A/N: I seem to recall mixe once mentioning a mad-love-love for Kiba, so that would be where this ficcie came from. I did a KibaShino, because I wasn't really sure who she'd want him slashed with. The only other person I know she likes is Shikamaru, but I just can't write KibaShika. I really don't know why- the pairing has yet to click for me, I suppose. ^_^;;

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"Say Anything"



Kiba can smell it. Shino's scent on his clothes. Shino's sweat and Shino's soap and Shino's detergent. Shino's "Shino-ness."

Shino reaches out with both hands and pull him to his chest. Kiba can feel, just barely, the insects moving beneath the other's skin, and wonders if it hurts. A beetle skitters across his neck and Kiba uncertainly follows its path with his fingers.

He's used to Shino's bugs, after all the time they've spent together. Following their moods, it's easier to dissect Shino's own for what they are. He'll use different ones at different times. When he is angry, when he is grieving, when he is calm, whatever.

Right now he's upset. Shino doesn't like the cold much. It's not good for his insects, and he's never in a good mood when the temperature drops. Usually he just stays home. Lately, though, he's been coming over to Kiba's instead.

Kiba used to sleep sprawled out over the entire bed, Akamaru somewhere on top of him. Now he sleeps on the left side, hugging Akamaru to his chest and feeling very cold himself. Shino used to lie flat on his back in bed. Now always sleeps on the right side, arms wrapped around his pillow in a death grip and body seeking a comfort that is not there to be had.

Kiba isn't sure what he and Shino are supposed to be to each other, but he suspects that friends don't need to touch each other all the time or sleep in the same bed every chance they have- or at least not with their arms and legs around each other. When they do, Shino is on the right and Kiba is on the left, and Akamaru snuggles into Shino's arms even as Shino does into Kiba's. And that is how they sleep, that is how they are. That is who they are.

Does it mean anything, to miss a person when they are right in front of you? Miss being able to touch them the way you want to, to say the things you want to?

Because in public, Kiba can't talk to Shino as he wants to. Can't say everything that comes to mind.

Even in private, he's not always sure if he can say everything.

But right now, it's cold and it's snowing and they're miles away from home in the middle of nowhere, with no idea where Kurenai and Hinata are and no idea where they are themselves.

So right now, Kiba supposes that he can say as he wants.

Right now, he can say anything.

But Shino is in his arms, everything in him tense and nervous and upset- though as usual none of that shows in his face. And Kiba, of course, can think of nothing to say at all.

Though, really, he never can.



* finale *



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