The Fellowship of the Fanfic Writers - Journey's End

A letter to all my readers and reviewers

...And no, this is not a new chapter. I have an important announcement to make, and I hope that not all of you readers out there will hate me after this. All right... here goes:

I'm nearly 18 now, and major responsibilities have taken over my life. I have a difficult graduation exam this year, after which I will have to worry about entering a prestigious university. Apart from that, I will publish a debut volume soon, and that alone is taking up nearly all my free time. Add six or seven hours of classes every day, and two to six hours dedicated to my job as well, and you'll see that I hardly have time to breathe any more... Therefore, I must sadly announce that I have given up writing any kind of fanfiction, at least for now. I have no idea when and if I'll start writing fandom stories again.

I deeply apologize to all of you who have been so patiently waiting for an update on one or more of my stories, and I wish good luck to all of you other talented writers out there... Also, I want to thank all the wonderful people who have supported me through out the last few years, both by reviewing here on and by sending me all kinds of encouraging e-mails. It really meant a lot to me to know that my stories are read and appreciated. Thanks, everyone.

And... that's about that. If you still have something to say, drop me a line - either at odeenarockstar at yahoo dot com or by reviewing.


Odeena Skywalker