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Well, as some of you already know me, you also know that in my other story "Sleepless in Sohma House" I promised you a Yuki/Tohru fan fic. This is a Yuki/Tohru, but it is also a Akito/Kureno, and does include yaoi in some chapters.

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Well, this first chapter is a song fic that was inspired by my wonderful friend from Finland, Tuuli. I didn't think that I would ever write a song fic, but this song just begs for it. I also hope that this song has not been done already, at least for Fruits Basket, and if it has, I am so sorry.


Chapter One: I Love You

I have a smile
Stretched from ear to ear
To see you walking down the road

I stood up from my seat on the park bench when I saw her heading towards me. She was nectar to my thirsting spirit. A priceless grin framed by honey colored silk, and warm blue eyes as soft and clear as the afternoon sky. She was dressed, as I had requested, in my favorite white dress, and a pair of strappy summer sandals. I couldn't keep from smiling; it was always that way with her. If you asked her for a favor she would do her best to comply. I rushed towards her, walking quickly. I could have just waited, and in my hurry I forgot the supplies on the bench, but I couldn't help myself. I simply needed to be close to her. I hadn't seen her for two weeks, and I was impatient.

We meet at the lights
I stare for a while
The world around disappears

Before I could cross the street, the traffic light changed to red. I stopped, feeling a bit out of breath. My asthma was acting up again. I pulled my inhaler from the pocket of my jeans and took a swig. Standing across the street she had noticed me, she was waving happily. I stared at her, taking her into my memory, waiting for the light to change. She was amazing, and I was completely devoted to her. I hated that we were always apart, so I had made a vow. When we were together I would collect her. I would cherish each moment, and lock it inside. My life was not my own, and as such I never knew when, or even if, I might see her again. The light changed but I didn't notice, everything else had faded away, and now there was only her. I stood on the sidewalk, drinking her in.

"Yuki. I am so sorry that I kept you waiting. My professor asked me to stay after class, and I missed the early bus." Her apology was the first thing out of her mouth. It was just like her to be so concerned. I took her overnight bag from her shoulder, and I took her hand. We walked back towards the park.

"It is really all right, Miss Honda. I didn't mind waiting. I was just so happy that you could get away for the weekend. I have really been looking forward to this, I think that it will be fun."

"Yes." She agreed. "The beach house was a wonderful idea. Is it really okay, though? Akito didn't mind our coming here? This won't cause trouble for you, will it?"

"It was nothing." I lied uncomfortably. It was actually quite a lot. My plate was entirely full. Between college and Akito's constant demands on my time, it was extremely difficult for me to get away. Now that Akito was bedridden, he expected me to be his evening entertainment. At least twice a week, I was summoned to the main house. "I would like you to read to me, Yuki." This was Akito's favorite pastime, and he knew that I hated it. It was not that I minded reading to the head of the family, I could think of far worse bedroom activities that Akito might desire; it was the reading material that I despised. Akito's tastes ran beyond the perverted. I couldn't even phantom where he found such trash. Night after night, I sat in Akito's chambers, my cheeks burning with shame, reading him stories of love, and sex, and vampires. Always vampires. I don't know why, and I would never ask, but Akito was obsessed with them. Afterwards, it was always the same, Akito would invite me to sleep over, and I would gracefully decline. Each time he allowed me to go, and each time I breathed a sign of relief.

Since I had little money of my own, I had borrowed, or more exactly begged from Shigure. We needed food, and supplies, and I would not allow Miss Honda to pay. The sly dog knew what I was up to, and he knew that Akito would not like it, but regardless, Shigure would cover for me. "I'll pay you back someday." I had promised, and Shigure had waved it off. "Just be sure to be back by Sunday night. I will tell Akito that you are busy studying should he ask to see you, but you know how he gets. Give Tohru a kiss for me, okay."

A kiss? I had wondered, if only I had the nerve.

Just you and me
On this island of hope
A breath between us could be miles

The Sohma beach house was practically on the water. It was located on a tiny islet. I had skipped all of my classes in order to arrive early. I had visited the market first, right off of the bus. I took care to include all of Miss Honda's favorite foods, strawberries, melon, chocolate, and bread, in addition to breakfast and dinner staples. I then headed to the beach house, I started by opening the windows to allow the summer breeze to air out the musty rooms. I dusted, and made up two of the bedrooms with fresh sheets. Then I stood on the porch, staring out into the water, and dreaming. I wanted to tell her, it was my plan for the weekend, but I understood that it was probably a fantasy. I was only a rat, and she was a princess. Although, I made a perfectly good friend, I felt doubtful that she would ever see me as a suitor. There were millions of nice, normal, guys out there. Her college was probably teaming with them. Guys that were not cursed. Guys that did not have an invisible leash around their neck. I figured that I didn't have a chance in hell, but maybe, just maybe, I did.

Let me surround you
My sea to your shore
Let me be the calm you seek

"Oh, it's wonderful here." She said excitedly. She rushed to the patio and looked out at the ocean. Dropping her bag, and my supplies, on a table I followed her outside. I smiled, because I had known that she would love it. "It's almost like I'm standing in the middle of the ocean. Is this the spot?"

I nodded, moving to her side. Shyly, I pushed a strand of unruly hair out of her eyes. 'I should kiss her.' I told myself. 'Right here, right now. I should kiss her and tell her how I feel. I should get everything right out in the open.'

'No, if I tell her now, it might make her uncomfortable. She'll feel uncomfortable, and then she will want to leave.' I decided. I pictured the shock on her face at learning that a stupid rat was in love with her. 'She probably wouldn't even tell me the truth. She would never admit that she found the thought of my loving her disgusting. Miss Honda would be gracious, she would stay for my benefit. We would be forced to spend the whole weekend together, and the whole time she would be counting the seconds until she was free of me.'

"Yuki? Is everything okay?" She wondered. Why was I so transparent?

"Yes, Miss Honda, everything is fine. Perfect in fact. It will be dark soon, so I think that is best that we do it in the morning."

"Will that give you enough time?" She wondered, always thinking ahead. She was so considerate.

"Well, perhaps not, but I can finish on Sunday, if that is all right with you. I will need to be home by Sunday night, but we can stay until late afternoon. Unless, you need to leave earlier." I crossed my fingers behind my back. I wanted to spend as much time with her as possible.

"No, that will work out perfect. I need to study, but I can do it Sunday night when I get home. Now, are you hungry? I can get dinner started, or do we need to go buy some groceries?"

"No." I admitted proudly. "I have already handled the shopping. You'll have to cook, of course." I blushed, I would have liked to make her dinner, but I still had not mastered the kitchen. "You don't mind, do you? We can go out instead, if you'd prefer, but to be honest, I really miss your cooking."

"No, really, I'd be happy to cook." She stammered, and I noticed that she was blushing. She still didn't know how to take a compliment. "I like cooking for you, Yuki, and a restaurant would be too expensive. Why don't you relax, and I will get started, okay?"

She went inside, heading for the kitchen. I let out a frustrated sigh, and took a seat at the patio table.

Oh and every time I'm close to you
There's too much I can't say
And you just walk away

Dinner was wonderful, as expected. I had thought to buy some candles, and we ate on the patio, by candlelight. It would have been romantic, if we were a couple, but since I was a complete moron we weren't. We were just two friends, having dinner by candlelight. Afterwards, I helped her with the dishes, and we took a walk along the water's edge.

We held hands, and as we walked, I pretended that she was mine. As we passed another couple, they smiled and said hello.

"Hello." We answered back, and I wondered if they had mistaken us for lovers. We looked that way, I decided, like two young lovers who were having a stroll on the beach.

"Miss Honda." I stopped, and turned to her. I felt a little faint, and I assumed it that it was because I was so nervous.

"Yuki?" She looked up at me, her lovely face lit by the moon. I felt my heart flutter wildly in my chest, as she smiled and squeezed my hand encouragingly. This was it, the beach under the full moon, it was the perfect place, the perfect time. I would do it. I put out my hand, capturing a strand of her hair between my fingers, it felt like spun silk, and angel's wings. Lovely.

"Um… I wanted to tell you some… cough, cough, cough" I choked, literally, on my words.

"Yuki?" She grew a little blurry. This was not good, not good at all.

"I can't breath." I whispered, before my asthma took over completely. I struggled catch my breath. 'Shit!' I scolded myself, realizing that my inhaler was back at the beach house. It was sitting on the kitchen table, where I had left it. 'Now, I'll probably die here on the beach, and never get the chance to tell Miss Honda how I feel. I am such a loser.' I thought miserably, as my world swirled around me, and I dropped to my knees.

"Yuki! Oh no, your asthma!" Tohru bent down beside me, opening her handbag and pouring the entire contents out onto the sand. "Where is it? It has to be here." Finding an inhaler among the pile of make-up, hair ribbons, and chewing gum. She grabbed it up, popped off the top and placed it to my lips. She positioned her other hand gently upon the back of my neck to steady me. My lost breath was slowly found, I grabbed the hand holding the inhaler, pulling it from my lips. I would be okay now.

"Why do you have an inhaler?" I wondered stupidly, sucking the fresh sea air into my greedy lungs.

"Hatori gave it to me. Right after that time that you collapsed, last year. Well, actually, that one expired, but I asked him for a new one, this one should be fine." She searched the small canister for an expiration date. "Well, actually, oh oh, it expired last month. It worked though, right?"

"Yes, it worked, don't worry, but I still don't understand. Why did Hatori give it to you?"

"Well, I was just so worried about you after that day, and I have always carried it, just in case. It's a habit now, I guess." Her cheeks grew rosy in the moonlight. I gazed into her eyes, still aware of her hand, which remained at the back of my neck. I took one last deep breath, as I drowned within her eyes. Working up my nerve, I moved in, planning to kiss her, at last. Too late, her hand pulled away and she turned her head. Had she sensed my intentions? The moment was gone.

"We should get you back to the house. Can you walk?" She questioned, and offered me her hand. I took it, pulling myself up, and allowing her to lead me home.

And I forgot
To tell you
I love you
And the night's
Too long
And cold here
Without you
I grieve in my condition
For I cannot find the strength to say I need you so

Yuki was freezing; he pulled his blanket up tightly around his shoulders. He was discovering how cold the beach could get at night. Worse, he couldn't fall asleep. Like so many nights, when Miss Honda had lived at Shigure's, the thought of her sleeping just a few rooms away was driving him crazy. He wanted to be with her, cuddling inside her gentle arms, but that, of course, was impossible. Even if he did find his way into her heart, he would never, ever, be able to hold his beloved, not in the way that he desired to hold her. He was just a silly rat, with silly unattainable dreams. The sooner that he accepted the truth, the better he would be. Hugging his pillow tightly to his chest, and reminding himself that even a rat shouldn't cry. Yuki willed himself to sleep.

Oh and every time I'm close to you
There's too much I can't say
And you just walk away

And I forgot
To tell you
I love you
And the night's
Too long
And cold here
Without you

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