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"A Childish Word"



Kiba's teeth are sharp, but they have nothing on Naruto's eyes today.

Kiba is not quite as "human" as most humans are. For one thing, he can recognize a predator a lot more easily.

Naruto, for the first time in his recollection, fits under that category. Naruto, with his eyes almost red and those marks on his face (he never really noticed those marks before, after all, he has tattoos himself and so do Chouji and Neji and he always just assumed it was a symbol of Naruto's clan or something) strangely dark and almost angry, like they're alive in their own strange way.

It's kind of . . . scary.

Childish word. But he's too freaked out to think of a better one.

Naruto is practically purring as he slinks up to Kiba, wearing a sneer and laughing through fangs Kiba was SURE he didn't have before. Sneering and laughing and giving Kiba this horrible, heavy-lidded LOOK, like he's about to do something very, very bad.

It's really, really scary.

And then Naruto's pouncing on him, and he's so fucking strong and it hurts, it hurts because Naruto's fingernails are so sharp, when did they get that sharp? And Kiba's pissed, because he hates being weak and he hates losing and he really, really hates being the prey.

He's a dog, dammit. Not some frail little bird or tiny bug. He's a dog and he won't let- fox, his nose says, it's a fucking FOX- he won't let any egg-stealing chicken-killing little bastard beat him.

His mind knows it's Naruto. His mind knows he's Kiba. But his body doesn't believe it. His body says, "fox, fox, protect your precious people's place." So they're fighting, suddenly, and he's totally not enough and- he's going to die, shit shit shit, Naruto of all people is going to kill him- he's so screwed, so outclassed, this does not make SENSE.

But it's still happening.

Naruto has him pinned.

But somehow- God knows how- Kiba knows it's not Naruto looking out of those eyes.

"What's wrong with you?" he hisses, and Naruto snarls and digs in with those way-too-sharp nails. "NARUTO!" he yells.

And then there is a spoke of blue in Naruto's eyes. Just for a second, a heartbeat, one brilliant line of blue.

And then he's kissing Kiba and Kiba kisses back.

What the hell else is he supposed to do? Nothing here makes sense anyway.



* ende *



. : when nothing makes sense do everything : .