there checking things over a million times, so
James thought, looking at the same vitals.

Finally, after about fifteen long minutes Healer Norse said he was
free to go. James jumped up, grabbed his bag and headed for the front
room. He signed out and took a handful of floo powder. Lily had told
him that they would be at Remus's house and that he was to floo there
when the healer released him.

'Remus's Flat!' James said with a grin and a little wave at the witch
at the reception desk. She shook her head, smiling and the next moment
James was staring at Harry. Harry grinned and shouted at the top of

James dusted himself off and picked up Harry. Harry hugged his neck
and laid his head down in the crook of his neck. James smiled fondly
and went forward to hug Lily.

'Oh James I'm glad you're home, well I mean here with us.'

Sirius snorted and grunted when Remus poked him in the ribs. Sirius
scowled at Remus and plopped on the couch pouting. James chuckled and
let a squirming Harry down on the ground. Remus came and gave James a
hug saying, 'Glad to be well again Prongs?'

"You bet Moony, I don't think I could've survived another minute in
that place.' Remus grinned and they all sat down. The only one brave
enough to sit by the fake pouting Sirius was Harry.

Harry was looking at his godfather, grinning expectantly. Then Harry
plopped down on Sirius's lap. Sirius looked at Harry slightly warily,
not fully trusting the innocent, green eyes. Harry grin faded and
Sirius looked confused. James and the others did too.

'Harry what do you want?' Lily asked. Harry looked at his mom then at
Remus. The three adults, including James, still looked confused and
Harry got up. He walked a little unsteadily into the kitchen and came
out with a bluish, purplish box. An echo of ohs came from Remus, Lily
and Sirius. Harry walked over to James and put the box in his lap.

'Pwesent for daddy. Hairwy make it.'
'Thanks Harry, let's see what's inside okay?'

Harry nodded and James proceeded to open it. Inside laid a picture. It
was a bunch of squiggly lines in a lot of different colors. It looked
like Lily had done the title. At the top of the paper said TO DADDY: I
James looked down at Harry and smiled. Harry climbed on the couch and
sat in James's lap. He proceeded to tell James what the picture held.
Lily got as far as hearing something about a moworcicle when she fell
asleep. Now that James was well again she could finally relax.


There's the end of the story. Hope you liked it. Look for my sequel
coming soon. (\____/)
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