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"Temporary Insanity"



It was probably, Kakashi decided the morning after, temporary insanity.

Using that eye, that Sharingan, that precious stolen bloodline technique, was like watching the world in a fractured mirror. Mirror-wheel eye. Stolen technique that should have been impossible to steal- because even the Sharingan itself couldn't copy something that was genetic.

Sasuke wouldn't know what it was like. Itachi wouldn't know what it was like. And no one normal would ever, ever know.

Because none of them ever had both of those eyes open at once, never saw everything through one and almost nothing through the other. None of them.

His possession of the Sharingan, that ability he was not born to, came with a price. This was one of them.

He'd overused the eye yesterday and had to spend all his chakra, and then just a bit more- just to make sure he wouldn't be recovering any time soon. Because God, it seemed, hated him like that. Then again, God hated him in just about every way possible, save the ones that would involve the mercy of death at some point.

So yesterday had been an Usually Bad Day, even more so than usual. He should never have gotten out of bed . . . but he'd needed to go to see Obito.

Another three hours spent trying not to go insane.

Anko had been there. Hell knew why, but she'd been there. And they'd talked, and he'd said some stupid things.

And then he'd woken up this morning in her fucking bed with his fucking arms wrapped around her.

Yeah, somebody up there hated him BAD.

So he'd spent the next twenty minutes trying to extract himself from the bed without waking her up, at the end of which she raised one perfectly arched eyebrow and asked him if he'd been having fun. Then she dragged him back in and told him to get over himself. He might not have, but she had one hell of a tongue.

"So," Anko asked with a yawn, "you like having a new reason to be late?"

She had, of course, gone too far again. But he'd expected that of her.

Maybe today, he'd wait a little before he went to see Obito.



* finito *



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