"Where are you going?"

"To find Princess Peach"

"What will you do when you find her" A simple question

"I don't know" An honest answer

"No one would blame you if you killed her you know."

No reply

"It is regrettable about your brother…"

"Are you in pain?"

No reply

"Answer me"

A pitiful nod


"Your loss has been great; perhaps you are not up to this task… You could always visit your friend Princess Daisy?"

A panicked look fallowed by frantic head shaking.

"No? well, you'd best be off then."

Past: Two days prior to the murder

As midnight fell upon the Valley Of Bowser, a lone figure enveloped, in the darkness of the night raced through the blighted little town

Swiftly and with great precision the figure deftly leaped over fences, and cut through alley ways forever keeping a watchful eye on their present surroundings. A very wise action, those who did not bother to mind their P's and Q's in Dark Land often ended up as a victim of robbery, assault, or far worse.

Dainty feet, visible beneath a heavy gray hooded cloak; padded almost silently across the wet pavement as a slight drizzle started to fall. Ducking in and out of alleys in order to lose any potential pursuers, the cloaked one took a glance behind just to make sure nearly skidding to a halt in front of a small run down hole in the wall kind of, structure that only, vaguely, resembled shop.

A patterned knock of three brought an old female Koopa to the door.

"Quickly inside," ushered the Koopa n a high pitched tone that was akin to fingernails on a chalkboard.

Brushing past the old crown the cloaked figure gazed at the inside of the shop. It was actually quite tidy; and well kept. This would surprise any who had seen the outside. Many shelved lined the walls; each having many bottles and jars all containing a different colored liquid.

"I trust you have my merchandise?" The cloaked figure said abruptly, obviously not one for idol chitchat it seemed.

The old female Koopa frowned "I trust you have my fee?"

"But of course. The, 'Piranha Ruby,' as was the agreement." The cloaked figure produced a large red jewel from their sleeve, white speckles adorned the almost baseball sized ruby which was aptly named. The Koopa made a grab for the giant ruby; but it was quickly snatched away.

"Ah, ah, ah...let's not forget your end of the bargain."

"Yes let's not..." The Koopa's voice dripped with aggravation. She quickly grabbed a bottle from one of the shelves on the walls with some purple liquid in it and held it up for the cloaked one to see.

"This is what you seek, it removes ones free will they, will do as you command them to do. Though fully aware of their actions they will not be able to disobey their commands."

The pair exchanged items.

"How much of this do they have to drink in order to feel it effects?" The cloaked one asked.

"Just a drop or two in food or drink, there's more than enough there to command a whole army if it is you wish."

"That won't be necessary; an army of one will be more than enough to get the job done..."

"And what job might that be, eh?" The old Koopa cocked an eyebrow

"That is none of your concern." The figure replied. A scowl crossed the old geezer's face.

The gray cloak billowed as the figure swiftly turned on their heel to leave.

"Wait!" The Koopa called.
"Yes?" came the reply without so much courtesy as to turn and face the Koopa speaking.

"I must know… how were you able to get this jewel? The 'Piranha Ruby' was in possession of the Sarasaland Princess; you must be a master thief. I may have need of your services..." The Koopa started before the cloaked one cut her off.

"And who said that I had to steal it?" With that the cloaked figure returned to the dark street from once they came.

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